6 Reasons Why Commercial Cleaning Franchises Are Always In Demand

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In these times of economic uncertainty, entrepreneurs are on the lookout for ventures with the stability to survive difficult periods – in other words, ‘recession-proof’ businesses. Commercial cleaning franchises can offer this stability, as they’ll always be in demand, no matter the current circumstances. Here, we discuss why this is the case.

According to the British Cleaning Council (BCC), the cleaning industry generates more than £24 billion for the economy and, since 2010, its annual revenue has risen by 21 percent. This is significant, given the UK economy as a whole increased in value by 17 percent.

Why will commercial cleaning franchises always be in demand?

  1. They’re a cost-effective way of keeping the workspace clean. If bosses ask their employees to make sure their desks or work areas are always spotless, they’ll have to take time out of their day to do extra cleaning duties.

    Not only are business owners then taking staff members away from their work and reducing productivity rates, but they’re also probably losing the company money. Depending on how much they pay employees, bosses are almost certainly better off hiring a professional cleaning business than getting their teams to spend a portion of their day cleaning.
  2. They help create a professional feel for visiting clients. All businesses want to impress customers, whether they’re a retailer attracting shoppers, a legal firm welcoming clients or an online company hoping for new visitors – to name a few examples. By enlisting the help of a commercial cleaning franchise, bosses can make sure their workspace is ship-shape every single time a potential customer stumbles upon it. That means there’s never a mad panic at the last moment.

    These days, most businesses are fighting fierce competition, and customers don’t have to settle for a company they don’t value. A dirty space could be enough to put a client off, so many businesses are willing to fork out for regular, consistent cleaning.
  3. A clean workspace helps maintain workers’ mental and physical health. Businesses can protect their employees’ wellbeing by making sure their premises are always clean and tidy. Letting dust and grime accumulate can lead to unhygienic working conditions and even be dangerous at times when viruses are spreading or allergies are flaring up. But as well as negatively impacting workers’ physical health, business owners who put up with dirty workspaces may be putting their employees’ mental wellbeing at risk too.

    No one likes to sit in a grubby room all day – and if bosses ask their staff members to clean the area themselves, they’re likely to damage team morale. By hiring a commercial cleaning business, they can let their employees get on with their day, and avoid the awkward conversations reminding them to keep their desks tidy. And, by keeping the team healthy, bosses are one step closer to making sure they’re happy too – which can only be good for business.
  4. They help maintain the building. If business owners make sure their premises are looked after on a day-to-day basis, they can reduce the likelihood of needing to carry out more significant work later on. In theory, paying for regular cleaning should be more cost-effective than forking out for major maintenance work. Either way, it’ll definitely save time.

    For example, making sure kitchen sink plugholes don’t accumulate food waste could avoid the need to hire a plumber to unblock the drains further down the line. By dusting electrical equipment daily, you can extend the lifespan of valuable technology.
  5. Professional commercial cleaners will do a great job. As you can imagine, an established cleaning business will probably clean a workspace to a much higher standard than its occupants would. People who clean for a living will have specialised products to get real results and know all the tips and tricks for making a space look as good as new.

    Cleaners will also regularly polish up areas others might forget. Dusting behind computer monitors, wiping underneath keyboards and disinfecting card readers, for example, will help keep the whole workspace fresh. And rather than relying on employees to keep the premises spotless, business owners can make sure they get consistent results by getting in touch with a commercial cleaning franchise.
  6. They help protect businesses in the case of outbreaks like COVID-19. The coronavirus has shown us just how devastating viruses and other infectious diseases can be for businesses. On a basic level, bosses can avoid staff taking sick leave by making sure their workspaces are clean and hygienic.

    In terms of public perception, businesses can reassure customers by carrying out regular deep-cleans. This is particularly important in the retail industry, where shoppers touch displays and mix with store assistants all the time. Hiring a commercial cleaning company will also minimise the spread of diseases across the population, especially in businesses that welcome customers in, like restaurants or hair salons.

    As we’ve learned from the COVID-19 crisis, maintaining good hygiene practices can make a huge difference when it comes to fighting an infectious disease. So, it makes sense to keep cleanliness levels high if bosses want to protect not only their workers, but the general public too.

As you can see, there’s a myriad of reasons why businesses are keen to hire commercial cleaning franchises – and they aren’t dependent on the industry or time of year. This means cleaning businesses are always likely to be in demand, no matter how much the economy is struggling.

Brush up your knowledge

If you need any more convincing to start your own business in the sector, read our article: Five Reasons to Start A Commercial Cleaning Franchise.

Or take a look at our current cleaning franchise opportunities here – you can narrow down your choice with our handy filter tool. Whether you’re interested in oven cleaning, dry cleaning, carpet cleaning or chimney sweeping, we’ve got the investment opportunity to suit you!

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