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Eat - Do They Franchise?

The British sandwich market is valued at a staggering £7.85 billion, according to The Sammies (The British Sandwich Industry Awards). The Sammies is the main event in the UK sandwich and on-the-go food industry. Itís no wonder that sandwiches are such [...]

Is Game a Franchise?

The gaming industry is one of the most exciting and profitable industries to enter right now. In the UK, we love gaming so much that our own games industry is estimated to contribute around £3 billion to our countryís economy every year. But do the lar [...]

Peetís Coffee in the UK

  Us Brits love a good cup of coffee. Although tea is widely considered our national drink, its punchier, caffeine-packed counterpart has grown in popularity over the last few decades. Whether itís the first cup of the day to wake us up, a smooth blen [...]

BMW Franchise Opportunities in the UK

BMW AG is a German multinational company that manufactures automobiles and motorcycles. The acronym stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke in German, or Bavarian Motor Works in English. The multi-national company was founded in 1916 and the headquarters are in [...]

Meet Taco Bell's CEO

Taco Bell is an American restaurant franchise that serves Tex-Mex and Mexican-inspired food. This includes tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos, which can be eaten with a side of cheesy potatoes or black beans, and finished off with a Ďcinnamon twistí or [...]

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Restaurant?

Starting a restaurant is an ambitious - yet incredibly exciting - business venture. The majority of start-ups begin with a dream; being your own boss, crafting your own menu and creating a beautiful space with an enticing atmosphere. However, there are many [...]

Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Franchisor

Originally uploaded on 25/10/2017. Updated on 18/04/2019. The franchisor is the person responsible for overseeing the various branches of a franchise. They have ultimate control over the business model employed throughout their network and must be comforta [...]

What Legal Franchise Opportunities Are There in the UK?

Legal businesses offer law-related services to individuals and businesses. Specialised professionals who are trained to deal with complex legal issues and processes can offer their exclusive services to those who do not have the knowledge or experience to p [...]

Kebab Franchise Opportunities in the UK

Kebabs are a popular food choice in the UK. They are a firm favourite after a boozy night out with friends, possibly due to their impressive ability to soak up alcohol. As well as being a classic takeaway treat, they can also be eaten in gourmet restaurants [...]

What Supermarket Franchise Opportunities Are There in the UK?

Supermarket franchises can be very profitable business ventures, primarily because people will always need shops to buy food and other daily essentials. While it is becoming more and more popular to eat out in the UKís increasingly diverse range of restaura [...]

A Franchise Owner's Guide to Taxes

Originally uploaded on 11/10/2017. Updated on 17/04/2019. Franchising can take away some of the stresses that come with starting up a business. Entrepreneurs that invest in a new unit of an established business can benefit from a proven business model and t [...]

5 Things You Didnít Know About BT Local Business

BT Local Business helps companies of all sizes to find the right kind of communication for them. Whether it be a small start-up or a household name, BT has a solution for all businesses that want to improve the way they interact with clients, colleagues and [...]

Does Lidl Franchise in the UK?

Lidl is a German supermarket chain that has over 10,000 stores in twenty different countries across Europe and the US. Alongside rival retailer Aldi, Lidl caters to consumers in the UK that want to get the most for their money. Its shelves are lined with bra [...]

Making Money As A Franchisor

Originally uploaded on 26/12/2017. Updated on 16/04/2019. If you run a successful business, franchising is a great way of boosting revenues. Not only will you receive income from franchise fees, but you will also experience the benefits of having a network [...]

Meet Growing Demand with a Halal Franchise

As the West becomes more and more culturally diverse year by year, the food market is changing with it. Halal and kosher meat is becoming increasingly in demand in the US and especially Europe, with many major supermarkets now stocking the products in their [...]

Perfume franchises: Start Your Own in the UK

Originally posted on 21/11/2017. Updated on 15/04/2019. If youíre passionate about perfume, you may have dreamed of one day opening your own fragrance business or even launching your own fragrance line. Getting off the ground in this industry is not easy, a [...]

The Biggest Franchises In The World

Originally uploaded on 10/11/2017. Updated on 15/04/2019. There are plenty of people out there with the cash and dedication to run their own business. However, what many of those people lack is an original idea to set them on the path to success, and even e [...]

Franchise Finance: How Do You Get it The UK?

Originally uploaded on 05/09/2017. Updated on 14/04/2019. The ability to use an established business model and benefit from the franchisorís support are well-known advantages of the franchising system. However, there are even more advantages when it comes t [...]

Franchise Failures: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Originally uploaded on 28/01/2018. Updated on 14/04/2019. Research from the BFA-NatWest survey shows that 97 percent of franchises run in profitability and fewer than five percent experience a change in ownership. But while only a small minority of franchis [...]

Unique Business Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

Originally posted on 17/11/2017. Updated on 13/04/2019. If youíve always dreamed of starting your own business and being your own boss, there are so many different industries out there - each with their own pros and cons - which can make choosing the right [...]

Franchise Agreement: Can It Be Terminated Early?

Originally uploaded on 29/12/2017. Updated on 13/04/2019. A typical franchise agreement lasts for a fixed term of five or more years. The longevity of a franchise is in the best interest of both the franchisor and the franchisee but, from time to time, the [...]

Understanding Franchising Law: Top 5 Issues to Consider

Originally uploaded on 17/10/2017. Updated on 13/04/2019. The franchising industry is huge. According to the BFA-NatWest franchise report 2018, 710,000 are currently employed by an estimated 48,600 franchised units across the UK. In fact, the number of fran [...]

Why You Should Start a Courier Franchise

Originally posted on 11/09/2017. Updated on 12/04/2019. Letters as a main means of communication are on the decline, with the younger generation favouring communicating by different mediums, whether that be text, email or the various social media platforms. [...]

Zara's CEO: Who's in Charge?

Zara is a Spanish fashion brand that aims to deliver on-trend pieces worthy of the catwalk for affordable prices and with minimal environmental impact. As a chain of more than 2,000 stores in 96 countries, it is one of the largest international fashion compa [...]

Are Chiliís in the UK?

There is an undeniable American influence on our food outlets in the UK, with big name burger chains, hot-dog vans at events and doughnut shops providing American-inspired foodstuffs nationwide. Research by Statista found that the top three foodservice brand [...]

What to Consider When Starting a Restaurant

Restaurants are one of the most popular types of businesses for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, only a small number of restaurants stand the test of time, so it is vital to plan, plan and plan some more before you take your first steps into the food industr [...]

Does Millieís Cookies Franchise?

What is Millieís Cookies? Millieís Cookies is a bakery brand that sells sweet treats to customers in the UK and across the world. The brandís freshly-baked goods are served to hungry commuters at train stations across the UK, as well shoppers in retail park [...]

Aldi Franchising in the UK

Supermarkets are a staple in every town and city and, due to their essentiality, will always be in demand. The Market Up until 2014, the UK supermarket industry operated under a three-tier system, with Waitrose and Marks & Spencer being a more high-end [...]

Does Chopstix Franchise?

Chopstix is a national Asian food business that specialises in fresh, tasty dishes that can be eaten in or taken away. The restaurant company prides itself on its Ďinnovative fusion recipesí that can be prepared in a flash and served to time-poor customers l [...]

Blinds Franchise Opportunities - What are the Best in the UK?

Blinds feature in many different types of buildings. They are widely used by homeowners, educational institutions and businesses across the world. Why? Because they are a more practical alternative to curtains, as they take up less space and block out light [...]