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As the West becomes more and more culturally diverse year by year, the food market is changing with it. Halal and kosher meat is becoming increasingly in demand in the US and especially Europe, with many major supermarkets now stocking the products in their stores. Some examples of these are Sainsburys, Tesco and ASDA, three British supermarkets that have started stocking halal because they have recognised the business potential that comes with increasing immigration to the UK from countries like Pakistan and Syria.

When you look at the statistics, its clear to see that the demand for halal in the West is going to swell to a size that we have never seen before.

  1. Having overtaken Christianity, Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe. Year on year, halal consumption is believed to be growing by 16 percent.
  2. There are more non-Muslims than ever eating halal food products. For ethical and health reasons, approximately four million non-Muslims are eating halal meat.
  3. More and more members of the Muslim community are finding employment that gives them a good disposable income. Rather than home-cooking, we might see a lot more Muslims eating out in the future.
  4. Halal is becoming more and more profitable. It was recently reported that halal sales in supermarkets and convenience stores reached $1.9 billion in the US.

A Changing Market

Across the last decade, the halal industry has grown to a size that no one could have predicted. To capitalise on the trend, big brands like Nestl and Unilever have introduced halal product lines that correspond to laws outlined in the Quran. For Nestl, halal sales are responsible for 35 percent of its sales, which is than any other major food manufacturer. Compared to the past, Muslims in the West now have much less difficulty finding food that meets their dietary requirements.

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Halal Franchises For Sale

With nearly 57,000 fast-food restaurants on English high streets alone, youre probably not very far from a big brand that can satisfy your hunger. Brits really do love their fast food and the BBC Good Food Nation Survey confirmed this, with most respondents confessing to eating fast food twice a week on average.

If youre considering opening a halal franchise, heres some information on a couple of options:

Loaded Burgers

Loaded Burgers was founded by five brothers who failed in their quest to find the perfect, affordable, gourmet burger, so decided to start their own business offering customers just that. And to ensure that all customers could enjoy their top-quality, flavoursome burgers, all the meat served is halal and approved by the Halal Food Certification.

This is a new brand with the first restaurant being opened in 2014, followed by a second in 2016. Due to the popularity of the concept to offer gourmet food for under £10, its now looking to expand through recruiting dynamic, ambitious and fun franchisees. This is a great opportunity to become part of an exciting franchise right at the beginning of its journey, as its set to grow by establishing restaurants all over the country.


Favorite is the biggest British-owned fried chicken franchise in the UK and has been successfully trading since 1986. For over 30 years, Favorite has proven its success by offering a fully structured franchise system, with a product menu and operational system to equal the best in the sector, whilst maintaining an affordable cost for franchisees. Not only is all the meat served by Favorite approved as halal, but in 1998 it was also the first UK food chain to declare a GM Free Zone.

This passion for serving wholesome food that hasnt been processed should be shared by potential franchisees. Favorite believes in offering convenient meals made from fresh chicken so that the quality of the food is not compromised. Franchisees need to be driven hardworking, honest and with integrity. The franchise fee to start the business includes the cost of setting up the shop, a ten-year agreement contract with options for renewal, and 12 months of exclusivity in an agreed territory.

The final ingredient is you.

Regardless of what industry you want to jump into, franchising is a brilliant way of starting your own business. Think of it as a kind of safety net; even if you find yourself struggling as a franchisee, you will still have a recognisable brand and products that people are familiar with to back you up.

There has never been a better moment than now to start your own halal franchise. The Muslim population is growing at an incredible rate, and even non-Muslims are warming to the benefits of halal. If you want to find your feet in the industry, you will need to be fast on your feet and be able to keep up with intense demand.

With that in mind, its worth taking a minute to consider what skills you need to be a successful franchisee. If you have already got them, you are already half way there on your journey towards running your own business.

  • Have you got the skills to be a salesperson? A franchise gives you access to a proven business model, but you still need to build a customer base to be successful.
  • Do you have the necessary energy and resilience? Owning a franchise can be hard work, and if you choose an opportunity in the restaurant sector, it will probably include working long hours too.
  • How do you react under pressure? Running your own business can be stressful, but you must be able to cope with the demands and challenges that it can throw at you.
  • Are you comfortable with the restrictions placed on you by the franchise arrangement? If you chose to start your own business so you could be the boss, you may get frustrated by the limitations that the franchise model imposes on you.

If, after reading through those questions, you still think that you fit the bill, then its worth exploring the Point Franchise network to look through all of the franchise opportunities on offer. Regardless of whether you want to open a halal or a pet franchise, there will definitely be something for you.

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