Best new franchises to start in 2024

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This page is where you'll find the best new franchises in the UK at the moment. Although some of them may already be established either here or abroad, they may be just starting to offer franchises or are entering the UK market for the first time. The page also displays some of the fastest growing franchise businesses in the UK, with full information on how to get involved. By clicking on one of the franchise profiles, investors can see plenty of insightful details about how much is needed to invest in the opportunity, how it's performing in the UK and more about the history of the business.

If you're looking for even more information, there's also a handy button which will take you to an easy to use form, designed to help us give you as many details as possible. Once you've been in touch, we'll tell you as much about the opportunity as possible, and even provide some other ideas and advice when it comes to setting up a successful franchise.

We can also help when it comes to figuring out budgets and investment size, too, so you can instantly rule out unsuitable options when it comes to financing and setting up your new business.  

The best new franchise opportunities in the UK

We're franchise experts, so we know a good opportunity when we see one. The new franchise options on this page aren't just punts that could be successful; they're brands, services and products that we've reviewed and researched to ensure they're going to perform for our investors. This is why you'll only see fast movers and key players, with clear and concise information that will help you to build a picture of the work, investment and management required to turn your new business into a successful venture.

One of the many benefits of using Point Franchise to choose your franchise venture is the help and support given when it comes to choosing and investing in a new business opportunity, something which is truly priceless when entering new territories or business areas. All of our information on new franchises is constantly checked and updated, too, so you'll only be seeing the hottest trending franchise opportunities.

Our list of over 280 franchises gives investors plenty of ideas, as a well as an easy to use interface, with handy icons and monetary values making it perfectly clear which industry the franchise operates in and the minimum investment needed to get things up and running.

You can also view the top ten performing franchises in the UK and check out which cities are experiencing increased recruitment, helping to gain a picture of which geographic regions are ripe for investment. You'll also notice a mix of the big names who will always be the most successful franchises and smaller, lesser known businesses, but our full reviews and ratings will help you to decide if the brand in question is ready to be taken to the next level.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the new franchises listed below or how to get involved and become a franchisee, then feel free to get in touch for help, advice or even just to get answers to a few questions.

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