Kare Plus franchise

Min investment
25,000 +VAT


Kare Plus franchise

Health Care Specialists

Minimum investment
25,000 +VAT

Funding support

Total investment
75,000 +VAT

Franchise fees

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment
25,000 +VAT

  • Operating fee:
  • Advertising fee:
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:

About Kare Plus

We believe in delivering exceptional care and support to all of our customers, so they can live life to the fullest within the comfort of their own homes. Your life, Your Care, Your way.


Established in 1989, Kare Plus is a homecare provider with a national network of franchises working across local communities through the provision of clinical and non-clinical care.

A Homecare by Kare Plus franchise opportunity provides individuals with a profitable and personally fulfilling business within one of the fastest growing industry sectors in the UK. With our help, expertise, support and guidance, youll build a business which sits at the heart of a community. You will not only create fantastic career opportunities but also support and enrich the lives of those most in need, within the comfort of their own homes.

Why Choose Homecare?

Current trends point to a future in which homecare will play a more important role than ever before. Working with other healthcare services to support individuals in their own homes, Homecare by Kare Plus will help alleviate the demand on public healthcare services.

Of the many stats available across the industry; the one thing that we know for sure is that the population of individuals aged 65 and over is expected to increase substantially in coming years. By 2036 the number of individuals over the age of 65 are envisaged to be nearly a quarter of the UK population - this is also the demographic of individuals most likely to use care services in the home.

The homecare industry is both a highly rewarding and valued industry to operate within, not only for the scope it can provide business owners but also the wider positive effects it provides towards our culture and infrastructure.

30 years in the making

With over 30 years of experience in healthcare, the Kare Plus journey has seen us grow and adapt alongside the industry. Unlike other homecare franchises, Kare Plus as a brand has a long and established history working within clinical settings, engaging nurses and other specialist healthcare professionals to provide exceptional levels of care and support. This experience and knowledge sets us apart and makes us better equipped to adapt and respond to the changing needs of the homecare sector.

Here at Homecare by Kare Plus, we are immensely proud of our network and of our franchise community, all of whom are passionate about not only providing care but also the people who receive the care itself. Only when we find these individuals are we able to work with them to build businesses which deliver care that is truly outstanding.

Care with a difference

Why are we called Homecare by Kare Plus? Because we provide care with a difference, care that is exceptional.
At Homecare by Kare Plus we don't just care for each other, we care for our staff, our customers and our brand.

Adriana Cocut of Homecare by Kare Plus Newark recently began her journey. She chose Homecare by Kare Plus because she wanted to work with - and support - her local community.

After leaving a well-paid position in health and social care, I decided that running a business with high-standards, honesty and transparency was the best option.

Dr. Louise May of Kare Plus Wirral & Liverpool has been with Kare Plus for over six years and she is as energetic and as spirited as she was on day one:

I am passionate about what I do, which is providing quality care and employment to people on the Wirral. I havent finished growing the business and another 

five years will allow me to build on the solid foundations Ive created during my franchise journey so far.


kare plus franchise services

To start your own franchise, an initial investment of ₤40,000 + VAT is required and another ₤40,000 + VAT working capital. Dont worry if you do not have the funds, you can take out a loan with major UK banks who are willing to shoulder 50 70% of the cost.

Start your journey

Your journey to success can start with something as simple as a five-minute phone call or an email that simply states I would love to find out more. So get in touch with our team today to find out about our unique, rewarding, dynamic, exhilarating, profitable and future-proof franchising opportunity

Training and support provided

Dedicated regional support managers, step-by-step processes, evolved support systems and comprehensive market leading documentation are just a few of the many tools we have in place to support you.

One of the most important aspects of excellent support is in understanding that everyone will have a different need and that key to ensuring your support meets your needs is taking the time to understand exactly what those needs are. Our head office support team consists of individuals who are as passionate about healthcare as they are experienced.

In-depth and ongoing training courses before and after your business opens will brief you on the finer details of operating a homecare business, while also giving you the chance to meet the team which will support you on your homecare journey. The training course covers the most important aspects of your soon-to-be day-to-day including; accounting, marketing, operations, recruitment and many other critical areas.

The ideal Kare Plus franchisee

Potential Kare Plus franchisees will have to undergo a comprehensive application process. While you can buy a franchise even without previous experience, it will be helpful if you will have a background in the healthcare industry. An ideal franchisee should be self-motivated and should possess managerial skills as well.

Kare Plus' history

Kare Plus was founded in 1989. Originally, it supplied scrub nurses to hospitals. In 2010, there was a change in ownership and with it dramatic changes that brought growth in services. Today, we are one of the fastest growing health care agencies in the UK.

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