Nationwide Cleaners franchise

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Nationwide Cleaners franchise

High income. Work from home. Flexible hours.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE*. Award winning 2023, 2018 and 2016. BFA and AFA member. High income. Work from home. Flexible hours. Financing available.

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About Nationwide Cleaners

What we do

Nationwide Cleaners offers affordable and quality cleaning services to thousands of households in the UK. We are a long established, fast growing brand that rivals other cleaning services in the country by outperforming their services with great value for money and great marketing. Prior to setting up a contract with the clients, we deploy a maid to do the initial assessment. This includes understanding what the client wants and expects. Most clients enjoy our quality cleaning service on a regular basis and once they have a good cleaner, rarely contact us but still pay us by monthly direct debit.

Nationwide Cleaners Franchise The perks

  • We are a low cost brand with high potential earnings and a proven business model that has helped our franchisees.
  • We offer a flexible hours, work from home management franchise that is easy to maintain and operate. Get to operate in a massive territory with a growing population of nearly 500,000.
  • Moreover, franchisees don’t have to worry about missing a client’s call; we provide you with a call centre ready to pick up the phone when you can’t.
  • There’s no need to worry about collecting the cleaner's wage and doing the payroll; the cleaners are paid by the client. This convenience allows you to focus on managing your business and resolve any issues that may arise.

Our consistent effort to uphold quality cleaning has allowed us to be recognised as "Winner Best Domestic Cleaning & Ironing Franchise 2018 UK" and the “Winner of the Business Excellence Awards –Best Cleaning Services” in 2016. These are just some of the solid reasons why Nationwide Cleaners is the better alternative both as a franchise partner and a cleaning service.

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Training and support provided

Nationwide Cleaners franchise reviews

Initial training

Franchisees will immediately be given documentation and operation manuals for reference. This is followed by the initial training program which encompasses our successful business model. We will also be assisting you in marketing, sales and advertisements and we will provide you with initial leaflets.

Continuous support

Training does not end after your branch opening. After operating for several months, you will participate in a more advanced training program with the top franchisee who has 400 clients which aims to teach you how to grow your current client base.

Overall, Nationwide Cleaners is a franchise that is genuinely committed to assisting franchisees in growing their business. You can invest in confidence knowing you are working alongside a proven business that will support you wholeheartedly.

The ideal Nationwide Cleaners franchisee

No experience is necessary

Whether you want commit full-time or part-time, as long as you have the passion and drive to run your own business, you can do this. We do not require our franchisees to have any previous experience, nor do we require them to invest up large sums in initial and ongoing fees. It takes only £8,000 to start operating your own Nationwide Cleaners franchise and we are also willing to lend a portion of your investment.

Nationwide Cleaners' history

Nationwide Cleaners was founded in 2008 by Peter Munro who is an experienced businessman and franchisor. He tailored this franchise to be as simple and easy as possible so that almost everyone can successfully operate it if they are motivated and follow the proven system, asking for advice if they have questions.

Nationwide Cleaners also won the Best Domestic Cleaning & Ironing Franchise in 2018. 

Case studies

Dermot Hallahan

“I decided to change my career direction, give up commuting and work from home by either starting a business on my own or obtaining a franchise.

My criteria for a franchise were:

  • Must not require a heavy upfront financial investment, must be able to operate from home
  • must not require investment in plant or machinery or a special vehicle
  • would get all the support needed to succeed from the franchise owners and not just promises of millions.
  • It also had to have the potential to earn me an income to be able to sustain my lifestyle and provide me with an income for my retirement.

I spent quite some time looking and eventually decided that Nationwide Cleaners could meet all of the above.

They have not let me down and while it was hard work initially, I have now got a substantial client base, which is growing steadily and it is an added bonus that costs do not increase exponentially as the business grows. I received invaluable advice and support from Nationwide Cleaners and the documentation and software is self explanatory.

I would heartily recommend this company for any potential franchisee.”

Alex Markov

“Nationwide Cleaners is probably the best franchise if you want to start a business in cleaning. Peter Munro, the founder of Nationwide Cleaners, is very experienced and knows and understands all the difficulties that a franchisee can have. He is an honest man, being supportive and very knowledgeable at the same time.

When you start working, you will never regret it later because he will never let you down and he is always ready to help you with a piece of advice, an email, a phone call or even a visit. He is always ready to listen and understand your point of view and constantly thinks about improving the system.

If you want to find somebody to guide and teach you how to start a business, to learn and organise every aspect of it, to get a sound, regular income even during a recession, you will not find a better franchise than Nationwide Cleaners.”


Nationwide cleaning franchise review"Having tried working for myself which did not work out, I was very reluctant to start a business again. My husband persuaded me to meet Peter from Nationwide Cleaners and I liked the idea. I was researching other similar opportunities, but then realised NC has got the edge and is ahead of other cleaning franchises.

My area includes some of the postcodes with the highest unemployment in London, but with a money back guarantee I decided to give it a try. We have a steady increase of regular clients and could afford an administrator after 5 months of opening. Peter has been very supportive and approachable.

Some information would take me years to learn by myself. The business has got a lot of potential and I am excited about the new opportunities it has been opening for me and my family."


“I have been a franchisee of Nationwide Cleaners for 5 years now. Being in business has allowed me to receive a good additional income whilst I could continue working in my profession. Peter really made it easy to start by breaking down what needs to be done step-by-step. Whenever I had a problem in the business, Peter was always able to give me a good advice.

I have benefited a lot from meeting other franchisees as well as the internal forum. As I never run a business before this was perfect for me. Within a few weeks of starting out, I started signing up customers and receiving money in the bank. In my opinion, this is a great opportunity and I can certainly recommend it others."


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