Food Delivery franchise opportunities

Food Delivery Franchises

The value of the food delivery sector has more than doubled in just over five years, and it’s now worth a staggering £11.4 billion. After a year of suspended trading for many restaurants, cafes and bakeries, food delivery has been a lifeline that’s allowed customers to continue enjoying their delicious offerings. 

Like the sound of starting your own food delivery franchise? This exponentially-expanding sector is ripe with opportunities for every kind of entrepreneur. 

How the food delivery sector has changed

Us Brits have always enjoyed food that we don’t have to cook. Back in 2019, households across the country were spending £5 every week on takeaway or convenience food. During 2020, our hunger for food delivery stepped up a gear, and it accounted for £2 out of every £10 we spent on foodservice products. What’s more, one in 12 customers said they had ordered a foodservice delivery for the very first time amid the pandemic. 

Even though demand for delivery is predicted to slow as in-person dining is put back on the menu, its value is likely to remain a huge 37% higher than it was in 2019. It’s clear that our voracious appetite for great food enjoyed in the comfort of our homes is as insatiable as ever. And there’s one easy way to capitalise on this steady demand - with a franchise. 

Become a food delivery franchisee

When it comes to ordering in, customers are truly spoilt for choice. In addition to standard quick service restaurant options, restaurant favourites, cocktail bars and even fine-dining options have opened their in-restaurant experience for people to enjoy at home. 

Like the sound of running a food delivery business but don’t know where to start? A food delivery franchise could be the perfect option. You’ll get access to unlimited, ongoing business support from experienced professionals, and enjoy the perks of brand recognition by operating under an established brand’s name. But unlike being an employee or self-employed courier, you’ll enjoy more of the financial rewards and have the freedom to fit work around your life. 

Starting a food delivery franchise

It’s clear our love of deliveries is here to stay. Three quarters of current takeaway consumers plan to continue ordering-in once lockdown restrictions lift. Fancy joining a food delivery franchise? There are some exciting options out there currently seeking new franchisees.

Local Eats asks for just a £6,000 investment, but you’ll get the chance to earn up to £70,000 in order commission alone in your first year. This innovative food takeaway franchise has adopted a popular delivery app business model and can get its new franchisees up and running in just ten days. You’ll build a delivery business by establishing relationships with popular food service providers in your local area. And if you need a helping hand with anything, Local Eats’ team of dedicated support staff are on call 14 hours every day to offer advice on everything from marketing to finances. 

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