Costa Coffee CEO - Who Is It?

costa coffee ceo

Costa Coffee is one of the UK’s leading coffee shops, and can be found in every major town and city. With more than 1,500 stores in the UK, anybody who is anybody has experienced a warming coffee break in Costa Coffee. From its welcoming atmosphere to its quality, ethically-sourced coffee, this brand has honed a highly successful business model and generated a global revenue of £672 million in 2018.

The Costa Coffee journey began in 1971, when Bruno and Sergio Costa arrived in London, bringing their passion for coffee with them. 1978 saw the launch of their first coffee shop, introducing the brand to the UK for the first time.

The coffee shop franchise is constantly building on its business model, but keeps its core values at heart. These include the franchise’s ‘warm personality’, ‘welcoming environment’, ‘irresistible coffee’ and, most importantly, its customers. Costa Coffee also prides itself on celebrating diversity, seeing the differing perspectives, attitudes and talents as harbouring great potential for the business. With this is mind, the business makes sure to support inclusivity and equality not only in its huge body of workers throughout the UK, but in communities across the world.

CEO of Costa Coffee

While Costa Coffee does not officially disclose its leadership team online, information elsewhere suggests that Dominic Paul is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the coffee shop franchise.

Having held the post since 2016, Paul took over management of the franchise from Christopher Rogers, who had then spent 11 years with Whitbread, which owns Costa Coffee and numerous other big brands including Premier Inn and Beefeater.

Rising to the top of Costa Coffee’s leadership ladder is just the latest in a chain of prestigious posts held by Paul, who boasts an impressive career in business management. Having previously completed British Airways’ graduate management programme in 1993, Paul joined BMI as Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer. Paul came to Costa Coffee from Royal Caribbean Cruises, where he had held the role of Senior Vice President since 2013.

As a result, Paul brought with him an extensive history of national and international business development, which stands him in good stead for a successful tenure at Costa Coffee.

On Paul’s arrival at the coffee shop franchise, Alison Brittain, CEO of Whitbread said: “I am delighted that Dominic Paul will be joining Whitbread to lead Costa in its next exciting stage of growth. Dominic brings a wealth of experience in the travel and leisure industry, both here in the UK and overseas and his recent experience is particularly relevant for Costa’s international growth plans. His passion for delivering outstanding customer experiences and track record of delivering growth in customer-focused hospitality businesses makes him the perfect fit for Costa.”

Does Costa Coffee Franchise?

In short - yes. But there are some caveats.

As one of the UK’s leading coffee chains, Costa Coffee has a highly ambitious attitude towards expansion, and launched 160 brand new UK stores just last year. On top of Costa Coffee’s regular stores, the brand also hosts a range of kiosks and ‘Costa Express’ units - a range of over 5,000 machines dispensing Costa Coffee’s unique coffees and hot beverages to customers on the go. The versatility of the brand’s business model means that the company can reach customers in service stations, airports, hotels, cinemas, hospitals and universities, as well as on the high street.

Because of this, Costa Coffee are keen for investors to incorporate the brand into corporate establishments and onto foreign soil. Corporate franchisees will, however, only be accepted as a business partner if they have the capital and capability to open Costa Coffee franchises in at least ten different corporate sites. Costa Coffee are not currently looking for franchisees to launch further sites in non-corporate environments, but those interested in investing should regularly check their options, as the brand may reconsider their stance in the future, should the opportunity for more franchises arise.

Franchisees do have the option of expanding the business’ international presence. Costa Coffee can currently be found in 29 countries across the world, and hopes to increase this number. The business asks that international franchisees have franchising experience and the skillset, contacts and capital to add something to the brand’s global reputation.

Why choose Costa Coffee?

Everyone knows that Costa Coffee is an extremely successful UK franchise, serving warming beverages and tasty treats up and down the country. Not only a profitable business in itself, the brand is also owned by Whitbread, one of the UK’s top hospitality businesses, alongside a swathe of other huge names. Employees who join Costa Coffee aren’t just stuck making coffee - they also have the option of trying out different roles within the business or even moving across to other brands in the Whitbread portfolio.

This is a business at the top of its game. Franchisees who opt to manage their own branch(es) of the nationally-recognisable franchise will benefit from an established and extremely successful business model, a guaranteed customer base and high turnover potential.

As a large business which spans continents in its importing of coffee beans and other food products, Costa Coffee acknowledges the impact its operations have on the environment, and takes active measures to minimise it. So, as well as being highly lucrative, this franchise is also extremely eco-friendly - which, as well as doing good, also has the potential to generate repeat sales from an ever-increasing pool of environmentally-conscious customers.

Customers can trust that every Costa Coffee bean originates from a 100 percent Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farm and sourced in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner. This means that farms are given the right tools to implement effective management systems and take measures to conserve biodiversity and natural resources, and improve the wellbeing of those working there.

Closer to home, Costa Coffee ensures that its London Roastery runs entirely on electricity from renewable sources, and many of its delivery vehicles substitute petrol or diesel for biogas made from food waste.

What’s more, in 2006, the coffee shop franchise established the Costa Foundation, which aims to construct schools in remote areas across the world. To date, Costa Coffee has worked with 72 schools in 60 countries across three continents, improving the lives of 30,000 people.

Costa Coffee is not just a profitable business opportunity, but an environmentally and socially responsible one too. The company truly cares about every individual in its charge, from the farmers sourcing coffee beans in faraway lands, to the baristas working at Costa Coffee shops up and down the country.

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