7 Advantages of Opening a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

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Start your own commercial cleaning franchise

Like making sure your house is spick and span and possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit? You might be interested in starting a commercial cleaning franchise. Find out why this is such a good idea in this article.

If you’re interested in starting an low cost franchise unit that demonstrates a great deal of potential, but you aren't sure which industry is right for you, you might like to look into the commercial cleaning sector. While it can be overlooked, the sector boasts many excellent franchise opportunites. You may not have considered the benefits of commercial cleaning franchises before, but we can assure you they’ve got a lot going for them. Here, we provide the top advantages of launching a business in this sector.

1. Widespread demand

The main reason to join the cleaning sector is the huge demand for the services you’d offer. Virtually all commercial properties employ some kind of janitorial service. While a number of them will have an in-house cleaning team, the vast majority look to external organisations to meet their needs.

If you're operating a van-based franchise, you can move around the local area, picking up business as far away as it makes financial sense to travel. With a mobile franchise like Dyno, you go to where business is best and can meet the needs of your customers any time, anywhere. You can read more reasons why commercial cleaning franchises are always in demand in another one of our articles.

2. There’s no boom and bust in cleaning

The commercial cleaning sector is thought of as almost recession-proof. While no business is invincible – and the sector does have its ups and downs – it is immune to many of the complications faced by many market-based businesses.

This is mainly because commercial cleaning is an essential service that properties always need, whether they’re going through good times or bad ones. While homeowners might resort to cleaning the house themselves to save money during times of economic turmoil, business owners are highly unlikely to take this step. But they’ll always need clean offices and workspaces, of course.

As a result, commercial cleaning is incredibly stable and should provide a steady income through thick and thin.

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3. Affordable investment costs

Another key reason for starting a commercial cleaning franchise is that they're typically incredibly affordable. You won’t have to raise a substantial figure for the initial investment or borrow vast sums from the bank, like other business ventures require. On the contrary, most commercial cleaning franchises are relatively low-cost.

Even the overheads are fairly inexpensive. Home-based franchises like Nationwide Cleaners cost far less to run because franchisees don’t need to rent out business premises in good locations or pay utilities to ensure they’re warm and well-lit.

Similarly, many franchises’ cleaning products and equipment are provided at discounted rates.

4. Flexible

One of the biggest perks of starting a commercial cleaning franchise is being able to work the hours that fit around your personal commitments. Whether you choose to take an active role in the cleaning services or stick to the managing, you should be able to decide when you work, and no longer miss out on important family events.

5. Repeat clients

Commercial cleaning is not a one-time service. Fortunately for commercial cleaning companies, things get dirty time and time again! This means you're likely to develop a network of regular customers who require repeat services. These clients take the pressure off and reduce the need to spend time, money and effort on marketing. Instead, you can put all your focus on providing excellent standards of service to valuable, existing customers.

The stability provided by this regular income is exceptionally appealing to most franchisees, and it's understandable why so many individuals want to pursue a career as a commercial cleaning franchisee. However, don’t let standards slide once you’ve built up your client base. Your reputation depends upon providing a consistently high-quality service, and if clients start ditching you as your dedication or customer service drops, you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation.

6. Simple to staff

Unlike other businesses, commercial cleaning franchises don’t narrow down their search to employees with a mountain of certificates, diplomas or degrees. Instead, they depend on hardworking individuals with an ability to do the job thoroughly and to a satisfactory standard. But, as competition is fierce, franchisees need to ensure their staff are capable of outperforming other cleaning businesses.

This is one way in which Dublcheck – with its unique double-check policy – has differentiated itself. Because the selection criteria are fairly broad, you’ll have a large talent pool to recruit within. The onus is on the franchisee to make the right decision and, if they don't, there's no one to blame but themselves. But the good news is that you’ll never be understaffed, as you’ll have the option to fill the business with an entry-level workforce.

7. Great for a people-person

If you’ve got a social disposition, starting a commercial cleaning franchise could be an exciting career prospect. Unlike some other opportunities, the role involves lots of communication and interaction with your dedicated team of employees and loyal clients.

The current state of the commercial cleaning sector

Due to there being different attitudes towards hiring home help and an increased emphasis on leisure time and health, the cleaning sector is booming like never before. In 2017, the British Cleaning Council (BCC) published a report that revealed the cleaning industry contributes £24 billion a year to the British economy and employs more than 700,000 workers.

Focusing solely on contract cleaning, the market is still worth an impressive £3 billion. This sector is set to boost year on year, due to the growth in shared workspaces, increased spending on the cleaning of private healthcare facilities and the domestic tourism and leisure sectors.

Start a commercial cleaning franchise today

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons a commercial cleaning franchise is not only financially viable and sustainable but also an exciting opportunity with plenty of potential for growth and development.

Whether you're looking for a small, home-based franchise, a mobile, van-based franchise, or something that operates out of a more permanent location, the commercial cleaning sector will have something for you. With their low overheads, affordable franchise fees, guaranteed stability and constant demand, commercial cleaning franchises are an excellent investment option.

We recommend continuing your reading with our tips for running a successful commercial cleaning franchise.

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