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The refrigerator is used all-year-round, but as it’s rarely empty, forgetting to clean it is an error this expert cleaning franchise knows its customers are well-acquainted with.

In the words of Merry Maids, “The humble refrigerator plays an often understated yet important role and gets a lot of use. [...] That’s why it’s important to know the proper way to effectively and efficiently clean your fridge.” Firstly, the cleaning franchise recommends readers equip themselves with the following items: Bin bags, rubber/disposable gloves, cooler bags to store food in while it’s out of the fridge, a cleaning product, sponges/old rags/kitchen roll, microfibre cloths. The steps are then as follows:

  1. Make sure it’s empty - “Planning ahead is essential. Really, your fridge needs cleaning every 3-6 months, so choosing a time in-between shops might be a good idea.”
  2. Once it’s empty, start with the shelves - “A lot of fridges have removable shelves so you don’t have to hunch over inside of it to clean them [...]. Wash them up in the sink with hot water and some washing-up liquid [but be sure to] leave them to warm up to room temperature if they’re made of glass, as they might crack or shatter when they come into contact with hot water.”
  3. Move onto the drawers - “You may also be able to wash [the drawers] in the sink depending on size. In the case of bigger drawers like salad crisper drawers, the best thing to do is still to give them a good wipe down with hot water and dish soap.” When this is done, set aside the drawers and shelves to dry.
  4. Clean the areas around the shelves - “Food residue can easily build up in the joins between the shelves so make sure you scrape all of this away.”
  5. Clean the inside - “To clean the inside of the fridge, you can use diluted bleach, white vinegar or a commercial all-purpose cleaner. Remember to [wear] rubber gloves when cleaning with these products. [...] We would recommend using a scouring pad, or a sponge that has one attached, as these are excellent for removing any stuck-on food and spills from surfaces without scratching the area.”
  6. Dry the inside - “When you’ve finished you can dry the inside with paper towels or a dry, clean tea towel.”
  7. Clean the outside - “Remember to give the outside of the fridge similar focus and attention by wiping down doors and handles. For the exterior of the fridge, we recommend using a microfiber cloth, as these are best at removing streaks and fingerprints on surfaces.”
  8. Put everything back - “Put the shelves, drawers and door inserts back into their slots. Check your condiments for mould, give them a wipe down to ensure any residue is removed, and then place them back into the fridge. Next, you’ll then want to return everything else to its proper place.”

Find out more about this informed, customer-focused cleaning franchise via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above. A franchise investment with Merry Maids might be the perfect professional path for you.

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