Laundry franchise opportunities

As we are all faced with increasingly hectic lifestyles, sometimes we need to outsource our everyday tasks in order to get the essentials done – it should come as no surprise, then, that the use of laundries is on the increase in the UK.

More of us are living in rented accommodation and this can often mean that we don’t have a washing machine at our disposal, or it could be the case that we don’t find a convenient time to use it – waking up housemates to do your laundry at 2’o clock in the morning is never ideal. Situations such as this are where laundry franchises come in. Apps that facilitate online laundry ordering are currently receiving heavy investment, so from this we can assume that there’s a demand for laundries to cover the growing customer base.

Businesses such as ihateironing, Laundrapp and Myhome are all currently witnessing huge growth as increasing numbers of people and companies choose to use laundry services for the quick and easy cleaning of clothes, linens and more.

The good news is that becoming part of a laundry franchise is actually a lot easier than you might have thought. Not only that, but joining a franchise comes with a host of exciting benefits. Want to be independent, but have the financial backing and marketing expertise that can only come from an established business? Then franchising might just be the path for you.

Why not bypass the challenge of creating a customer base from thin air and simply launch a company in a growing field, through a franchise that offers the security and recognition of an established company – it really couldn’t be simpler! In smaller towns and areas, franchises are much more likely to bring success on account of there being less competition to worry about, and lower rent prices (which means you can concentrate on the profits).

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