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Safeclean franchise

Safeclean has over 50 years’ experience of creating successful carpet and upholstery cleaning businesses across [...]

£15,000 Minimum investment
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If you’re looking to sign up for a franchise that allows you to be your own boss, but also provides high-quality support and assistance whenever necessary, it may be worth taking a look at Safeclean. With a long history of work in the cleaning and furniture protection industries, Safeclean can offer franchise opportunities that most new business owners can only dream of. Here, we take a look at what becoming a Safeclean franchisee involves and where it can take you.

Safeclean background

Safeclean is one of the longest running franchises in the UK and now have over 50 years of experience providing cleaning services. Part of the respected Guardsman furniture protection group, it works side by side with the organisation and has developed a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship.

The partnership extends to providing spot and stain removal services for Guardsman – creating an additional source of revenue for Safeclean franchisees. Guardsman work with some of the most prominent furniture retailers in the country, including DFS, Laura Ashley, and Furniture Village, and have been building their reputation for over 100 years. Safeclean now encompasses more than 50 franchisees and are actively looking for new franchising opportunities.

Safeclean basics

Safeclean franchisee vanSafeclean provides high-quality cleaning services for homeowners and commercial properties. They're a van-based franchise that operates on-the-go, with each franchise unit responding to call-outs throughout their designated territory. Their services include carpet and furniture cleaning, stain removal and furnishings protection. They also provide a specialised Safeclean allergy treatment that helps eradicate those substances that can inflame or cause asthma and allergies.

Much of Safeclean’s custom comes from repeat customers who were satisfied with the services they were initially provided with. In fact, it is estimated that by the second year of business, 80% of a franchisee’s services will be aimed at repeat customers. This means that one of the hardest parts of managing a business – continually drumming up new business and convincing first-time customers to try the service – is not as much of a concern. It also demonstrates the loyalty Safeclean’s excellent services inspire.

In terms of organisation, Safeclean allocates specific postcode areas to each of their cleaning technicians. A franchisee can expect to have around 100,000 households in their territory, to which they have exclusive rights. This distribution allows for a healthy balance between supplying franchisees with sufficient customers and ensuring Safeclean's high standards aren't compromised by over-stretching individual franchise units.

Investment in Safeclean

Those looking to invest in Safeclean will have to make a minimum personal investment to do so. Currently, this stands at £10,000. The typical start-up cost for a Safeclean franchise is £19,995. However, as a BFA registered franchise, some banks may be willing to finance anywhere from 50-70% of this figure. Such a reasonable start-up cost makes Safeclean one of the most affordable franchises around.

In return for this investment, franchisees are provided with an initial franchise term of five years. However, at the end of this period, the franchise can be renewed at no extra cost. They'll also be granted the rights to an exclusive territory consisting of approximately 100,000 households and 7,000 Guardsman policyholders. For a Safeclean franchisor, these policyholders are a significant revenue stream, as 5-10% of income can be expected to come from Guardsman insurance work. Franchisees will also be given access to the extensive Guardsman consumer database.

Investors in a Safeclean franchise will benefit from the organisation’s long history, its industry expertise, and its hard-earned experience in all things cleaning. The business also benefits from high demand for its services. By working with products that are found in every home and business in the country, franchisees can be sure that there’s plenty of opportunities for further growth when developing their fledgling franchise.

Support from Safeclean

Once you've decided to invest in Safeclean, the franchise offers a great deal of support. This ranges from extensive training programmes, to use their digital systems and marketing materials.

The Safeclean training programmes consist of two distinct stages. First, franchisees will attend a training course that’s designed for two individuals – the franchisee and one other person related to the business. This section of the training will provide franchisees with the technical skills required to deliver Safeclean services. It includes introductions to the different tools, chemicals, and equipment that you’ll be expected to use and detail how they’re applied in different contexts.

This part of the training programme is followed by in-the-field training, where you’ll shadow an existing franchisee to get a feel for day-to-day operations. This is an essential part of the course, at it provides new franchisees with the opportunity to learn from someone who has been through, and benefited from, the process. Finally, the training period is concluded with a period of instruction from the Safeclean Franchise Manager.

Safeclean franchisees will also be provided with access to several digital systems that are used across the entire franchise. These include online contact forms, a dedicated phone number, and a Safeclean email address. Use of these systems ensures that franchisees benefit fully from the Safeclean brand and professional standards are maintained across the entire franchise.

Last but not least, Safeclean also grants access to marketing materials. These materials are indispensable when it comes to publicising a franchise in its early stages and helps establish the business as part of the Safeclean family. Extensive mentoring and support services are also available to franchisees, to ensure that marketing materials are put to best use and have the intended effect.


For those looking to invest in a van-based franchise that is steeped in history and decades of operational experience, Safeclean is an excellent option. With access to an extensive database of existing customers and Guardsman protection plan holders, franchisees can be sure that there's already high demand for their services in any given territory. A thorough training programme and extensive support system ensure franchisees are provided with all the assistance they require, while distribution-ready marketing materials help you get your business off to a dream start. If you have the skills, passion, and dedication needed to run a cleaning franchise, Safeclean may be the perfect opportunity.

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