Caprinos Pizza franchise

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Caprinos Pizza franchise

Joy in each slice

Caprinos is a young successful UK pizza delivery/take-away chain with a rapid popularity growth in the market.

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Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment

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  • Royalty fee:
    3% of the gross sales
  • Average floor space:
    700 sqf

About Caprinos Pizza

Who we are

 Caprinos Pizza Ltd is a young successful UK pizza delivery/take-away chain with a rapid popularity growth in the market. We are one of very few pizza brands offering Halal menu across all our branches.

We have won several awards for our best service and quality food. Caprinos offers Italian American cuisine and menu items are suitable for adults, children, and to share with family and friends. Our simple but sustainable business model is easy to operate.

Our mission Statement:

Caprinos Pizza is committed to provide outstanding take-away/delivery experience to our customers. It is our goal to exceed our customers’ expectation for quality and service while paying close attention to our customer’s individual needs.

Company Principles;

  • Serve our customers – Our customers deserve the same level of quality, efficiency, value and professionalism that we would want for ourselves. We serve only the best to our customers.
  • Expand our business profitability – We strive to return the highest profit possible under the guidelines of our objectives. This is achieved through improvement, creative marketing, reducing cost, listening to our customers and fulfilling our commitments.
  • Develop our employee – We get to know each of our employees on a personal level, understanding their hopes, dreams and aspirations. We strive to provide the tools and environment necessary to bring both personal and professional development to each of our employees. We view the growth and development of our employees as a business achievement.

 Caprinos pizza is a company that is positioned to do great things and we are delighted that you are along for the ride. 

Training and support provided

Successful and profitable business model

Over the last few years we have been hard at work developing a solid business model that has allowed us to be tremendously successful and profitable. Now we want to share our systems and procedures with franchisees like you, and help you deliver the same consistent quality that customers have come to expect from our business.

Our training will guide you through our processes and every phase of the business, giving you the necessary skills for the success of your franchise. The degree of your success, however, will depend upon your willingness to learn and communicate with us and your customers. Your success is also a function of the amount of time and effort you are willing to devote to learning and executing each phase of the business.

On the job training

Our 14 days on the job training in a functioning branch will allow you to experience each aspect of the business. End of 14 days you will be fully ready to run your franchise with no hitches. Franchisee who has no previous experience in the food industry will be given hands on training to ensure you develop the right skills to manage your franchise according to Caprinos standards.

Operational materials will be given to you for further reference and for staff training purposes. Our Area Couches will provide you with regular and updated guidance making sure that your business runs effectively and efficiently.
Apart from all the above we carry out a Mistery Shopper programme via a third-party company to maintain and standardise our customer service.

Quality of customer service is equally as important as a good quality pizza to us. By getting an outside company to do the job has omitted the biasness of ratings. We have also introduced quarterly Operational Audits to help you maintain standards of our systems, quality of food & health safety measures.

The ideal Caprinos Pizza franchisee

No experience is necessary 

The beauty of running Caprinos Pizza franchisee is that you are working from a tried and tested business model therefore, it is easy to focus yourself towards growth of your business.

We encourage first time investors to join us. You do not necessarily have to have previous food or catering experience to become a franchisee. You need to have a strong desire and ambition to see your franchise business grow by day.

However, we expect your direct involvement in your franchise activities fully at least giving 15-20 hours a week.

We value our customers and the staff the same way we value you as our business partner. Thus, the skill to network and build relationships is essential to become a good franchisee. Your people skills, leadership skills and effective communication will help building a winning team around you.

Caprinos Pizza's history

Caprinos Pizza Limited has a humble beginning. Our very first branch was founded in Didcot, Oxfordshire with minimum investment but with a high expectation. From the day one people loved our pizzas and the word reached in nearby towns.

We decided to open more branches and now we are very happy to have you as our franchisee to become part of this exciting brand and be successful.