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fanstastic-services-franchise-grows-to-hungary-marcell-and-danielFantastic Services has launched in Hungary. The business has appointed Marcell Mark and Daniel Pongracz as its Hungarian Master Franchisees and is now actively looking for franchise business partners in the country.

We reached out to Marcell and Daniel for their thoughts on this exciting growth.

Who are Marcell and Daniel?

Marcell and Daniel previously ran a very successful domestic services business in Hungary. However, it also meant they struggled to keep up with the exploding demand within the industry. So after a chance conversation with a colleague, the two started researching Fantastic Services and found it could provide them with everything they were looking for to cope with the rising demand for their product. It was a match made in heaven.

As Marcell explains: “Believe it or not we started thinking about a home services business when Daniel was renovating his flat. He was throwing a housewarming party and decided to put up a mirror in his entrance room, but he accidentally drilled a hole through a wire, meaning he had no electricity. Daniel had guests arriving soon but had no power and was not sure what to do. Unfortunately, in Hungary, the opinion of home services professionals is not very good, and there is always a worry about will they do a good job, will they steal something, or do they offer a guarantee? Luckily Daniel found someone, but it started us thinking about how there was a great need for reliable, affordable and well-trained home service professionals in our country."

Private need for domestic service turned into an international success

This is how Energet was born in 2014, and all we used was a mobile phone and a notepad. Before long we had 2000 jobs, plus 15 full renovations, and then demand doubled the following year. This was the moment when we had to ask ourselves: how are we going to handle this growth? We had two options, either invest in new software to digitalise the whole process, or look for an existing international company which could help us. One of our plumbers used to work in England, and he told me about Fantastic Services. I immediately started to do my research and got very excited. Daniel contacted them the next day and we got a response the day after. This happened 1 year and 86 days ago. As of now, we are just about to launch, our mobile app is ready, the website is almost ready, and we have also had many meetings with potential Hungarian franchisees, so it’s all systems go!

But why Fantastic Services?

Marcell adds: “The main thing that attracted us to Fantastic Services was its technology. We were looking for software which enables clients to book online, where the home care professionals could use an app to look at their jobs in real time, and where the whole process, including payments, was digitalised. Fantastic Services could give us everything we were looking for, plus we have the power of a booming global company behind us. Also, being part of a franchise has many advantages, including having a network of entrepreneurs with a similar mindset working alongside you, cost efficient marketing & back office support, a proven track record and know-how, continuous investment in improvement, plus ongoing training and development opportunities. It ticked every box.

In short

With an outstanding history of over 13 years, Fantastic Services has grown to over 530+ franchisees worldwide, developing customised technology systems and providing never-ending support to their franchise partners. It is a recession-proof business, currently worth £54.5 billion, and you can be part of carving out your own piece within the exclusive territory you are provided. While it depends on the type of services you want to offer - giving you freedom of choice - and the area in which you will operate a Fantastic Services franchise will need a total investment of £34,000 with £15,000 in franchise fees. You even have an option for third-party funding support to help you to get started. Then you can expect a self-sustaining business after just 4 to 8 months! Click the orange button below and get in contact with Fantastic Services now - they are actively looking for motivated new franchisees to join their thriving network.


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