Point Franchise Welcomes InHouse Coffee Franchise!

InHouse Coffee franchise
InHouse Coffee Inhouse Coffee is possibly the most exciting opportunity in the premium coffee sector available today, setting a new standard in coffee vending in the workplace.

InHouse Coffee supply state of the art coffee and hot chocolate vending machines to businesses across the UK.

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InHouse-Coffee-Franchise-RestaurantBecome a professional barista without sweating in a food truck or café by becoming an InHouse Coffee Franchise. How? By supplying advanced coffee vending machines to businesses around Britain.

Point Franchise welcomes InHouse Coffee to the platform!

Quality coffee from a tap of a button

Brits are increasingly turning to coffee for their hot beverage fix, and businesses are no different. According to UK Vending, 8 million cups of Joe are served in the UK every year. An astounding market size, combined with World Coffee Portal, found Brits are seeking more automated means of getting their coffee drink.

InHouse Coffee is tapping into this lucrative market and enables its business clients to not trot to the nearest café to get their coffee fix. Instead, they can press a button and get freshly brewed quality mocha for themselves and their clients. With InHouse Coffee focusing on state-of-the-art coffee vending machines, they have found incredible success and are ready to expand with new franchisees.

Turning the perception of vending machines

One quality vending machine at a time, InHouse Coffee is changing the perspective on coffee from vending machines. In short, traditional coffee vending machines have been around since the 1990s. Today, coffee vending machines have advanced enough for InHouse Coffee to supply its quality coffee machines and grow as a result.

My customers love the coffee from the InHouse Coffee machine. It’s made using our award-winning beans and crafted to barista standards- same as your favourite coffee shop, so you really have to be a total coffee nerd to notice the difference. - John, InHouse Coffee franchisee in Leicestershire

Becoming part of InHouse Coffee as a new franchisee means access to a proven business model with high-profit margins, translating to financial security for you. How InHouse Coffee ensures your success is by providing you with comprehensive training, a scalable model and room to grow with high repeat clients.

Would I invest in more InHouse Coffee machines? Damn right I would! My machine pays for itself in four-to-five days a month. I’ve seen the future. And the future is InHouse! - John, InHouse Coffee franchisee in Leicestershire

What you will need to get started

You won't need any prior experience in the coffee or Food & Beverage sector as the InHouse Coffee team has over 25 years of experience ready to guide you. So be part of the ten InHouse Coffee outlets by investing a total of £33,000 with an 8% royalty fee as the InHouse Coffee name brings in businesses by itself. You can even receive third-party funding to help you get started delivering fully-automated barista-level coffee to businesses around the UK. Click the contact button below to get in touch with InHouse Coffee and start your premium coffee business today!


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