4 Advantages of Running a Kitchen Cleaning Business

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Passionate about kitchens and cleaning? A professional kitchen cleaning business could suit you. With a focus on commercial kitchens, you could also enjoy a stable, repeat client base. Here are more advantages and opportunities for running a kitchen cleaning franchise.

The UKs cleaning business contributes some £24 billion to the economy, employing over 700,000 people, according to the British Cleaning Council. However, for entrepreneurs looking to move away from the usual house or commercial cleaning franchise enterprises, theres an area of cleaning becoming more attractive: professional kitchen cleaning.

Were not talking about cleaning average kitchens in semi-detached homes in suburbia. Theres a big market waiting to be explored in commercial kitchen cleaning. These services are tailored to the catering trade, commercial kitchen cleaning in business environments, and even professional cleaning specialising in extraction systems.

Commercial kitchens need to meet strict hygiene and safety standards now more than ever following the COVID-19 crisis. They need to be routinely deep cleaned. To rise above the usual (and somewhat crowded) cleaning franchise marketplace, it's smart to offer a refined and specialised service and this is where you could come in.

Below are some advantages of running a professional kitchen cleaning business, as well as some of the top franchise opportunities in the sector.

Why choose professional kitchen cleaning?

Its an easy business to start

Cleaning businesses have always been some of the most popular franchises in the UK. Not only do they offer the chance to buy into an established brand with a relatively low initial investment, but they can be highly profitable in a very short space of time.

It's highly recession proof

While once-in-a-lifetime health pandemics may cause temporary closures, commercial kitchens are resistant to most forms of economic downturn. Theyll always be around. Every commercial kitchen has to keep their work areas clean to comply with health and safety and food preparation legislation and a thorough deep clean is usually left to a professional cleaning team.

Youll have a stable client base

Many people think that commercial kitchen cleaning is a niche business with a limited potential client base. However, the sector actually enjoys plenty of demand that doesnt fluctuate wildly from day to day. Your client base, if you do a good job, will be predominantly loyal and repeat customers who come back to you at regular intervals. This means your income is more predictable, your cash flow is more manageable, and you can plan ahead with confidence.

The business can adapt to your lifestyle

Many cleaning start-up businesses are managed from entrepreneurs own homes. This saves on overhead expenses, and you can decide when and where you work to suit your personal commitments.

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Start a commercial kitchen cleaning business

If these benefits have tempted you to start your own professional kitchen cleaning business, there are a few important things to consider before you begin.

  1. First, look at your local area. Is there demand for your service? What other competitors are operating nearby? If there are very few restaurants or commercial kitchens around, consider that you may need to spend time travelling to customers further afield.
  2. Second, for the best chance of success, find out exactly what future customers are looking for. This will help you plan your service offering, ensuring its in-demand from the get-go and give you scope to build up repeat clients.
  3. Third, you will need some form of transport to move essential cleaning equipment to and from jobs. Commercial kitchen cleaning needs more than scrubbing brushes and a bottle of bleach. You may need industrial cleaners and specialist equipment for cleaning extractor systems full of grease and debris.
  4. Finally, youll need to familiarise yourself with health and safety and food hygiene legislation. Clients will rely on you to help them be compliant. A great place to start is the HSE. This government website provides health and safety advice for people working in the cleaning industry. It includes how you should use hazardous substances, practical steps to take to manage risk, and how to work safely at heights, among other things.

Top picks for professional kitchen cleaning franchises

Ready to get going? Here are some franchise options available on Point Franchise.


Commercial fryers produce a lot of waste and can be very difficult to keep clean and hygienic. Van-based franchise FiltaFry delivers a specialised kitchen extract cleaning service that provides on-site deep cleaning for commercial fryers, and a micro-filtration service for cooking oil to remove particulates.

Becoming a FiltaFry franchisee: Having previous experience in the catering industry is a bonus, but it isnt a necessity. Youll just need the drive and commitment to make your own business a success.

How much you need to invest: This is a great option if youre on a limited budget. With an initial minimum investment of just £5,000, its one of the lowest buy-ins on offer in the cleaning and catering sector. With funding support available, youre looking at a total investment of around £15,000, which means youll see a quick return on your investment.

What you get for your investment: In return, youll take part in a two-week training programme, an on-going eight-week development plan and have access to technical, sales and business support hotlines. This is to make sure youre confident in your role and feel supported throughout your franchising journey.


JAN-PRO launched in the US in 1991 and has since developed into a market-leading commercial cleaning franchise. The established brand provides top-notch cleaning services to offices, medical centres and commercial premises in over 11 countries, and to over 40,000 customers a year. The company is hoping to further its expansion in the UK through the franchise model.

Becoming a JAN-PRO franchisee: There are two models available: the Regional Franchise Opportunity and the Single Unit Franchise Opportunity. In the former, franchisees will own a large, exclusive territory with unlimited potential for growth, where they will support Unit Franchise Partners who provide the cleaning service. The latter involves operating under the guidance of the Regional Franchise Partner.

How much you need to invest: A minimum investment of £3,000 a total investment of £21,000 is required.

What you get for your investment: There is plenty of support provided to franchisees, including a five-session training programme in London. One of the most exciting elements of the Regional Franchise Training opportunity is the chance to take a free, two-week trip to Atlanta for training.

Polish your potential

As you can see, the world of cleaning, whether youre drawn to residential, commercial or kitchen cleaning, is full of financial potential. You could spend your days keeping the homes, offices and kitchens of your local area cleaner and safer, and enjoy impressive returns as you do so. And if youve got specialist ambitions, there are opportunities covering everything from oven cleaning to window cleaning just waiting for ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself. If youd like to explore other franchise options, check out our UK franchise directory here.

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