Point Franchise Welcomes Southern Fried Chicken Franchise!

Southern Fried Chicken franchise
Southern Fried Chicken Love at first bite!

Southern Fried Chicken (SFC) is a quick-service restaurant (QSR) who’s main product offerings include lemon pepper fried chicken, grilled piri-piri chicken, beef burgers, and a variety of sides. The brand was launched with the simple intention of serving the very best tasting fried chicken.

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The internationally renowned and instantly recognisable zesty chicken taste of Southern Fried Chicken is expanding into all corners of the UK. And so, with a winning business model and global experience, Southern Fried Chicken is looking for new franchisees to join their success.

Point Franchise welcomes Southern Fried Chicken!

Spreading its trademarked lemon-pepper chicken in the UK

The beginning of Southern Fried Chicken runs back to 1964 as an equipment manufacturer for the restaurant industry. This background in mechanical production means that any issues with equipment reported by franchisees can be sorted in-house quickly.

However, it was in 1983 that Southern Fried Chicken's Quick Service Restaurant concept was born. A vision resulting in its trademark taste of fresh, zesty lemon-pepper chicken using its clever cooking method of high-pressure steam frying. Southern Fried Chicken is finding success in Britain, due to a healthy UK economy for Quick Service Restaurants. For starters, the UK Fast Food industry is valued at £18.91bn, growing 8.9% this year. [ibisworld] Additionally, the Fast Food industry in the UK has not just normalised pre-pandemic, but has exceeded past it. As Lumina Intelligence reports, "The quick service restaurant channel experienced the second fastest pandemic recovery, reaching 86.8% of its 2019 value in 2021." Needless to say, Fast Food franchising in the UK is a safe sector to enter, and with the internationally-recognisable brand of Southern Fried Chicken and 88 outlets spanning the UK, you are in good shoes.

Grow internationally and care locally

Southern Fried Chicken is an internationally-recognised brand running on a central focus on expanding everywhere with tasty fried chicken and superior customer service. The model 'growing internationally and care locally' has proven successful because Southern Fried Chicken is founded on exceptionally high standards with ingredients and produce from local farmers. Similarly, product development and innovation are also done locally - with each franchisee - showing a testament to the local area Southern Fried Chicken enters.

southern-fried-chicken-franchise-processPotential for £520,000 after two years

In conjunction with the expansionist strategy of Southern Fried Chicken, the total investment to start is incredibly low compared to other options within the same sector. You will just need between £60,000 and £200,000, depending on the size and location of your shiny new establishment, with franchise fees of £15,000. You can even cover some of the expenses through third-party means and see revenue of £520,000 after two years. In fact, the general guideline is that investment will be recouped after three years. For example, Southern Fried Chicken franchisees around the world, with absolutely no industry experience, have seen profits after just six months! It merely comes down to gumption, hard work and motivation.

New Southern Fried Chicken franchisees receive

  • 360-marketing support, such as point-of-sale advertising
  • Growth support, like helping with launching and managing multiple Southern Fried Chicken sites
  • In-depth training of a minimum of 21 days from qualified and certified trainers
  • Continual checkups to ensure quality standards, and any further training if needed
  • Persistent operational support, especially for the first few months

If you have prior experience in the Food & Beverage industry with an insatiable thirst for success and local insights into your area, Southern Fried Chicken is actively looking for you as its new franchisee. Click the orange contact button below and start your chicken success story today.


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