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Esquires Coffee franchise

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UK's fastest growing ethical coffee franchise.

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About Esquires Coffee

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Esquires Coffee was founded in 1993 in British Columbia, Canada, opening 37 stores in the Greater Vancouver area by 1999. Esquires expanded to the United Kingdom through Master License partnerships in England (2000), Ireland (2001) and Scotland (2002), and have since established a position as one of the U.K.'s most exciting coffee brands. Esquires have 50 shops in the U.K., including new shops set to open in Dorking, Farnborough, Redhill,Northampton, Aylesbury, Watford,  Darlington, Addlestone and Caerphilly. Esquires have recently launched our Regional Development Initiative, and are pleased to announce the signing on of regional development partners for the Southeast England (67 stores) and Northeast England (20 stores) regions. We are currenty seeking regional devolopment partners for Northwest England, Southwest England and the Midlands. 

Esquires coffee shop franchise


Given the right conditions to work, and placed in a beautiful place, where you feel a little bit better about yourself because you know your work is being used for something greater than producing a profit, maybe you will get more creative; maybe you will want to work more". This quote by Bruno Cucinelli perfectly sums up our mission at Esquires Coffee, which is to make more than just coffee and delicious food - we want to make a difference.

Each cup of our coffee is not only crafted with excruciating care, it’s fairly traded, organic and sustainable. Our food offer is robust, healthy and delicious. Our shops aren’t just comfortable, they’re dynamic and functional. Our cups and lids are compostable; our plastics recyclable. We won’t write your name on a cup - we’d rather know and call you by name. We strive to know the community too - retaining the local charm rather than forcing a global standard on the neighbourhoods we serve. These are the things that set us apart. These are the things that matter to us...and we hope they matter to you.

So if you’re looking to be a part of something meaningful and important, we’re definitely looking for you. Let’s marry our ideals and have a great time serving amazing coffee and delicious food...and make some money too.

Training and support provided

Our operating and management systems have been carefully developed to enable operators to maintain their business at peak performance at all times.

Esquires provide innovation and support to our franchisees with a management structure that is robust, creative and delivers proven sustainable businesses. We offer a bespoke solution for every partner’s needs including; full training, site selection and procurement, store design, lease negotiation, marketing and 24/7/365 ongoing support.

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The ideal Esquires Coffee franchisee

If you have a good sense of business judgement, good managerial skills, great customer service, a passion for excellence, and the willingness to commit to Esquires — then you’re on the right track. We offer various franchise packages that range from 1,200sq. ft stores spread over two floors, to shopping centre kiosks/stands. We require a minimum investment of £85,000 — which includes the £19,500 franchise fee — to begin operations. Overall, we are looking for people who understand our philosophy, that success is driven through the community and the service of others.]

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Esquires Coffee's history


  • 2017 - U.K.'s Most Ethical Coffee Companies (2nd place)
  • 2017 - U.K.'s Top Coffee Franchise (Elite Franchise)
  • 2017 - U.K.'s Top 100 Franchises (Elite Franchise / Rank: 58th)
  • 2017 - U.K.'s Leading Sustainable Coffee Chain
  • 2018 - U.K.'s Top Coffee Franchise (Elite Franchise)
  • 2018 - U.K.'s Top 100 Franchises (Elite Franchise / Rank: 32nd)
  • 2018 - U.K.'s Rising Star Franchise (Elite Franchise)
  • 2018 - U.K.'s Leading Ethical Coffee Brands (Ethical Consumer)

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