Funeral franchise opportunities

It takes a special kind of person to step in to provide services and support for bereaved families. If you are someone who has the skills and personal attributes needed, then you may well be considering starting your own funeral business.

Apart from finding a suitable location and premises, there is another big decision to make. Whether to go it alone, or become your own boss under the branding and business model provided by an established and respected existing operator in the funeral services market. Though this is a business sector that has been valued at £1 billion, starting your own venture to handle a share of the UK’s annual 600,000 funerals is not straight forward.

This is a competitive market, with around 4,000 funeral directors vying for business. Having the backing of an established firm can be a huge step in the right direction.

Which companies offer funeral franchises?

Fair Price Funerals is a major player in providing franchise support for new entrepreneurs and is currently looking for new people to join their network. The list also includes Kane Funeral Services, Funerals by Design and Gone Too Soon.

What you need to consider for a funeral franchise

Though the rewards are considerable, there are strict ethical and legal obligations involved in offering funeral services, as well as a considerable expectation that you will meet high standards of customer service.

Starting your venture as a funeral franchise provides you with a wealth of experience and support in finding the right location, securing equipment and buying supplies at highly preferential prices.

You would also get valuable technical support, such as help with your website. This frees you up to focus on managing your business calmly and well, which will no doubt shine through in the way you support customers in their darkest hour.

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