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Window cleaning can be big business. Modern architecture has fallen in love with transparency and, consequently, many new builds are made entirely from glass. Consumers are also becoming increasingly concerned about the way their house looks and how it is maintained. This makes them more likely to part with their money and pay for cleaning services.

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Its also good news for window cleaners across the country and anyone hoping to start their own window cleaning business. Here, we take a look at how you can start your own business, and the role franchising can play in making your dream a reality.

How to start a window cleaning business

If youre looking to start a window cleaning business, you have one of two options. The first is to start as a sole trader and attempt to grow a customer base from scratch. This will involve knocking on doors, talking to as many people as possible, and putting leaflets through letterboxes. It can be an arduous process, and there is no guarantee that your business will succeed in the long term.

Alternatively, its possible to start your own window cleaning business by partnering with a franchise. In many ways, this is far preferable to going it alone. All franchisees are provided with a proven business plan that, if followed closely, goes a long way to guaranteeing success. A franchise will also offer its franchisees considerable support and guide them through the growth process. Such support can be invaluable.

To show how individuals could become the owners of a franchised window cleaning business, weve decided to take a closer look at one of the market leaders My Window Cleaner. As one of the countrys most promising cleaning franchises, its an excellent investment opportunity for any budding entrepreneur.

Window cleaning business for sale My Window Cleaner Franchise

Franchise history

The germ of the idea that would become the My Window Cleaner franchise was born when the business founder, Karen Prewer, began working as a domestic cleaner. A year into the job, she began offering window cleaning services. The response from customers was impressive, and the remarkable demand for the service encouraged Karen to dedicate her time solely to window cleaning.

Not long after, My Window Cleaner was established, and the business began expanding across North London and the Hertfordshire area. As the company grew, franchising became the logical next step. To facilitate this move, the highly experienced Ian Bradley was brought into the organisation to oversee franchise management and ensure that the correct structure was in place. In August 2017, the franchise welcomed its first franchisees.

My Window Cleaner basics

To distinguish itself from the competition, My Window Cleaner has had to develop a novel business plan that makes use of the latest digital technology. While big leaps have been made in actual cleaning technology (for example, the equipment necessary to watch second and third storey windows from the ground), this has been adopted by most independent window cleaners. Consequently, My Window Cleaner has focused on introducing innovative and unique, customer-focused, digital technologies.

Inspired by the way in which digital apps have revolutionised the takeaway and taxi industries, My Window Cleaner introduced their own digital ordering system, integrated into an app, that streamlines the booking and payment processes. The app also automates much of the administrative work involved in the management of the business, leaving franchisees with plenty of time to grow their business.

In an increasingly digital world, this is a distinctive means of establishing a strong and loyal customer base. It also means that franchisees can spend less time knocking on doors, trying to build their customer base and dedicate more time to working. In other words, franchisees start their business with an existing customer base and earn a considerable profit from the first day.

What level of investment is required to become a franchisee?

To become a My Window Cleaner franchisee, you'll need to invest approximately £14,500. This includes the £6,000 franchise fees. It may be possible to finance a considerable portion of this amount via a lending agreement with a major bank. However, some of the initial investment must come from your assets.

The franchise management estimate that franchisees can achieve profits of more £65,000 within two years of opening their business. This is based on figures generated by previous window cleaning businesses.

What is included in the franchise package?

The critical component of the franchise package is the business' online booking software, as it allows customers to interact with franchisees whenever and wherever they want. The integrated smartphone app also allows the franchise staff to maintain their relationship with customers and to ensure repeat business. The franchise packages digital focus is also reflected in its emphasis on modern marketing strategies and campaigns.

All franchisees are enrolled on a comprehensive training programme that provides them with the skills required to manage the business. This is complemented by a robust and on-going support system that gives franchisees access to a wealth of information and numerous experienced professionals, all of whom are happy to share their industry expertise. My Window Cleaner is committed to modernising the window cleaning industry, and this is reflected in their approach to franchising and business management.

What is My Window Cleaner looking for in a franchisee?

The perfect My Window Cleaner franchisee will demonstrate a commitment to the business and brand. The franchise expects franchisees to embody the brand values and to maintain their high standards. Rather than a specific set of qualifications, franchisees should display a number of personal qualities.

My Window Cleaner wants to work with ambitious individuals who are likely to expand their business from a single-van operation to a multi-van enterprise. Theyll also need to be able communicators who can offer excellent customer service and work closely with the franchisor. Finally, franchisees need to understand that the business plan must be followed to the letter if the franchise model is to work.

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