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Successful Sibling Run Franchise: Can There Be Such A Thing?

Your brother or sister know you better than anyone else. They’ve seen you at your best, and your worst. You’ve laughed, cried, argued, fought, hugged and plotted together over the years. They’re your biggest fan and your harshest critic. These attributes mak [...]

Franchise Agreement Explained

There’s no denying that starting a new business venture is as scary as it is exciting. On the one hand, you’re fulfilling a lifelong dream to be your own boss; but on the other you feel like you’re drowning in complex paperwork and legal documentation. Fra [...]

What’s In Store For Franchising In 2018?

With the British Franchise Association (bfa) confirming that, in 2017, 44,000 franchise outlets are run across the country — 97% of which turn a profit – it’s easy to see why the franchise industry is continuing to be successful. But, as 2018 may see rise to [...]

Start A Fun Franchise With Jo Jingles

Regular exposure to music is proven to stimulate a child’s imagination, as well as to improve their language, social and coordination skills. Jo Jingles aids this development by providing fun music and movement classes to young children and pre-schoolers. Wi [...]

The Truth About Making Money As A Franchisee

Becoming a franchisee allows you to liberate your working life and become your own boss, without the inherent financial risk of starting an independent business. It’s an exciting prospect and there are countless franchise investment opportunities available t [...]

Is It Worth The Risk To Buy A New Franchise?

Selecting a franchise worthy of your investment is a daunting task. It’s likely to be the biggest decision you’ll make during your time as a franchisee, so you want to get it right. As you research your options there are a lot of things to take into consider [...]

Franchising: Overcoming Common Hurdles

So, your business is going well and you’re looking for a way to expand it. You’ve always dreamed of owning a global super-brand — the likes of McDonalds or Subway — and a franchise business model looks like the way to achieve it. After all, there’s a lot of [...]

OSCAR: A Pet Food Franchise Worth Considering

One in two households in the UK owns a pet. And owners are concerned with feeding them well; after all, a healthy diet means a long and happy life. That’s why OSCAR Pet Food home delivers quality pet food to customers across the UK. It offers a wide range of [...]

The Power Of Networking For Your Franchise

There are many keys to franchise success, with believing in your brand and following the franchise system just two of them. But what about networking? We all know it’s good to get your franchise name out there, but being able to network is much more import [...]

Understanding The Franchise Stages Of Growth

Like all businesses, franchises have a lifecycle. Even the biggest franchises journey through stages as they grow and it’s important to understand these different phases before you make your franchise investment. Franchises move through phases of start-up, [...]

Catering To Your Customer's Needs With A Jasper's Franchise

If you've always dreamed of owning you own catering franchise, look no further than Jasper’s. This thriving brand provides delicious food for meetings, corporate functions and other events, and is constantly on the lookout for ambitious individuals that have [...]

Owning A Franchise: Why Blogging Is Important

While blogging might seem like something people do just for fun, it is still an invaluable form of marketing for anyone owning a franchise. This is your chance to give people answers, interact, and give your website a regular dose of fresh content that will [...]

Franchise Development: Beyond The Franchise Training Manual

Are you franchising your business and looking for some advice on how to give your new franchisees the best chances for success? Then here are some tips on how you should go beyond the franchise training manual so you can offer the best franchise development [...]

World Options Franchise - Delivering A First-Class Service

A leading parcel delivery and courier service, World Options provides efficient shipping services thanks to its advanced online software. Now this renowned courier franchise network is looking for ambitious franchisees to deliver a first-class service and ta [...]

Building A Website That Works

Planning a new website for your franchise business and looking for some ideas? Then here are some handy tips on how to build a website that works. 1 – Make sure you choose the right website design Use a professional, tailored template that creates the [...]

Learning Doesn’t Stop When You Become A Franchisor

Whether you’re an experienced franchisor or a new franchisee, you’ll never stop learning in this dynamic industry. That’s because there’s always a need to adapt to the latest technology and changes in customer demand and buying habits. Even the most successf [...]

Franchise Sales: Know Your Options

Whether you’re about to sell a franchise or considering put it up for resale, it’s important that you know all your options before you make any commitments. So here are some tips on how you can capitalise on your franchise sales while minimising your risks. [...]

Caremark Franchise - What's Involved?

Across the UK, people are growing older than ever. As the NHS and other public services struggle to meet demand for these changes, a new market has emerged for home care franchise opportunities. Since 2005, it has been Caremark who have been among the franch [...]

Franchise Consultant: What Do They Do?

Whether you're in the process of establishing a franchise agreement, or already a successful franchisee, a franchise consultant could be vital to the development and sustainability of your business. For franchisees, the ability to chat and network about chan [...]

Keeping It In The Family: Handing Your Franchise Over To Your Children

Maintaining a successful franchise is a job that’s never complete. A mix of innovation and consistency is at the heart of any franchise contract, and the franchisor and franchisee will often spend decades perfecting the formula. But when retirement calls [...]

Finding The Fun In Franchising

Like any business venture, buying a franchise and making it successful requires lots of hard work and expertise. From hiring and training staff to aligning your franchise with the operation manual, you’ll have to make sure your franchise business opportunit [...]

Magicman Franchise: Pull A Winning Franchise Out Of The Hat

With over 22 years of experience and now the UK’s only fully accredited damage repair service, the Magicman franchise saves customers’ time and money by using state-of-art technology to repair instead of replacing when damage occurs. As it’s a van-based fran [...]

Point Franchise Infographic

Franchise for sale UK Are you thinking of becoming your own boss and starting a franchise in the UK in 2018? See our infographic below! It covers tips to start your own franchise and interesting statistics from the UK franchise sector. Start a franchise [...]

Franchising: Getting The Basics Right

Thinking of investing in a franchise but don’t know a franchise model from a franchise contract? Before you start researching what franchises are available, then it might be wise to get a quick rundown on the basics first. From understanding the pros and con [...]

Making A Splash With A Waterbabies Franchise

Are you passionate about helping babies and toddlers learn to swim? Have you always dreamt of owning and operating your own business under a leading brand that has achieved significant national and international success? Then you could be the right person to [...]

Making Sure You Get The Support You Need To Be A Success

So, you’ve finally taken the leap and invested in a franchise. You’ve researched it thoroughly and picked a franchise type you’re interested in, but what support and guidance can you expect to receive from your franchisor to help make your franchise a succes [...]

Understanding The Franchising Code Of Conduct

While the franchising sector in the UK has enjoyed considerable growth in recent decades, the word ‘franchising’ is still not subject to any official legal definition. Indeed, there is still no formal regulatory framework for franchising in the UK and the re [...]

Franchise Agreement: 5 Things You Should Know

Become a franchisee will be one of the most important personal and financial decisions you will make in your career. That's why it's so important to undertake as much research and planning as you can, and to get professional advice beforehand so you understa [...]

Stepping Into The Spotlight With A Stagecoach Performing Arts Franchise

A leading performing arts franchise business, Stagecoach enriches children's lives by providing them with an unparalleled education that will equip them with key skills for life. This thriving international network is perfect for ambitious people that have a [...]

Are Franchisees Really Entrepreneurs?

There is little doubt that the franchise industry attracts many entrepreneurial people, particularly those that want the freedom to run a business without the challenges of building a brand from scratch. Probably the main similarity between franchise owners [...]