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Originally posted on 21/01/2019. Updated on 15/03/2019.

The UK population is living longer and longer thanks to improvements in healthcare and lifestyle changes. As of 2017, more than 18 percent of people in the UK are aged 65 and over, and in 25 years time, this statistic will have risen to 25 percent.

The average woman born in 2015 is expected to live until shes 82.8 years, living four years longer than women that were born in 1991. Male life expectancy has increased too, from 73.4 years for those born in 1991 to 79.1 years for those born in 2015. This trend is expected to continue, with women born in 2066 living to 98 years and men born in the same year living to 96 years.

While these are positive developments overall, an improved life expectancy will inevitably cause an increase in the amount of care required across the country. This will necessitate an improvement in facilities and infrastructure in order to look after elderly people properly. Considering that the number of people aged over 85 has increased by a third in the last ten years, it is clear that the care industry will need to grow substantially to accommodate the swelling demand.

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If youre interested in joining an industry that is not only profitable but is personally rewarding too, a home care franchise could offer everything youre looking for. Here are some of the advantages that come with owning and operating a business in this sector.

Advantages of Home Care Franchises

  • The UKs ageing population means that the demand for home health care franchises is likely to remain strong in the years to come.
  • Home care franchises are a reasonably affordable investment compared to some other service-related franchises. Investors will have to plan for expenses such as marketing schemes, the lease of office space and the recruitment and training of staff.
  • The return on investments can be impressive because the size of allocated territories can be very generous, there is plenty of earning potential.
  • As well as being a lucrative business with plenty of opportunity to grow, home care franchises provide rewarding work for those looking for high job satisfaction.

If youve got what it takes to work in the care sector, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from.

Bluebird Care

As the largest senior care franchise network in the UK, Bluebird Care specialises in high-quality home care and support services, making over 22,000 home care and support visits to over 9,500 customers every day.

Your role as a franchisee will be to help grow the business and ensure that compassionate and highly-trained staff are recruited to provide the highest quality of home care and support to clients. While your staff team will be trained, you will also receive comprehensive training, ongoing coaching and mentoring and access to an award-winning eLearning programme, ensuring that you can work at maximum efficiency to provide the best service to the local community.

Opportunities at Point Franchise

Kare Plus

This home care franchise provides care services both to public and private institutions including the NHS and has over 25 years of experience caring for vulnerable people. Investors who join Kare Plus will become representatives of a franchise that puts quality first. All Kare Plus services are overseen by regulatory bodies such as the Care Quality Commission, Care Inspectorate and Care and Services Inspectorate Wales, so clients can be sure that they will receive first-rate assistance.

Becoming a franchisee relies on a minimum investment of £40,000 and a total investment of £85,000. In return, franchisees will gain access to the brand logo, website and marketing material, on top of support in other areas of the business such as recruitment, accounts and compliance.

Kare Plus also takes time to consider the personal satisfaction of its franchisees, giving them the flexibility to shape their working day around their existing lifestyle and offering training courses in neighbouring sectors such as first aid, fire safety and food hygiene.

Seniors Helping Seniors

This franchise addresses two of the biggest social problems in UK today: elderly care and employment opportunities for older people. Seniors Helping Seniors is exactly what it says on the tin, and only employs carers over the age of 50, aiming to cultivate a truly personal service. Carers do not wear uniforms here, instead carrying an ID badge, and perform non-medical tasks such as meal preparation, transportation, dementia care and light housekeeping.

Seniors Helping Seniors strives to match clients with carers who have similar interests and personalities, promoting strong relationships. The franchise also employs carers proficient in languages such as Bengali, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Irish, Hindi, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian and Swedish, so most clients can find a carer who can communicate with them.

Seniors Helping Seniors now has 30 franchises across the world and 20 years of experience. New franchisees will be supported in their new endeavour after investing between £66,000 and £108,000, benefitting from an initial five-day training course, as well as invitations to annual conventions and regular meetings to stay in-the-know.

Radfield Home Care

This is a family-run business that has been providing care for more than 30 years. Radfield Home Care employees deliver everything from companionship and help with shopping and laundry to full, live-in care.

With a total investment of £80,000 and franchise fees of £30,000, franchisees will be enrolled onto a 20-day training programme and will receive support in key areas of the business such as recruitment, marketing and compliance. Radfield Home Care makes sure that it stays up-to-date with new technologies and uses marketing, mapping and visibility systems to guarantee that franchises appear not just in Google searches, but also in car sat navs. All of these factors help to ensure that a new franchise reaches a turnover of £500,000 in its second year.

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