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People Building franchise

It's all about professional and personal growth.

The People Building NLP franchise offers an exciting opportunity for individuals interested in using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. If you've always been interested in making a difference in others' lives. In that case, this is the perfect franchise opportunity for you! Imagine having access to all the necessary resources and tools to transform your life and achieve your goals. That's exactly what you get when you join this franchise! So why wait? Join us today and start your journey toward personal transformation and success!

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Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
    £120 per month
  • Advertising fee:
    £600 per month
  • Royalty fee:
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If your answer is 'yes' to the following five questions, without any doubt, you are the ideal franchisee for People Building

  1. Do you want to offer 1:1 coaching sessions to adults to help them with mental and emotional wellbeing? 
  2. Do you have £3,600 available to invest or can you afford a monthly installment payment for your initial training of £354? 
  3. Can you be available for 7 consecutive days of training either in February or September
  4. Do you agree to follow the social media strategies and website promotion activities we suggest in order to grow your business? 
  5. Can you financially support yourself for the initial 3-6 months after training whilst your business is becoming established? 

About People Building

Does coaching adults with emotional well-being and mental health concerns interest you? You can help them achieve life-changing outcomes while training corporate teams to succeed and grow!

People Building Franchise Franchisees Certificates

People Building goes above and beyond to train you to become a qualified licenced NLP coach at a well-being practitioner level. We can even assist you to become fully qualified as a hypnotherapist.

Offering a great SME opportunity, whether you're interested in training and consultancy to corporates or prefer therapeutic sessions at a private practice, is up to you. Ultimately, this franchise could be your calling if it's your passion and drive to make a difference in the lives of those who genuinely need it.

NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, is a communication, personal development and behavioural approach that shares common assumptions with psychotherapy and CBT. It also offers a therapeutic value often used in education, sports, the workplace, and public speaking. The focus is on helping individuals succeed while improving performance.

But what makes People Building different from all the other NLP and hypnotherapy training facilities out there?!

Our commitment to you goes beyond just providing training. We are here to support you in achieving your monthly income goals of between £1,500 and £5,000. Whether you opt to work full-time or part-time, we will help you generate an income that suits and supports your lifestyle. Additionally, we will provide you with the necessary business resources to ensure your success.

People Building NLP Hypnotherapy

We help you to deliver one-to-one therapeutic and group coaching sessions that:

  • People Building suppliers have the opportunity to provide their employees with fully funded coaching from the government.
  • Assist individuals in overcoming emotional hurdles that may have hindered their progress, possibly since their early years.
  • Teach others how to manage their mild-to-moderate mental and emotional health issues.
  • Show people how to regulate their thoughts, emotions, and reactions using cognitive techniques and simple metaphors.
  • Help individuals manage and eliminate anxiety to transform their lives. 
  • Overcome addictions, habits, and phobias.
  • Collaborate and communicate with other healthcare professionals.

Did you know that the cost of poor mental health for employers is £56 billion per year? So, can you support companies and organisations in cutting these costs of worker absenteeism by offering:

  • Corporate training aimed at addressing anxiety within the workplace.
  • Effective communication, influence, and rapport-building skills for success. 
  • Master the art of effective leadership and management.
  • Enhancing salesforce performance

Meet our incredible company director, Gemma Bailey! With over 15 years of experience in psychology services, she has helped countless clients through the power of NLP and Hypnotherapy. Not only that, but Gemma is also a successful franchise owner, published author, YouTuber, and podcaster.   

She is also:

  • Accredited as an NLP trainer by the ANLP, the largest professional membership body for NLP practitioners. 
  • A senior qualified hypnotherapist and trainer of hypnotherapy with the GHSC. 

And if you're interested in working with children, you're in luck! Gemma is the creator and director of NLP4Kids. It's the largest professional organisation supporting children and families with NLP. 

People Building Franchise Books



Grow Your Own Business While You Help Others To Grow

  • Earning potential of up to £250 per 90-minute coaching session
  • Retainer fees of up to £400 per contract per month for our corporate clients
  • Corporate training days that earn you over £1000
  • For just £150, you'll have access to expert guidance, valuable insights, and a community of like-minded individuals

 People Building Franchise Prac Manual Image

Complete our NLP Practitioner training to become a professional member of ANLP. Get lifetime access to our online training materials, manuals, and discs. To join the General Hypnotherapy Register as a qualified hypnotherapist and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, pursue hypnotherapy training.

You will be able to assist others in changing their unwanted behaviours with our ongoing support and training. Reap the fruits of helping individuals achieve positive results to improve their well-being. But we don't want you to feel pressured to licence with us right away. That's why we'll give you a three-month grace period to ponder if this is your best franchise option.

As a franchisee, we offer you with:

  • A personalised website for your People Building needs with pre-built data capture forms included.
  • Get a monthly marketing kit, including social media posts, reels, blog posts, and a podcast to share.
  • Mentoring: Live and online monthly
  • You can access free, live support throughout your license.
  • Earn a commission of 60% when you successfully sell our hypnotherapy products.
  • Get instant access to your franchisee team through WhatsApp and receive top-class, award-winning support from your head office team.
  • All the necessary materials and contracts required for sessions with clients.

And so much more! So please connect with us so we can guide you and answer all your questions.

People Building Franchise UntitledPeople Building Coaches Feedback:

"The trainer's sense of humour, and the techniques I have learnt were taught in a way that was better than just sitting at a desk and being dictated to. They allowed for a lot of interactions and lots of flexibility. The trainer also made everyone feel like their questions were important and she listened to what we had to say." 

"I found much of the content challenging, and I found it stretched me outside of my comfort zone. If it had been easy I wouldn't have felt like I had learned anything. This is why I can look at my certificate with enormous pride. Everything that I have learnt this week has completely blown me away! I am so impressed."