Master franchise opportunities

There are many benefits that come from living in an increasingly globalised world, and one of these is the sharing of successful business ideas. One way you can find success from this sharing of ideas is to become a master franchisee.

A master franchise refers to opportunities for franchise ownership that have already become successful elsewhere in the world, but that have not yet reached the UK. Taking ownership of the master franchise means that you are leading the charge for this particular franchise entering the UK.

How successful are master franchises?

As you look along your local high street, it's likely you'll notice countless businesses which were once a master franchise. Take, for example, American fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and KFC, or clothes brands such as Zara which have come to the UK from Spain. Starting a master franchise will require a leap of faith, but if you do your market research, it's possible to find a great deal of success through this business route.

On average, franchises will give up half of the initial franchise fee, as well as the ongoing royalties, to give someone else the reigns in the UK. Investors from elsewhere in the world are able to easily see the benefits of getting a brand-new franchise up and running in Great Britain, and the lower initial charges are indicative of this.

Is a master franchise right for me?

There are a few different things to consider before getting involved with a master franchise. First, you'll need to understand the professional and financial commitment you're making to the company you'll be working for. A master franchise is not the right route for someone who simply wants to run one outlet, you'll need to be a business-minded individual that is ready for a challenge. You'll either need to create a franchise infrastructure yourself or heavily adapt the preexisting infrastructure for business in the UK. Setting up a master franchise will be an incredibly rewarding experience, with high returns on your investment, but it's also important to understand the commitment you'll be making.

Ready to get started?

There are lots of master franchises currently recruiting to open up new outlets in the UK. Some examples of these include restaurants such as Abbraccio Cucina Italiana™, an Italian restaurant company that already have over 1,500 restaurants worldwide. There are also schemes such as PowerSlim, a Netherlands-based weight loss programme, that after finding success elsewhere in the world are now looking to expand to the UK. Even recognised leaders in their field, such as BrightStarCare, the successful US private-pay home care provider are now looking to find a pioneer for a UK franchise.

With so many varied opportunities, you're sure to find the master franchise that will allow you to take full advantage of your skills and experience, and find entrepreneurial success. For more ideas to help begin your master franchise, why not get in touch with us today!

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