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The cleaning franchise recently shared a blog post with its customers featuring top tips on how to remove grease stains from painted kitchen walls.

Fantastic Services is well-versed on all things cleaning and rejuvenating, which is why the cleaning franchise is perfectly placed to offer up its excellent advice when it comes to removing grease stains from kitchen walls. Knowing that its clients don’t want their kitchens splattered with stains, Fantastic Services recently shared the following advice:

  • Act quickly - “If left for a long time, oil stains solidify into a sticky mess and become hard to remove.”

  • Use the right cleaning agents - “Oil and grease stains are organic; therefore, they are better removed with alkaline cleaners.”

  • Use baking soda - “Mix three tablespoons of baking soda with one tablespoon of warm water into a paste. With the help of a soft toothbrush or a cleaning rag, work the paste into the grease stain but don’t scrub the stains too hard. Once the stain disappears, wipe the area with a clean, damp rag.”

  • Use dish soap - “Mix a moderate amount of dish soap in a bucket of water and soak a cloth in the solution. Squeeze the excess water out well and gently wash the surface in a circular motion. For stubborn stains, use [baking soda, as detailed above]. Rinse the wall with a clean wet cloth.”

If you’re curious as to whether you can paint over grease stains, the answer is that a paint job will not totally eradicate the issue - as the stains can often reappear after some time. Fantastic Services said of repainting, “It is not recommended. [...] The stains that aren’t too deep can be removed with a mix of a mild detergent and warm water or by lightly sanding the affected area. If the stains don’t come off, you might need to seal the grease with a stain-blocking primer prior to painting. The primer will prevent the stains from bleeding through the newly applied layers of paint. Once it dries, you can paint over it without any hesitation.” To find out more about this knowledgeable cleaning franchise, visit Fantastic Services’ profile page, linked above.

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