Bubble Tea franchise opportunities

Something new and innovative is bubbling up in Britain, taking a firm foothold in the massive beverage – and dessert - market here. Bubble tea franchises in the UK are springing up at events, festivals and on many high streets; a trend that offers a great opportunity for anyone with ambitions to start their own business.  

Queues at many London outlets prove that the boba tea franchise is here to stay. This often sweet treat is taking a sizable mouthful of the £54.7 billion the British will spend on eating and drinking out this year. It’s one of the top competitors of coffee franchises.  

The Rise of Bubble Tea Franchises in the UK  

If you are considering being your own boss in the food service sector, you may be asking yourself: what is a bubble tea franchise? Bubble tea originates in Taiwan and involves adding edible tapioca balls – or in some cases fruit jellies – to flavoured teas. There are fruit and milk-based combinations of flavours to get customers experimenting too.  

Some of the best bubble tea franchises bringing this fun and fast-growing beverage option to the UK include Bubbleology, Europe’s most prolific bubble tea franchise business. Other major players include CUPP, Mee Cha and Mooboo, which all offer pearl tea franchise opportunities in the UK.  

Why a Bubble Tea Franchise?  

If this novel and increasingly popular popping retail opportunity sounds like a way for you to rise to the top in your own business venture, then Bubble tea franchises make sense. The tapioca pearls concept largely relies on equipment and supplies brought over from Taiwan. Getting a reliable supply chain – at prices that make this a feasible source of self-employment – can be problematic.  

A bubble tea franchise enables you to benefit from the preferential rates negotiated by bulk purchasers. You also get the technical support you need. On top of that, launching a bubble tea franchise means you get branding, marketing and training support, including insights on meeting food service regulations and codes of practice.  

So how can you get involved with bubble tea and grow a successful business? Get in touch with us today for the best bubble tea franchise offers.  

Bubble Tea Trends in the UK market  

The UK has its own special blend of bubble tea that’s trending at the moment. Called Brown Sugar Milk Tea, there are different variations available for franchises based on your location. Some examples are Tiger Milk Tea or Mudflip Tea. Don’t worry; the latter doesn’t actually contain mud. It refers to how you flip the transparent cup over and watch the different colours mix into the beverage.  

Different Types of Bubble Tea Franchises 

Did you know you can sell different types of bubble tea with your Bubble Tea franchise? While the beverage can go by several names, such as boba tea or pearl tea, you can also try a variety of toppings or liquid combinations.  

Here are a few examples of the most popular types of bubble teas sold by franchises:  

Taiwan bubble tea  

What better bubble tea to offer than the one from where it originated?  Created in the 1980s, it eventually spread to western lands in the 90s. You can craft them with or without milk, and they’re available in an assortment of colours. The original flavour consisted of tapioca pearls, black Taiwanese tea, syrup or honey, and condensed milk.  

Bubble tea from Japan  

Bubble tea also entered Japan in the 90s, but it didn’t gain much popularity until the 20s. Japanese teenage girls started calling it タピる (tapiru), which was slang for the delicious boba tea. There are various textures for the Japanese version that uses cassava root for the jelly balls, but it’s based on the same Taiwanese recipe.  

Taro milk tea  

As the name suggests, taro tea uses the starchy taro root as the basis while still topping the beverage with chewy pearls. While most bubble tea franchises opt for warm drinks, the taro milk version usually has ice in it as a cooler option for those hot summers.  

Homemade Bubble Tea  

When you open your Bubble Tea franchise, you have the option to experiment with homemade versions. The basics include your syrup, or honey, the tapioca pearls, brewing the tea until you have the consistency or texture you want, adding hot milk or ice, and then adding the boba at the end. Who knows; maybe you will make one that is unique to your business!  

Competences and Skills Required to Open a Bubble Tea Shop  

Usually, a Bubble Tea franchise will have the necessary training and support to show you how to run the business in the UK. However, it will go a long way if you already have a specific set of skills available. Here’s what you’ll need to know or learn to become successful:  

  • Some basic food service experience and knowledge of applicable UK laws  
  • An understanding of the bubble tea industry in the UK and the trending flavours  
  • Creativity for coming up with new recipes  
  • Finance and business management  
  • Culinary skills will be helpful when it comes to learning how boba tea is prepared  
  • Multitasking capabilities to deal with all aspects of your business  
  • Customer service and communications skills  
  • A willingness to learn and research for continuous growth  

Bubble Tea Franchise Cost and Profit  

When it comes to the bubble tea franchise cost in the UK, it varies between brands. You’ll see a minimum investment of between £12,750 and £36,000. Even the total cost of a bubble tea shop franchise can rise up to £120,000 to cover equipment and premises purchases or rental.  

When it comes to making a bubble tea franchise profit, you have loads to look forward to. Plan your location and strategy right, and you’ll have a massive return on those costs you forked out earlier. Remember, these franchises are already well-known brands in the UK, so the company has already done half of the work for you.   

Top 10 Bubble Tea Franchises Opportunities in the UK  

With the UK being the largest consumer of tea in the world, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are several bubble tea franchises in the country. Fortunately, they are open to accepting new members, giving you plenty of chances with those jelly balls to open your own shop in your area.   

Here are some of the best bubble tea franchise opportunities in the UK:  

  • Bubbleology  
  • Beatons Tea Rooms  
  • CREAMS British Luxury  
  • MooBoo  
  • Cupp Bubble Tea  
  • Camellia's Tea House  
  • Sharetea  
  • T Bun  
  • Chatime  
  • Happy Lemon  

Biggest Bubble Tea Franchise  

If you’re looking at the most reach with taro tea in the UK, it’s easy to say that MooBoo is probably the biggest offering, with just over 100 stores. However, asking which is the most popular bubble tea franchise is a different story, leading to Bubbleology with just over 70 outlets.   

Besides its boba tea offering, Bubbleology also serves several variations of fresh tea and tapioca drinks. It’s been around since 2011, so it’s a UK brand that’s well-known and stood the test of time. It even offers waffle sweets that provide that extra touch. New franchisees have the option of single- or multi-unit placements.  

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