Merry Maids franchise

Min investment
5,999 +VAT


Merry Maids franchise

Relax. Its done

Merry Maids is more than just a cleaning franchise.

Minimum investment
5,999 +VAT

Funding support

Total investment
19,995 +VAT

Franchise fees

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment
5,999 +VAT

  • Operating fee:
    7% of gross sales
  • Advertising fee:
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:
    0 sq ft

About Merry Maids

Operating over 100 franchises in the UK, Merry Maids are now established as one of the most successful home cleaning chains in the world over the past 35 years. Training and development are part of our mantra - providing constant support to each and every business owner operating under the brand. With this comes amazing opportunities for your staff, focusing on long-term, successful and profitable futures.

Since joining the ServiceMaster group of home service companies in 1988, Merry Maids has been dedicated to keeping homeowners' houses clean and safe. The ServiceMaster family of brands also includes TruGreen, Furniture Medic, and ServiceMaster Clean, who all also share the same values of service. This helps provide individual companies with a huge number of resources to help strive to enhance services that customers receive, alongside the global marketing strategies that are crucial to a successful brand. Merry Maids is also a full member of the British Franchise Association which governs and regulates all service in this industry, keeping it up to a perfect standard.

We specialise in providing the best possible transition into franchise ownership for potential owners and focus on a number of factors that help you build the best business possible...

Training and support provided

Our world-class training programme - the most comprehensive in the cleaning franchise industry - is included in your Merry Maids franchise fee. This includes ten days of training plus a pre-study pack and is followed up with full interaction with the franchise development team - which is crucial for gaining additional insight into day-to-day life and setup. We also pride ourselves on our existing network, meaning lastly, you will be provided assistance from an already established franchise owner.

We cover preparation and procedures to help you develop and manage your company, as well as covering all the necessary systems used to operate your new home cleaning franchise.

Hands-on help

We use a combination of our training manuals, interactive computer training, presentations, online interaction and in-field instructional techniques to help you develop. Our hands-on approach to training has gained us much notoriety in the industry and ensures all our staff are competent as well as confident. We aim to give you the most efficient and well-rounded learning tools to enable effective operation of your firm.

Team member franchise training

We run specialised cleaning concepts that utilise two-person teams as well as enticing pay incentives that have proven to attract not only the best but the hardest working staff members. This is intended to be as flexible as possible so we can utilise the most outstanding candidates seeking full-time and part-time schedules and above average pay.

Not only do you have access to our comprehensive instructional manuals and materials to help train, develop, and pay your team - there's plenty more to ensure you are confident in every aspect. Our large library of training, hiring, and safety videos, alongside our custom recognition and reward programmes, help you motivate your team efficiently.

Our team members are our greatest asset, so our intention is to focus on providing them with the necessary tools to complete the best job they can - giving our customers the best experience possible. Our overall aim is for each two-member team to be cleaning two or three homes per day.

Supplies and equipment

All our products are developed and manufactured specifically for our own use, as well as providing the proper training materials for correct and safe usage. We ensure complete and proper safety measures are made with customers and staff in mind, up to COSHH requirements and that access to MSDH information is always met.

Included in your Merry Maids fee are equipment, supplies and our range of exclusive products to help equip up to four cleaning teams. All further supplies, tools and equipment are always available from our warehouse - stocking and distributing hundreds of professional home cleaning products. Orders can be made over the phone or email 24 hours a day and delivered within three working days.

Customised computer software

We use specialised computer software to help integrate all aspects of your business into a manageable brand management system, or BMS for short. It is user-friendly and tailored to what we do every day - tested by existing franchise owners and perfect for helping aid the growth of your business.

By removing the hassle of everyday admin, you can now focus more of your time on operations. The BMS assists you with management processes, helping you control your main business functions such as scheduling, meetings, bookkeeping, payroll, customer management, and goal setting. Not only this but our Sage accounting software is included in your systems.

The ideal Merry Maids franchisee

If you have the drive and initiative to run a globally competitive cleaning service franchise, then hear us out! We are looking for individuals with good business judgement, great people skills, excellent leadership skills, and the ability to motivate a team. We are a low-cost budget that only needs around £20,000 to start operations. Moreover, many banks are interested in seeing our business grow; as such, theyre willing to lend up to 70% of your costs subject for approval. This means you only need to invest £6,000 for our franchisee package.

Merry Maids's history

In 1979, Dallen Peterson and his family strived to create Merry Maids out of their desire to provide a reputable cleaning service in Nebraska. In 1988, ServiceMaster decided to purchase Merry Maids when he saw its potential and how the brand aligned with their companys own set of values.