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10/10/2018 18:00 | Cleaning franchises

carpet cleaning services

Have you ever considered starting your own carpet cleaning business? If not, you should give it some thought. There are plenty of compelling reasons why starting a company offering carpet cleaning services could be the ideal fit for your financial ambitions and your lifestyle.

Firstly, its a pretty low-risk business. OK, there are risks involved in starting any business, but as long as you do your research, the investment versus potential returns can be very positive. Running a carpet cleaning services business can also tick the box when it comes to the flexibility it can offer too. Unlike a company which requires a physical store to operate, you'll have the freedom to work the hours you choose to fit around other commitments.

As long as youre prepared to learn and work hard, you can build your own reputable business on a limited budget with little or no prior knowledge or experience of carpet cleaning.

Is there another way?

Of course, the idea of starting an independent business from scratch can be daunting and not for everyone. Thankfully, there are lots of franchise opportunities available that offer carpet cleaning services. Here are just a few of the many benefits of investing in a franchise rather than going into business alone:

It's a tried and tested business model with a proven track record of success;
Youre much more likely to succeed as a franchisee compared to independent business start-ups;
All the training you need is provided, and ongoing support is available as and when you need it;
You can build a reputable business with a regular income stream;
It's an investment in your future.

As with any big decision, it's essential that you fully understand what you're signing up to. You need to carefully review the franchise agreement with the help of a solicitor that specialises in franchising. This is so youre not faced with any surprises further down the line.

Professional carpet cleaning services franchises

If youre convinced that starting a carpet cleaning services franchise is for you, then here is some information about two exciting opportunities for you to consider:


Safeclean provides high-quality carpet cleaning services for domestic and commercial properties alike. And its not just carpets they clean; furniture cleaning, stain removal and furnishings protection services are also provided.

As a Safeclean franchisee, youll run a van-based business responding to call-outs from customers within your designated territory. Youll need to promote your business to grow your customer base too, but as up to 80% of Safecleans custom is a result of repeat customers who were satisfied with the services, this shouldnt be a huge concern.

The cost of investing in a Safeclean franchise is £19,995 plus VAT making it one of the most affordable opportunities around. In return for your investment, youll be granted an initial franchise term of five years which can be renewed at the end of this period at no extra cost.

Youll also receive the rights to an exclusive territory consisting of approximately 100,000 households. The size of your territory will give you the chance to run a profitable business with plenty of scope to grow as and when you want to.

You dont need to have any previous experience as a carpet cleaner or a business owner as youll attend a comprehensive training programme made up of two distinct stages. First, youll attend a training course to teach you all the technical skills required to deliver Safeclean services. Youll be shown which tools, chemicals, and equipment to use and when to provide the best clean for your customers.

The next stage of your training will see you shadow an existing franchisee to gain an understanding of whats required of a Safeclean franchisee on a day-to-day basis. This is an integral part of the programme as it will give you the opportunity to learn from someone who has been through, and benefited from, the Safeclean franchise system.

Zero Dry Time

The unique quick drying processes that Zero Dry Time apply, along with the safe, chemical-free products used, make this franchise one of the leading domestic and commercial carpet cleaning businesses in the UK.

As a franchisee, not only will you benefit from a tried and tested business model with a proven track record of success, but youll also be in control of your own work schedule. This will enable you to achieve a healthy work/life balance offering you the freedom of being a business owner with the flexibility of being a franchisee.

You'll also become part of a national network of experienced Zero Dry Time franchisees with excellent earning potential. You get to choose whether you work part-time or full-time so how much you make from the substantial carpet cleaning market is up to you. You can choose to start small as a man in a van' and grow into a multi-van franchise once you're established.

The franchise fee is to invest in a Zero Dry Time franchise is £19,950 plus VAT. The franchise package that youll receive in return includes rights to an exclusive postcode territory, seven professional machines, products and uniform. Youll need to cover the cost of purchasing or leasing a suitable vehicle yourself, but this will be branded as part of your franchise package.

Once youve made your investment, youll attend the Kick Start' programme, which is perfect for first-time franchisees, to learn everything you need to know. During the first two days, youll receive all the support you need to get your business off the ground. This is then followed by a two-week course which consists of classroom-based and on-the-job training.

You wont need any training on business skills as Zero Dry Time will take care of all the paperwork and business administration for you. This allows you to concentrate on growing your carpet cleaning franchise and providing the best service possible to your customers.

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