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Fantastic Services franchise

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Fantastic Services is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. We are a leading provider of home, office, outdoor and maintenance services to both domestic and commercial clients.

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About Fantastic Services

Manage your own property-maintenance business in your local area with Fantastic Services – a proven, globally-recognised brand with award-winning support, 12 years of expertise in the industry and a worldwide network of more than 530 franchisees.

Choose from 100+ services for the home and office, including cleaning, gardening, pest control, handyman, removals, waste removal, plumbing and electrician. Start a business with a proven model and scale it up to heights of over £1million turnover per year.

Fantastic Services’ 10-year goal is to help 1,000 people build £1,000,000 businesses.

Would you be interested in becoming the next million-pound business owner?

Why choose Fantastic Services?

  • Flexible business opportunities - start small with low investment and grow with Fantastic Services or go big from the beginning. You can choose from a range of options, customised to your preferences, goals, and budget.
  • Swift onboarding process - you will start quickly and be on the field in just two weeks with their training platform and individual coaching with experts in the field.
  • Large customer base - Fantastic Services guarantees all working franchisees’ jobs from day one. Area Development and Master franchisees can take advantage of a well-established business and recognised name and a strong media presence.
  • Full training and ongoing support - 500+ in-house experts will work tirelessly to support you during the whole journey with SEO, marketing, customer care, IT support, accounting and more.
  • Advanced technology solutions - the unique CRM system and mobile apps automate thousands of interactions. They cut costs by allocating your workflow in real-time.
  • No previous experience required - the company doesn’t require previous experience because they give you their twelve years of expertise and teach you everything you need to grow your domestic services business.
  • Unlimited growth potential - you can include more and more services and sub-services to your business by choosing from 100+ services with an already established business model.

You can choose from 3 categories of franchise business

  • Working franchise: Initial investment from £1,500
  • Area Development franchise: Initial investment from £15,000
  • Master franchise: Initial investment from £100,000 Read more about the flexible franchise options below!

Training and support provided

Fantastic Services boasts three types of franchise opportunities (see below) for people from all walks of life. By joining the UK’s most technologically-advanced home services franchise, you’ll become part of a revolution. The revolution of the property-maintenance industry.

You’ll not only operate under the recognised brand name of Fantastic Services, follow a proven business model and use technology that will automate half of your working process. But you will become part of something bigger. You’ll become part of the Fantastic Family:

“There’s a level of trust and understanding, and that’s what we were always looking for. We know that no matter what happens in the future, we are always going to be supported.”

– Julian, Area Development franchisee

“The main thing that made me choose Fantastic Services is peace of mind. I just have to do my job, and the rest of it is taken care of for me. I quickly felt like a part of the Fantastic Family.”

– Edmund, Working franchisee

Invest in your future today! Build a profitable business backed by a proven and recession-proof franchise.

In-house developed technology:

Fantastic Services’ custom-built CRM (customer relationship management) system addresses the home maintenance franchise’s specific needs and is an all-in-one place to manage team and client communication.

With many cost- and time-saving capabilities for optimised service provision for anyone who operates as part of the network, the system ensures connects all the data from the BFantastic (for the franchisees) and GoFantastic (for client use) apps with the customer care centre and allows the franchisees to track and handle each step of the process.

Powerful marketing, sales and business support every step of your journey

Fantastic Services’ award-winning franchise support is what sets the franchise apart. They have strategic thinkers, creative minds and technology gurus that handle all the online and offline marketing to generate leads and convert them into customers. They will work alongside you to help you create and execute a robust marketing plan, so you can focus on managing and growing your business.

The ideal Fantastic Services franchisee

Understanding that every potential franchisee has different financial resources, Fantastic Services will work closely with you to discover the opportunity that best fits your requirements and personal business goals.

We’ve made sure to develop flexible franchise opportunities:

Area Development franchise that gives an exclusive right for an undeveloped territory.

Suitable for everyone who wants to manage their own business, sub-franchise it, and grow steadily.

As an Area Developer, you will exclusively represent Fantastic Services in a large geographical location in the UK and grow a sustainable business by recruiting and managing several franchise units. Fantastic Services offers advanced business training and personal coaching sessions. However, you must have a business mindset and experience in a managerial role. You’ll be provided with exceptional marketing support, a new website for your area, local SEO optimisation and professional customer care assistance. The area development opportunity gives you a chance to start with a single service and gradually add more services to your portfolio and become the one-stop-shop for property maintenance services for your chosen area.

Master franchise that makes you an exclusive ambassador for Fantastic Services in a new country

Suitable for investors who want to manage a multi-service company and develop a steady business.

By investing in the Fantastic Master franchise opportunity, you get the right to represent the brand in a whole new country. You’ll be responsible for sub-franchising by areas and independently managing franchise units by applying Fantastic Services’ proven business model and using the custom-built technology. You will have access to all the brand’s tools and technological solutions but establishing and running a Master franchise business requires management and business experience.

Working franchise that allows you to work on-site or manage several local franchise units without being exclusive

Low-investment opportunity, suitable for tradesman or technicians with experience in the services industry.

This is a low-cost franchise opportunity with a steady income. As a Working franchisee, you’ll be either working on-site along with your team(s) or manage several local franchise units without being exclusive in a particular area. Fantastic Services will provide you with a guaranteed customer base, and your goal will be to ensure you and your teams deliver high-quality services in line with the brand’s standards. Based on your experience, you’ll be provided with further training. You’ll also receive support with equipment, vehicles, managing and recruiting franchisees, marketing and more.

Fantastic Services' history

It all began in 2009 when to like-minded individuals Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov opened a small cleaning company in London. A short while later, they’ve introduced an entirely new way of booking services online by developing an online booking form and a CRM platform. Today, Fantastic Services has grown into a multi-niche service company, providing over 100 services for the home and office with a global network of over 530 franchisees operating on three continents - the UK, Australia and the US.

Join a franchise with an excellent reputation:

  • Virtual Franchising Awards by the QFA - Gold Award for Franchisor of the Year and Franchisee of the Year
  • АFA - Awards for Best Franchisee Support, Outstanding Franchise Marketing, Franchise Leader of the Year and Franchisee of the Year
  • EWIF Awards - Nominated for Inspirational Woman in Franchising
  • Global Business Excellence Awards - Award for an Outstanding Business
  • Franchise Innovation Awards - Award for Most Innovative Service Introduction
  • CV Magazine Franchise Awards - Awards for Best Tenancy Property Cleaning Franchise and Most Innovative Professional Services CRM Platform
  • Rated #29 in Elite Franchise Top 100 2021