Chicken franchise opportunities

Half of the meat we eat in Britain is chicken, showing just how popular and universal this source of protein is.

It is also a delicious choice for fast food, making a chicken franchise a tasty option. People who want to be their own boss can find themselves not just opening one chicken franchise, but a cluster of businesses in this sector, thanks to its popularity and the fact the British spend an incredible £29.4 billion each year on eating out or ordering in.

Wide choice of chicken franchises

Potentially the first name to come to mind in considering a chicken fast food franchise is the highly successful KFC brand, but there are other established companies happy to share their business model with ambitious entrepneurs. Southern Fried Chicken, Favorite and Chesters Chicken are on that list, as well as Dixy Chicken.

It would be cheeky not to mention one of the most talked about chicken dining options in the UK Nando's is keen to expand its franchise network. Family dining chain Harvester also specialises in chicken dishes and is looking for new partners.

Why a chicken franchise is so tempting

With such a big market place for fast food or family dining, it may seem straightforward to open your own stand alone restaurant. However, it can be hard to compete with the big players. Diners often opt for the names they know and trust. But a chicken franchise also offers more than just a strong brand identity. Franchisers can help with complex and onerous business management issues such as training, insurance and compliance with the large amount of legislation in food service.

The marketing support they provide is invaluable, driving traffic to your chicken franchise outlet. Equipment and supplies can be cheaper as a result of their buying power. If you want to carve a share in the chicken franchise market, contact us today. We can give you a leg up and keep you abreast of the best deals.

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