Fantastic Services franchise

Min investment
£19,000 +VAT


Fantastic Services franchise

Be the property maintenance king in your area with Fantastic Services.

Join the fastest growing franchising network in the UK to kick start a successful business.

Minimum investment
£19,000 +VAT

Funding support
Third Party

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Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment
£19,000 +VAT

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About Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services Franchise Team

People often remember iconic moments in their lives - their first date, their first kiss, their wedding day, their child's birth, and, of course, the day their whole life takes a turn for the better. For 530+ people around the globe, the most vivid moment, when they made a bold step in taking their time and future into their own hands, was signing a deal with Fantastic Services.


The hint is in the name. We are Fantastic.

Do you want to grow a successful business without sacrificing your free time? Fantastic Services is the partner you need.

Become part of the fastest-growing franchise in the UK. Proudly wear the colours of a bestowed multi-award-winning brand with an envy-worth portfolio of over 100 property maintenance services. This is Fantastic Services. Regardless of your previous experience in the property maintenance industry, we can help you build a successful business in cleaning, removals, waste removal, pest control, repairs and many others in under two years. We have a proven business model, backed by 13 years of know-how and £20 million invested in technology.

Fantastic Services is not just well-known and preferred by the customers. With our 15 awards in the past two years, we have enough evidence to affirm that we are well-respected among our peers as well.

Are you Fantastic Franchise material?

Unlike many other franchises, we don't enlist everyone who knocks on our door. We are betting on high quality rather than high quantity. Don't worry, though. You don't need previous experience in property maintenance. Those are things you can learn. We are screening our candidates for the things that can't be taught.

So if you are:

  • Determined to succeed by following the rules
  • You are ready to learn hard and work hard to establish your business
  • You are willing to invest your time, money and energy into your success
  • You wish to run your own business, yet you still want to spend time with your family and friends
  • You want to be a leader in your community
  • You care about the environment, and you don't compromise on sustainability for the sake of a little less work
  • You care deeply not only about your success but also about your teams' and units' success as wel - you are the ideal candidate to become a Fantastic Services partner.


Have 500-strong behind your business from the very get-go

You know far too well that starting a business on your own means that most of the work will be done by you, at least for a couple of years. You'd have to be a marketing guru, a sales wizard, a technician, an IT specialist, a manager, CEO, content writer and even a worker. Splitting your focus between all these jobs is a recipe for disaster.

That's why Fantastic Services gives you the opportunity to focus on what you are brilliant at, and we take care of the rest. Over 500 people work in our HQ on different aspects of your business every day while you manage your teams and focus on the most essential stuff. With Fantastic Services, you needn't worry about marketing, content, websites, legal aspects, sales or anything else outside your expertise.

Moreover, in the past 13 years, we invested heavily in our technology. As a result, we are proud to present a million pound-worth CRM system that allows our franchisees to automate enormous parts of their workload. Thanks to our booking app and customer support, you will hardly have direct contact with the end customers (only when they want to send you their gratitude).


Fantastic Services Franchise AppNot a moment on your own

By becoming our partner, you are not just entering a business agreement with a corporation. You are joining a caring family, ready to be by your side every single moment. From the very first moment you join Fantastic Services, we will provide you with comprehensive training on every aspect of our multi-award-winning business model. You will have access to our specially designed Fantastic Academy. Furthermore, a team of tutors will make sure to answer all your questions. A personal coach will boost your training from a newbie level to an expert in record time.

But that's not even half of it. With Fantastic Services, you have access to all our resources, know-how, experts on marketing, sales, and our call centre for customer support. We have no interest in just selling you the rights to our name. We want you to succeed, make our name bigger, more influential, so that we can grow together. That's why we will stick by your side for the whole ride.

Fantastic Services Franchise Award

Investment and Return

Starting a new business always requires an initial investment from your own capital. Taking on a Franchising opportunity isn’t any different. While it strongly depends on the type and number of services you'd want to represent in a specific area, the minimum amount you need to invest is £19,000+VAT. In addition, you'd need another £15,000 in working capital.

Typically our franchisees manage to make their business self-sustaining between 4-8 months after starting. Depending on your dedication and hard work, you can return your initial investment in about 18-24 months.

We can't guarantee you a third party loan, but we can arrange an introduction to high-street banks like NatWest and LLOYDS, with whom we've established strong relations. They are well-aware of our business model, and while the final approval on a loan is all up to you, we can assist in making the process easier.


Fantastic Services Franchise Customer Service

Take your share of a £54.5 billion industry with a renowned and experienced partner

  • Join 530+ highly successful franchisees across 3 continents
  • Enjoy a perfect work/life balance without tarnishing your growth ambitions
  • Use a £20 million-worth technology for easier access to customers and data
  • Take advantage of over 500 professionals working at Fantastic Services HQ
  • Use a well-recognised and renowned brand name, logo and colours
  • Have over 50,000+ loyal customers
  • Make your dreams come true

Your bright future is our mission

Fantastic Services has a tough mission, and you can help us. We took the challenge of helping 1,000 people to build a 7-figure business in the next decade. We want you to be one of them. We want you to grow as a leader and as a business owner. We need your help to complete our mission.

Are you up to the task?