12th Street Burgers & Shakes franchise

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12th Street Burgers & Shakes franchise

Mouth Watering Beef Smash Burgers & Wings Franchise with a great financial return!

12th Street Burgers & Shakes presents a casual dining experience in the restaurant sector with an American theme. The vision is to deliver delicious, comforting, hearty Halal food to UK customers. We’re seeking franchisees who are eager to expand their portfolio or start a new business with 12th Street’s outstanding, tasty menu within specific communities. You’ll find many opportunities with 12th Street Burgers & Shakes, such as diner management, franchising, partnerships, catering, and many more. The initial investment is low, and franchisees will see a high return on investment in a short period of time. We want you to thrive as you deliver an exceptional customer experience with the opportunity to become successful.

Minimum investment

Funding support
Third Party

Total investment

Franchise fees

Business type
Franchise, Master Franchise

Expected revenue after 2 years

  • Operating fee:
  • Advertising fee:
    1% of revenue
  • Royalty fee:
    5% of revenue
  • Average floor space:
    1000 sqft – 1500 sqft

Minimum investment


About 12th Street Burgers & Shakes

12th Street Burgers & Shakes provides a smashing mouth-watering beef burgers & wings franchise with a great financial return!

Welcome to the UK’s newest and most innovative burger chain, delivering the true taste of America to delighted customers in the United Kingdom. The 12th Street Burgers & Shakes franchise’s vision is to serve the tastiest and mightiest beef burgers to valued clients in the UK. There’s a basic premise: we want your customers to have a reason to reorder from your beef burger franchise again, thanks to exceptional ingredient quality, unique products, and incredible service.

12th street franchise interior seating area

The 12th Street Burgers & Shakes franchise isn’t merely about burgers, shakes, fries, and onion rings. Your business is all about transforming your customer’s day into one that’s exceptional. The key desire is to deliver high-quality ingredients to clients. With only A-grade beef and chicken delivered from selected sources, the menu is smash-packed with banging meals, delicious side dishes, thick milkshakes, and indulgent treats.

The main offering of the 12th Street Burgers & Shakes franchise is that it’s a trendy brand offering high-quality products with outstanding value for money. It’s basically food in a box with a design that’s future-proof. Your customers won’t need to spend too much money or time in massive restaurants with huge dining areas. The business model works on a medium dining area with options for takeaway and delivery.

Training and support provided

When you decide to become part of the 12th Street Burgers & Shakes franchise, you’ll receive full training and assistance, especially with recruitment. Teams of up to six members with a manager will receive training at our Milton Keynes location.

12th street burgers franchise double cheese burger

Here’s what your team will receive training and instruction for:

  • Kitchen operation
  • Stock ordering
  • Weekly Rota
  • Troubleshooting
  • Management
  • Compliance
  • Health & Safety
  • Operations Manual

As soon as your 12th Street Burgers & Shakes franchise store is established, our Operations Manager will visit it to assist with the setup and exciting opening. The Manager will remain on-site for about two weeks to ensure that operations and customer service continue to run smoothly. You’ll receive live guidance with your diner, and your team receiving mentoring that will last them a lifetime.

Whenever there are updates on our products or services, we’ll inform you and your staff to ensure that terms and customer services remain exceptional.


The ideal 12th Street Burgers & Shakes franchisee

The best part of investing in and managing a 12th Street Burgers & Shakes franchise is that you don’t need any experience. Ideally, we’re looking for franchisees who already manage other businesses and want to expand. Also, anyone who wants to leave their current employment and start their own business will fit right in.

We’re also hoping that any potential 12th Street Burgers & Shakes franchisees have a love for food and delivering exceptional quality to customers. There are plenty of opportunities in the UK, with a few current sites already available and expansion to four new sites in London. Our low-investment business model will help you get a quick return on your investment while feeding delighted clients in several areas.

If you’re excited about this opportunity, please contact us to learn how you can start your 12th Street Burgers & Shakes franchise today!