Burger franchise opportunities

One of the many great things about the burger business is the way it has innovated and found new niches and devotees over recent years. There are now abundant vegetarian and vegan options, create your own combination stations, and of course traditional fast food outlets serving delicious meat in a bun at just the right location and time to satisfy hunger. No wonder this highly versatile and handy meal option is so popular at events, in shopping centres and retail parks, and on every high street. By 2019, it's estimated that £3.3 billion will be spent on burgers each year in the UK.

Who wants a bite of that market?

Starting a burger bar business

If you do fancy becoming self-employed, starting a burger business is a popular option. Even better news, some of the leading companies in this food service sector are happy to share their proven business models with you. A burger franchise can range from an outlet backed by global giants McDonald's and Burger King to a more niche enterprise such as gourmet Loaded Burgers.

USA company Steak n Shake is looking for UK entrepreneurs who want to retail handcrafted burgers. The Burger Priests offers ingredient-conscious options, including products for vegans.

How a burger franchise covers you

With such a big consumer market to go after and so many places and ways to serve burgers, why not take the franchise route to self-employment? UK consumers have brand loyalty and will actively seek out their favourite burger bars and restaurants. Competing as an independent restaurant is tough, especially without the lower-cost equipment and supplies franchisees enjoy.

To top it off, food service legislation is weighty and mistakes are costly. A burger franchise means business management support, as well as a big marketing boost. Do you need to know which burger franchise fits you best? Contact us today for meaty solutions topped off by great ideas.

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Fast Casual. Better Burgers

Rocket's is a fast-casual, better-burger brand with an urban edge, developed by one of Irelands leading restaurants [...]

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Minimum investment
170,000 +VAT
Restaurant, Coffee Shop & Pub

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