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Nationwide Cleaners franchise
Nationwide Cleaners

Money back guarantee*. Award winning. AFA member. High income. Work from home. Flexible hours. Financing available.

£4,000 Minimum investment
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If you're searching for an affordable franchise in the cleaning industry, there are a few franchises to consider. Nationwide Cleaners are one such franchise. With a reputation for excellent service, franchisee satisfaction, and the ability to turn a quick profit, the franchise is one of the top investment opportunities in the cleaning industry. With territories available across the UK, there's a good chance you'll be able to operate in your home region, minimising the amount of travel required. However, a Nationwide Cleaners franchise can also be run remotely, ensuring there's genuinely no obstacle to investment. Here, we take a closer look at what makes the franchise such an exciting proposition.


Nationwide Cleaners was founded in 2008 by Peter Munro, an experienced businessman and reputable franchisor. The franchise network now consists of over 45 franchise units, and the business won the Best Cleaning Franchise award at the Business Excellence Awards in 2016. Franchisees have successfully employed the franchise model in a variety of settings across the UK, ranging from the Isle of Wight in the south to Glasgow in the north. Nationwide Cleaners even has a franchisee that operates their Surrey territory from the sunny climes of Spain. The flexibility offered by Nationwide Cleaners is one of the biggest attractions for many of its franchisees.

Industry Context

If youre looking to become the owner of a new business venture, there are many cleaning franchises to consider. However, few offer value for money like Nationwide Cleaners. There are a variety of options available to prospective cleaning franchisees you can go into industrial, domestic, or commercial cleaning and there are also choices to be made regarding the type of business model you want to pursue. Cleaning franchises are generally considered to be a reasonably safe investment, and such businesses are often described as recession resistant. This makes them an attractive investment opportunity.

Nationwide Cleaners franchise basics

Nationwide Cleaners offer high-quality cleaning services, at an incredibly reasonable rate, to clients around the UK. The vast majority of clients are looking to sign a contract for regular cleaning visits, so most of the business that passes through the franchise is repeat custom. To ensure that clients are content with the service, Nationwide Cleaners send out an employee to perform an initial assessment, discuss the needs of the client, and price the job. This ensures that each customer receives a tailored service that reflects their requirements and budget.

Nationwide Cleaners is one of a growing number of home-based franchises that cater to an increasing demand for greater work/life balance, lower business overheads, and a more flexible approach to business ownership. To ensure that franchisees can successfully manage their new business from home, Nationwide Cleaners offer a call collection service. This means that franchisees dont have to worry about missing business calls, as the franchises central call centre will pick up any calls that you arent around to handle.

Whats the minimum level of investment required?

If youre considering becoming a Nationwide Cleaners franchise, youll need to raise a minimum initial investment of £8,000. However, it is likely that you'll also require additional working capital to see the business through the first few months of the new units existence. Despite this, Nationwide Cleaners remains one of the most affordable franchises of its kind. Nationwide Cleaners is also accredited by the Approved Franchise Association, making it a great deal easier to find financing, if it is required.

What do franchisees receive in return for their investment?

In return for your investment, franchisees are granted the rights to operate under the Nationwide Cleaners name and utilise its brand image and trademarks. Each franchisee is given exclusive access to a territory consisting of at least 200,000 households. Franchisees do not need to provide the cleaning services personally. There are no high overheads, no specialist equipment, and no business vehicle or premises is required.

The franchise package consists of two operations manuals, a full training programme for every franchisee, marketing and accounting support and guidance, and 10,000 leaflets to get your business started. However, most of the value in the franchise package is found in the information passed down to franchisees from the franchise management team. This includes advice relating to finding sufficient cleaning staff, how to attract clients, and how to manage your contracted customers efficiently. The franchise management team provides ongoing support and guidance and the head franchisor, Peter Munro, is always easy to contact. Nationwide Cleaners have based their business on a franchise model thats existed for nearly 30 years. Its continued success demonstrates just how relevant and profitable the model remains, which should give confidence to prospective franchisees.

What kind of franchisees are Nationwide Cleaners looking for?

Nationwide Cleaners are looking for both full time and part time applicants to take on franchise units across the country. No previous experience of the cleaning industry is required, and franchisees can come from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. Rather than looking for franchisees who have worked in specific sectors, Nationwide Cleaners look for particular personality types. They want franchisees who are determined, driven, and ambitious. They need to be able communicators, willing to ask for advice and guidance when necessary, and comfortable with following a strict business plan. Everything is set out for new franchisees, so it's merely a matter of following the franchise model to the letter.

If youre looking for a cleaning franchise with a history of success and a robust business model, Nationwide Cleaners may be the perfect opportunity. The franchise benefits from excellent customer and franchisee satisfaction. It also gives franchisees the opportunity to own a business with a healthy work/life balance and the possibility of reducing your hours in the future. The low overheads mean that there are few obstacles to investment and franchisees can soon begin to turn a profit. This makes it ideally suited to franchisees who want to own a business capable of quick and efficient growth.

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