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Luckys franchise
Luckys Luckys prides itself on producing the very best quality food menu in modern sites and operated by 1st class people.

The combination of such high quality ingredients and creative flair together with an understanding of customer needs, allows Luckys to create a continental style menu ranging from burgers, grilled meats to deserts and shakes all delivering great food options in your local neighbourhood. This drive and passion for delivering the best food products and services has been a direct result of years of investment in both systems/process and people and this passion and investment has now been carried forward into our approach to franchising.

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Join the Luckys Franchise Family and Bring High-Quality Dining to Your Local Neighbourhood

Are you ready to embark on an exciting and profitable journey with a rapidly growing franchise? Luckys Franchise, a diner and takeaway/delivery concept, is offering an unprecedented opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to become a part of their successful franchise network.

Founded in 2018 by Hasan Habib, a veteran in the food operations industry, Luckys has revolutionized the local dining scene by bringing high-quality food to every neighbourhood. With a diverse menu that includes everything from burgers, chicken, grilled meats to desserts, waffles, and shakes, Luckys has something for everyone.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Luckys has not only survived but thrived, refining its position as a delivery specialist and expanding its presence across the UK. With three locations currently operating in Stockport, Oldham, and Openshaw, and more sites soon to be announced, Luckys is on a fast track to nationwide expansion.

Why Choose Luckys Franchise?

As a Luckys franchisee, you will be joining a brand that is committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The franchise offers a comprehensive training program, assistance with site sourcing, full fit-out of stores, and marketing support. Plus, with an introductory offer for 2023, the franchise fee is just £5,000, making it an affordable investment for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Whether you're an owner-operator or looking to put together a management team, Luckys offers a flexible business model that can be tailored to your needs. From full diner, takeaway, and delivery units to smaller takeaway and delivery units and even ghost kitchens, there's a Luckys format that's perfect for you.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to bring Luckys to your local community. With exclusive territories currently available across the UK, now is the perfect time to join the Luckys franchise family.

About Luckys Franchise

Luckys Franchise is a diner and takeaway/delivery concept that brings high-quality dining and food-to-go to the local neighbourhood. Founded in 2018, the franchise has quickly expanded across the UK, with more locations soon to be announced. Luckys is committed to providing exceptional food, service, and value, making it a beloved brand in every community it serves.

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