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CareYourWay franchise

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CareYourWay is a multi-award-winning family-run franchise, devoted to providing an outstanding care service across all franchises. With no experience within care required, you can make a difference to people’s lives whilst living a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle.

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About CareYourWay

Run your own homecare company and build a thriving business the smart way.

 Whilst living a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle, you can make a difference to people’s lives every day. Make an impressive income and build a thriving business with CareYourWay.



Why do clients choose CareYourWay?

With nearly two decades of experience within care and an outstanding reputation for providing a high-quality service, we are specialists at what we do. With dozens of recognised awards and head-office within the top 2-4% of care companies across the country, we offer an outstanding quality service to our wonderful clients at an affordable price to support them where they’re happiest – at home.

Our care service is entirely personalised, tailored to each client’s own preferences of how they’d like to live their life. Our service is designed to empower lives at home, carers highly trained to always ensure a high-quality provision of care, provided in a dignified, sensitive, and person-led way.


Our vision:

With head office recognised as one of England’s top 2-4% of care providers and rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, our aim is to help people live independently and happily within the comfort of their own home, striving to empower them to live a stimulating lifestyle with an excellent quality of life.

 As pioneers of personalised home care, we’re seeking to elevate the industry to the next level. Our vision, to be known as the best in personalised home care, informs the way in which our care is delivered and the franchisees we choose to work with. We are strong innovators, consistently looking to improve the provision of care through new and improved systems, software, and procedure, searching for new avenues to better the way care is received at home.

The Financial Opportunity:

Benefiting from our wealth of expert knowledge and funding opportunities, our franchisees can fruitfully begin their franchise knowing they have the support to build a thriving business.

We are constantly working with franchisees to ensure that their financial projections are met, crafting a dedicated and detailed plan to launch a thriving business within your area.

Please note, we are unable to guarantee any level of financial achievement, as franchisee performance will vary and have a significant influence of the success of a franchise. We will work diligently with you to ensure you have the support and advice necessary to thrive.

Financial Projections:

Our financial projections are based on realistic numbers. By year two, we anticipate that turnover will be just over £1,000,000 and by year five, that figure would have doubled. The high-earning potential is incredibly present.

The Investment:

For a new franchise, our franchise fee is £29,500 with an ongoing management fee of 5%. We anticipate the total investment required is around £80,000, including working capital and the franchise fee.

A full and impressive five-year margin illustration is available to you once you have decided to proceed with the CareYourWay franchise opportunity.

We have established connections with various high-street banks who will be willing to invest up to 70% of the investment.

Training and support provided

What makes us different?

With a proven model of nearly twenty years, our expert knowledge will be critical in supporting your franchise path.

With care in a constant demand, our business model is proven, easily functional and the opportunity for income is extremely vast.

Franchisee Perks – What you receive:

We are strong believers in supporting our franchisees. As one of our valued franchisees, you will receive:

  • An established brand and proven business model.
  • Dedicated HR, marketing, operations, and finance support.
  • Pre and post launch marketing.
  • Ongoing brand advertising.
  • A dedicated ‘coming soon’ campaign.
  • A pre-launch recruitment campaign.
  • A dedicated social media platform.
  • A local website (entirely SEO optimised and editable to include local news and events).
  • An exclusive area of operation.
  • Access to a wide range of material, templates, and tools for all departments.
  • One-to-one franchise mentoring.
  • Excellent CQC compliance and support systems.
  • Training across all aspects of the business.
  • Access to industry-leading care software.
  • Supplier recommendation and offers.
  • Access to a platform containing all key material, including people management, marketing, and operations.
  • Ongoing, tailored business support.


The ideal CareYourWay franchisee

You do not need experience to launch a home care franchise. Owning a homecare business is incredibly rewarding. Every day, you can make a life-changing difference to people’s lives and truly see the results of your efforts, both in a moral and financial way. Hearing the stories from family members of how your care provision has positively impacted their family is truly humbling. Whilst the care market flourishes, there has never been a better time to enter the industry.

Care has never had more demand, with more than 1.4 million individuals on a waitlist in July of 2021 for council-sourced care. As the UK witness’s rapid demographic change and the Office of National Statistics predicting people aged from 85+ will double in the next twenty years, now, more than ever, care has an unrivalled, unprecedented demand as the average life expectancy rises year by year. As a low-risk investment, you know that the demand for care is there.

As the franchisee, you would not be required to provide any care yourself, or to get involved within care administration. You will oversee all business aspects to ensure the smooth success of your company.


CareYourWay's history

CareYourWay was founded in 2005 after the CEO’s father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, recognising the necessity for a high-quality service when witnessing a poor provision of care at the time. Just a few years later, her mother was diagnosed with dementia, and was cared for at home by the same family that runs the franchise today, enabling her to remain in an environment where she had made so many memories, until she peacefully passed away nine years later.

 With care so close to heart, CareYourWay’s family values are embedded within everything we do – we recognise an immense opportunity to expand an outstanding care service into areas of the country that lacks a dignified, person-centred, and high-quality service. Representing excellence within the industry, CareYourWay seeks to create a network of passionate, driven, and ambitious individuals to launch a better care service across the country.

 A rapidly ageing population is presenting incredible market potential. As the average life expectancy increases, care will continue to vastly grow in demand. Quality providers lack across the country. This industry has never been in such a position to grow a thriving business within your local area, truly changing the lives at those at home.