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Sylvian Care Providing a professional, individual and personal approach to Domiciliary Care

Sylvian Care is a family owned and managed business whose purpose is, to allow our clients the opportunity to enjoy the maximum level of independence for as long as is practical in the comfort of their own homes.

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Fuelled by their extraordinary passion for making a difference in the lives of others, Sangha and Kiran, our newest franchisees here at Sylvian Care, have just received their CQC registration and are poised to open their doors as soon as possible. Together, they are also opening the door to a new kind of domiciliary care for those most in need in their local area and embarking on an exciting new chapter in both their lives. 

Coming from backgrounds rich in recruitment and child protection social work, Sangha and Kiran bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the importance of care in the community. Their desire to establish a business that not only aligns with their values, but also serves as a lasting legacy for their family has led them to Sylvian Care, a franchise known for its dedication to relationship-based care and its vision of enhancing lives.

The couple’s journey into domiciliary care is driven by more than just entrepreneurial spirit, of course. Like many of our franchisees, they’ve been drawn to Sylvian Care because they share our mission and values, which are rooted in a genuine desire to make a positive contribution to our communities. 

Both bring a unique set of skills to the franchisee which will help drive them forward and create something special together. Sangha’s expertise in recruitment equips them with the skills to build a dedicated team of carers, while Kiran’s experience in child protection has instilled in them a profound empathy for those who are most vulnerable in our communities. By bringing these strengths together, they plan to create a service that not only meets the physical needs of their clients but also nurtures their emotional well-being, combats loneliness, and fosters an all-important sense of belonging. Sangha and Kiran recognise that these are qualities which are so desperately needed in their community, and a Sylvian Care franchise is empowering them to deliver the services which will provide them. 

As they prepare to launch their new business, Sangha and Kiran have a clear mission to establish a care service which cultivates happiness, dignity and purpose by offering a range of service tailored to the unique needs of each individual. From personal care and support with daily activities to specialized services for those with dementia, their goal is to ensure that each client feels valued, supported, and connected.

The couple’s potential has been clear to us from the start and, now, with the full power of Sylvian Care’s business model and support behind them, we’re expecting great things from these latest additions to our franchise family. Their passion for helping others, and for putting quality and compassion first in everything they do, is already laying the groundwork for an extraordinary future. Not only will they be transforming the lives of those in their communities, but also their own with a thriving business which can make a lasting impact. 

We wish Sangha and Kiran the very best of luck and promise to be with them every step of the way as this embark on this wonderful, new journey, and for many years to come. They truly are an inspiration for anybody who dreams of making a real difference with their own successful business. 

Are you also interested in transforming the concept of care into an opportunity for connection, support, and lasting change? Then, we would very much like to hear from you!

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