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Midas Franchise in the UK

Research has indicated that the automotive industry is a booming sector is the UK economy - accounting for a turnover of over £82 billion and £20.2 billion value added (SMMT). With approximately 186,000 people directly employed in manufacturing an [...]

REMAX Franchise Opportunities in the UK

REMAX is a global estate agency network of property professionals that spans six continents. Starting with humble beginnings in Denver, Colorado the agency now has franchisee-owned offices in over 110 different countries. The company enables local real-esta [...]

Does Wyndham franchise in the UK?

Wyndham is a chain of hotels and resorts operating worldwide in over 110 countries. The hotel industry giant holds a portfolio of 20 different brands that cater to a variety of different markets. These include Wyndham Grand, a network of premium hotels that [...]

Open a Bakery Franchise!

Originally uploaded on 28/09/2017. Updated on 25/03/2019. The ‘Great British Bake Off effect’ is actually a thing! Each series leads to a peak in baking activity among viewers, with fans of the show rushing out to buy the ingredients to replicate the cakes [...]

A Guide to Taxes for Franchisees

Originally posted on 21/03/2018. Updated on 25/03/2019. As the saying goes, the only certainties in life are death and taxes, and just like any other business owner, franchisees have to pay taxes. The franchise fee that you pay to the franchisor doesn't mak [...]

Top 5 Pet Franchises

Originally uploaded on 25/01/2018. Updated on 25/03/2019. Brits are known for being a nation of pet lovers, and the stats only confirm our reputation. As many as half of UK households have a pet; 26 percent of which are dogs, while 18 percent of people own [...]

Is Nando’s a Franchise?

Orignially posted on 15/10/2018. Updated on 24/03/2019. The Nando’s story began back in 1987 when Fernando Duarte invited his friend Robbie Brozin to a Portuguese restaurant in Rosettenville, South Africa. After sampling the peri-peri sauce marinated chick [...]

Top 5 Italian Food and Drink Franchises

Originally posted on 15/02/2018. Updated on 24/03/2019. Pizza, pasta, red wine… what’s not to love about Italian cuisine? The popular Mediterranean diet is characterised by five key elements that Brits appreciate in their food: simplicity, affordability, qu [...]

Top 5 Working From Home Franchise Business Ideas

Originally posted on 14/09/2017. Updated on 24/03/2019. I’m sure that at some stage or another many of us have fantasised about quitting our nine to five jobs. Whether it’s avoiding the rush hour traffic or an arrogant boss, earning an income from the comfo [...]

How Investing in a Franchise is Worth it

Originally posted on 07/09/2017. Updated on 23/03/2019. Franchising has grown in popularity in recent years and this is partly because it is considered a much safer investment than setting up your own business. Naturally, there’s less risk involved; you’re [...]

Who’s the CEO of BT?

BT is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and is based in the UK in the bustling capital. It provides services in an astounding 180 countries and currently holds the title of the largest provider of broadband, landline and mobile se [...]

The Real Cost Of Running a Franchise in the UK

Originally posted on 01/09/2017. Updated on 22/03/2019. When most people dream of becoming their own boss, they think about being in control, having flexible working hours and a sense of job satisfaction. But with the perks, come concerns. Starting a busine [...]

5 Things You Didn't Know About Regus

Regus Offices Regus is a flexible workspace business that allows “people and businesses to work where they want, when they want and how they want”. Founded in Brussels in 1989, Regus has picked up an idea that has been around for a long time and taken it on [...]

Top 5 Dessert Franchises

Originally posted on 01/02/2018. Updated on 22/03/2019. Gone are the days when restaurants and pubs dominate the high street. There’s a new type of business in town and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the growing dessert franchise industry. The market [...]

How and When Can You Resell Your Franchise?

Originally posted on 31/08/2017. Updated on 21/03/2019. When you’re excitedly researching franchise opportunities and considering your future as a successful franchisee, selling the business you haven’t even started yet is probably the last thing on your mi [...]

Home Based Franchises: How To Do It Successfully

Originally posted on 04/09/2017. Updated on 21/03/2019. While working from home has the obvious benefits of being easy, convenient and flexible, don’t assume that home-based franchises are an easier option. There are countless opportunities out there to sta [...]

How Much Money Will I Make as a Franchisee?

Originally posted on 05/02/2018. Updated on 21/03/2019. One of the key advantages to franchising is the ability to determine your own income. Rather than receiving a fixed salary like an employee, franchisees have the power to influence their own income. Th [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Schmidt Kitchens

 A Schmidt kitchen has the power to revolutionise the way you cook, dine, clean and socialise. The global brand strives to give its customers complete control and freedom in customising the design and functionality for their dream kitchen. Schmidt Ki [...]

The Best Fast Food Franchises in the UK

Originally posted on 02/10/2017. Updated on 20/03/2019. Burgers, fried chicken, fish and chips, pizza, curry – the UK is a nation of fast food lovers, and everyone has an opinion about which is the best. Consumer preference for cheap, on-the-go food has per [...]

Boots Franchise - Does It Franchise in the UK?

With 170 years of history, Boots is one of the most beloved retailers on the British high street. As a reputable and wide-ranging health and beauty retailer, Boots has around 2,500 stores across the UK - so many, in fact, that it is thought that 90 percent o [...]

Best Western Franchise in the UK

The UK hospitality industry is a vast category encompassing anything from lodging, to event planning, to food and drink services. According to UKHospitality, the lucrative sector is thought to be worth between £100 billion and £130 billion. This su [...]

Do Hertz Franchise in the UK?

In the UK, the vehicle rental and leasing industry comprises more than 3,500 businesses and employs over 37,000 people, contributing almost £50 billion to the economy every year. Opening a franchise in the rental industry, then, could be a highly lucrat [...]

Topgolf Franchise in the UK

Golf is a popular club-and-ball sport with many benefits. You can play it your whole life - you don’t have to be particularly fit and it’s low impact, so it doesn’t have a negative impact on the body. Also, golf is an outdoor sport so you can get plenty of f [...]

Enjoy a Booming Business with a Baby Franchise

Originally posted on 31/10/2017. Updated on 18/03/2019. Parent and baby classes are becoming increasingly popular and the choice of activities are more diverse than ever before. From ‘baby massage’ to ‘toddler yoga’, there are classes to suit every young ch [...]

Is There Such Thing As A Joint Venture Franchise Model?

Originally posted 23/10/2017. Updated on 18/03/2019. When you’ve made the decision to become the boss, franchising offers a great model of support, brand recognition and the ability to generate an immediate income. But this isn’t the only way that you can [...]

How Does the Franchise Model Differ from Other Business Models?

Originally posted on 01/09/2017. Updated on 17/03/2019. Franchising can be a great way to start your own business. By partnering with an established business, franchisees benefit from their systems and existing customer base. The popularity of franchising [...]

Car Rental Franchises for Sale in the UK

The car rental and leasing industry has grown immensely over the past five years. Car rental firms help keep us on the road when our own vehicles are unavailable, when we are away on business and if we simply don’t wish to buy a car outright. The UK car ren [...]

Chinese Food Franchises Opportunities in the UK - What's Available?

The number of Chinese food outlets in the UK has grown drastically ever since the opening of the UK’s first Asian food restaurant over 100 years ago. Chinese cuisine has long offered Brits quick and nutritious food options and the sheer versatility of the ma [...]

Franchisor and Franchisee: The Importance of a Strong Relationship

Originally posted on 24/12/2017. Updated on 16/03/2019. Forging an effective franchisor-franchisee relationship is the key to most successful franchises, but there’s so much more to it than just the franchise agreement. The franchisee and franchisor need t [...]

Top 5 Most Profitable Franchises For Under Ł20k

Originally posted on 13/02/2018. Updated on 16/03/2019. Affordable franchises do exist if you’re prepared to think outside the box a little. Rather than going for franchises that require a substantial initial investment and plenty of working capital such as [...]