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POINT FRANCHISE is a platform with a unique geo-localised search engine that helps franchisees find franchises that are developing in specific areas of the UK.

Point Franchise lists both active franchise opportunities as well as franchises that may not currently be recruiting – our listings are updated frequently to ensure that you’re kept up-to-date. Our dedicated directory lists specific industry sectors: so if you’re looking for your perfect franchise in the field you want, we’ve got you covered.

The advantages of
opening a franchise in the UK
  • Run your own business whilst limiting risk
  • 97% of franchisee run units in the UK are profitable
  • You can start a franchise in whichever field you like - even if you have no previous experience in the sector
  • Becoming a franchisee means you will benefit from an established brand, reputation and business model
  • These proven business elements will make it easier to secure funding for your franchise

Point Franchise will help you find your perfect franchise that is developing in the UK.

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