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Right at Home franchise

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Right at Home provides premium quality homecare. We’re proudly the most highly recommended national care agency in the UK on the leading independent review website, homecare.co.uk.Our franchisees make this possible by running fantastic businesses that provide the support people need to feel comfortable, healthy and happy while living independently in their own homes.

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£33,500 +VAT

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    6.25% +VAT
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About Right at Home

Right at Home provides premium quality homecare. We’re proudly the most highly recommended national care agency in the UK on the leading independent review website, homecare.co.uk.

We pride ourselves on delivering the level of service and care we would want our own families to receive. Our franchisees make this possible by running fantastic businesses that provide the support people need to feel comfortable, healthy and happy while living independently in their own homes.

By becoming a Right at Home franchisee, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a fulfilling career by having a positive impact on your community. You’ll also join a network of hand-selected business owners who share your commitment to quality care.

The care sector provides lucrative opportunities to enjoy high returns on investment and long-term sustainable profitability. With our support to guide you through regulation, management strategies and methods for growth, you can build a highly profitable business in this rewarding sector.

Right at home uk franchise carer

As a franchise driven by quality, our success depends on the talent, dedication and hard work of our franchisees. We make a point of carefully selecting franchisees who embody these merits.

You don’t need to have a professional background in the care sector..

In fact, 95% of our franchisees haven’t had previous careers in the industry – but it’s essential that you want to make a difference in the delivery of care. You should also have the business acumen and energy to run a demanding franchise.

To become a Right at Home franchisee, you’ll need to invest an initial £31,995 + VAT. Along with this, you’ll need approximately £80,000 working capital to set up and run your business, which includes employing a Care Manager.

Training and support provided

Our training is second to none – after all, we want you to run a successful business. As a highly regulated sector, our support proves invaluable for our franchisees.

To put you on the best track for success, we run a RightStart programme, which gives you tailored support as you set up your business and gain regulatory registration. This initial training will show you how to maximise marketing opportunities, find clients, manage your finances and avoid unnecessary spending. We’ll give you a detailed checklist of what you need to do so you can hit the ground running.

When your business is established, we’ll continue to support you: we’ll advise you on how to grow, maintain a reputation, employ the best talent and stay compliant with the latest regulation.

Right at home uk franchise awards

Right at Home's history

Ken Deary, a former bfa Franchisee of the Year for McDonalds, set up Right at Home in the UK in 2010 following the success of the US franchise. He was driven by the difficulty he experienced in trying to find good care for an immediate family member, and wanted to deliver the highly personalised, professional homecare service promised across the pond.

After an intense few months of establishing policies and procedures, the first UK Right at Home office opened in Preston, Lancashire, quickly gaining the top rating from the Care Quality Commission. In just seven years, Right at Home has gained 60 UK franchises and is recognised as a premium quality brand, proudly holding a Five Star Franchisee Satisfaction rating for six consecutive years. 


Case studies

 When you know you can do better: Do it!

Ex-police officer, Joe Guishard, was used to engaging with his local community. But watching his beloved grandmother suffering with Vascular Dementia, stirred something in him to offer more to the community. Right at Home provided him with a way to do this.

When Police Officer, Joe Guishard heard the devastating news, it was just one more ‘thing’ in a series of events leading him to change career. His beloved grandmother, Geraldine Deere, had been diagnosed with dementia. “She was going through a really rough time,” Joe reflects. “But it happened so rapidly. Within 12 months of being diagnosed with the disease, she passed away.”

Right at Home franchiseNow the proud owner of Right at Home Cardiff, Joe has found a way to act on a personal vow, made when he reflected back on the poor care Geraldine had received. “My Grandmother had homecare assigned to her, with a different company. The service she’d received was horrendous. Having been allocated just 15-minute calls a day, half the time carers wouldn’t turn up, or if they did, they were up to four hours late. This  wouldn’t have helped, as she struggled with Dementia.

“Looking back, I knew this wasn’t how care should be delivered. I vowed to find a way to help other families avoid such a traumatic experience. But at the time, we had never used homecare before, so hadn’t known what to expect.”

From the Police to care
Joe had been serving within his local constabulary for around six years. The gritty constable had his mind set on promotion, when a blow to his plans marked the beginning of his career change. “Having been in the force for a while, I was keen to become a sergeant. I always like to better myself. But due to budget cuts, we were told there would be no opportunity for promotion, for at least five years.

“I told a close friend, who served with me in the force, ‘I could be running my own established, successful business within five years! So, why should I wait around for the chance at promotion?’ They challenged me to stop talking about it, and to just do it.” It seemed like this challenge was just what Joe needed. “I was later reading one of the national papers. A feature about Andree Kerr, the owner of Right at Home Wimbledon, caught my attention. She had transitioned from HR management to running her own homecare business, and after a strong start, had no regrets.” 

Identifying where his passion truly lay

Serving with the police had obviously involved a lot of community engagement. For Joe, there were areas of his job he was more passionate about than others, “As I was considering a career in care, it soon became clear much of what I found most satisfying could cross over. The aspect of offering direct support to the community – when I knew I was really making a difference to someone.”

However, it was after meeting Ken Deary, Managing Director of Right at Home UK, and hearing his passion for driving up standards of homecare, that Joe realised this was the change of direction he was looking for. “As he spoke,” explains Joe, “he was inspirational. He spoke about the collective drive to offer exceptional quality. After what my Grandmother had experienced, this was exactly what I was looking to achieve.” Putting words into action

After retiring from duty, Joe opened Right at Home Cardiff on 1st October, 2012. His dream to offer exceptional quality care was finally being realised. Six years later, and Joe has grown his business to become one of the largest in the Right at Home network, holding a number of network and industry awards.

“Success is 100% down to the structured business model Right at Home gives,” he says. “I came into it with no business experience. So having access to a model with proven results, which was easy to follow, definitely allowed me to build the business I’d hoped for.”

Joe also puts his success down to the team he has working around him, “You’re dealing with challenging day-to-day situations, which can escalate quickly: from a client’s health suddenly deteriorating, to family members having unrealistic expectations, when they misunderstand the carer’s role. There’s also the psychological impact on the CareGivers themselves. They are closer to what is happening, so what they see affects them deeply; especially those delivering in end-of-life care. It is important my team know we are here to support them, as they support our clients. We really are an extended family, so how you treat people is important. I never want to lose this within our business.”

As a person, Joe is strongly driven by goals. “When I reach one, I push the next back further. This way, we continue to exceed our own preconceived barriers, and every one of us thrives. We compete against what we accomplished the previous year, growing our business to the next level. I want us to offer the best, and most exceptional homecare service we can. I don’t believe we have reached this point yet. We all want to push for more.”

 The Right at Home way to success

Joe has found Right at Home to be exactly what he needs. “It doesn’t matter if you’re newly opened or not, the National Office support is second-to-none,” he explains. “As a care business, they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Tapping into this has been immensely beneficial at each stage of my business development. I have absolutely no doubt, I would not have achieved this level of success without their infrastructure and tools.

“I wake up each morning knowing I am making a difference every day. This is something I believe I was born to do. This is the best level of job satisfaction I could ever hope for.”

 Why I care enough to start a new business

 Due to embark on her new adventure with Right at Home, Tracey Shehan is about to make the local community around her a more compassionate place.

Right at Home are synonymous with providing excellent quality care in the heart of the community. When Tracey Shehan first came into contact with them, through a business meeting with Managing Director, Ken Deary, she knew the course of her life was about to change.

Previously employed with care technology developers, Birdie, Tracey was involved in developing a communication platform specific to care. Tracey explains, “I was working with Birdie – as a care manager – when I was invited to join a technical start-up team. Our vision was to develop a platform which would improve communication between carers, agencies and Clients’ families. Our platform provides real-time information about how a loved one is doing, bringing peace of mind.”

Whilst working on this project, Tracey first came into contact with Right at Home. “I met with Ken, to introduce him to Birdie’s care communication tool. We hoped Right at Home would find it a useful resource to connect their Clients’ families with their CareGivers. As Ken spoke, a spark ignited in me.”

In their meeting, Ken spoke of Right at Home’s collective desire to offer Clients exceptional homecare. She explains, “When I saw how passionately he spoke of Right at Home, I could see it really mattered to him. To offer Clients the support they needed, with the level of care they were in control of, to be able to stay in their own homes. It is important for people to feel comfortable, in an environment they are familiar with, around people they know and love."

 Right at Home franchise

This was when Tracey decided Right at Home was the right path for her. “I was brought up caring for my own loved ones,” she says. “It was in caring for the people I love that I began to understand what true care and support looked like. Then I started my 20-year career in care. Initially as a volunteer, before working up to management. I focused on obtaining the qualifications I wanted, putting myself through college. I achieved NVQ Levels 3 and 4 in Health and Social Care. As I listened to Ken speak, I knew I had found the right franchise.”

All roads lead to Right at Home

Tracey has a dedicated history in care, working in both children’s services, and adult care. She also has a keen interest in holistic therapies. So, buying a Right at Home business seemed like the next logical step to take, “I’d lived in Wales, working as a Marie Curie nurse, and with Mencap,” she says. “But I wanted to move back to London where there were more career opportunities. Especially as I really wanted to run my own care business.

“I believe all the experiences I've had over the last 20 years, have built me up to this moment,” she continues. “And now, here I am, ready to work in my own Right at Home office.”

The heart of care

As well as connecting with Ken’s goal to provide exceptional homecare, the training Right at Home provided also gave Tracey the confidence to know she was making the right decision. As she explains, “From day one Right at Home gave me a lot of support. They train you in all aspects of business management, from start to finish, and have been brilliant with their pre-opening support.

“Like Ken, and the rest of the Right at Home network,” she continues, “I believe everyone deserves the right to quality care; the same level of care I would want for myself, or those I love. There is no greater feeling than to make someone’s day. My team will be making people’s days, every single day.”

A passion for excellent care

Tracey also plans to make use of her ‘partner in care’, Betty, as she already looks for ways she can go the extra mile with her business. “Betty is my adorable Chihuahua puppy who will be a fully-registered AAT dog (Animal Assisted Therapy). She’s too young at the moment, but in January 2019 she starts her training programme with the charity Pets as Therapy. I can see her being a real asset to what my Clients will gain from Right at Home Hemel Hempstead.

“My motto has always been: True care doesn't come from any textbook, but from deep within,” she continues. “As a team, we are driven by the desire to transform our Clients’ dark moments, with a blaze of light filled with compassion, trust and kindness.”

Caring enough to leave her comfort zone

Tracey opened for business on 1st October 2018, “I don't normally like stepping out of my comfort zone! So opening my own business is a huge step. And I am excited!” she enthuses. “Through Right at Home, I can actually make my dream a reality. I truly believe everyone has the right to access true quality care, which is why I am pushing myself beyond my own limitations. I also plan to incorporate holistic services as a free service, especially for people with dementia.”

As for the future, Tracey has her feet firmly on the ground, but always looking for ways she can go the extra mile, “My belief is: Take each day as it comes. Having just opened for business, I plan to build on the solid foundations Right at Home have given me, and establish good relationships with my community. I will also be developing a team of like-minded CareGivers, who are ready to deliver excellent service. Nothing less than this will suffice.”