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Taka Taka franchise

Taka Taka Go Greek

Taka Taka are synonymous with the Highest Quality of Greek Street Foods through both Restaurant and Takeaway formats, renowned for the freshness of our product and the authentic flavours of the Greek Family Kitchen. This together with famous Greek hospitality makes Taka Taka the Very Best Greek Street Food Experience.

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Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
    5% per month, of takings after V.A.T.
  • Advertising fee:
    1.5% per month, of takings after V.A.T.
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:
    80 – 200 Sq M.

About Taka Taka

Taka Taka Franchise Greek Food

Taka Taka see Franchising as being an integral next step in our development running alongside our 5 company owned outlets (2 more in build and to be opened 4th quarter 2022) as a way to offer our standards of excellent Greek Street Food to more people across the country through a very profitable and successful model.

Our model and ethos is Simple, to provide the highest quality of food and drink of our type within the Street Greek marketplace. By using great suppliers, giving excellent training, tightly control our preparation and stock management , strict product holding times and ultimate customer service to ensure that customers receive our food and drink in the freshest possible condition.

Taka Taka work hard to ensure that our menu offers the authentic flavours of the Greek family kitchen, making our food stand out as the most flavoursome of its type in the Greek Street Food marketplace. Wether you are eating in or having a takeaway, our food is so much more than just eating. In the true Greek style it should be an occasion - an experience. That is why we always want to thrill our customers with a better service than they expect. Our team are professionals and, whatever the weather, we always treat our customers enthusiastically, politely and with genuine interest and a friendly smile.

Simply, we sell excellent quality food, at good value for money, with Highest Quality ingredients, delivered with a smile, so our customers can put their trust in knowing they’re getting something safe and wholesome - Good Honest Affordable Food for Everyone.

We have not invested large sums on gimmicky designs or finishes, fancy marketing or media. We do the simple things right and offer a Greek ambiance with a healthy Mediterranean Menu, reminiscent of the Greece we all know from our Holidays.

We currently have 5 Restaurants, Takeaways and Kiosks trading with another two being built to open Q4 2022. All are trading profitably and we have been able to use actual turnover figures to prepare Projections for Development Costs and Turnover for each of our three models.

Our Model is based on three different concepts :

  • Restaurant 120 - 200 Sq M 10 – 12 Tables
  • Takeaway 80 – 120 Sq M 2 – 4 Tables
  • Kiosk 70 – 100 Sq M No Tables
  • With an option of Dark Kitchens to support deliveries within a territory
  • Cost of Development will vary by Model and condition of the Outlet but will be from around £120,000 to £350,000


Taka Taka Franchise Greek Food Franchisee

We believe in providing our Franchisees a very comprehensive training and support package from the time you sign the Franchise Agreement until the far end of the road – we will guide you and hold your hand every step. From using the most up to date computer based training programmes to the our one to one on-the-job training in a fully operational kitchen, ensures that you gain all of the essential knowledge ….. and that little bit more.

The very first part of Taka Taka training is to achieve level two in Health and Safety. Once this Formal Training has been completed we can move to the comprehensive Taka Taka specific training – Brand familiarisation and in simplicity - how to cook, sell and run the outlet.

This Initial training involves both “classroom training” and “on the job training”, this covers all essentials with the depth and complexity of the training being tailored to the specific needs and experience of the trainee.

Just prior to the outlet opening, during opening and for number of days after opening we will have our team working in your restaurant to ensure you have a very successful launch.

Our support doesn’t finish there, but it is ongoing through your whole life with Taka Taka, receiving support from both our Operations Managers and Head office support department.



Taka Taka Franchise Greek Food Restaurant

The First Taka Taka was opened in Corfu, some 25 years ago by Stamatios Miaris – aka Mike. The brand grew well and enjoyed immense success, particularly due to the freshness of the product and the authentic flavours of the Greek family kitchen.

After a few years the opportunity arose for Mike to move to the UK where he opened the Taka Taka Triangle restaurant in Queens Row, Bristol. Once again the combination of the freshness of product and the authentic flavours of the Greek family kitchen was a great success. Within 3 years, the Taka Taka Triangle restaurant carved itself a place in local legend, amongst all age groups and demographics – from the youngsters, tourists, clubbers to the office workers. Mike and his teams unwaning commitment and determination to offer the very best of Greek street food to the people of Bristol continued and Taka Taka has since opened a further four Taka Taka Restaurants in Bristol, Bath and Bournemouth.

The strength of the Brand has been proven by Taka Taka’s commitment to build and open the Bournemouth Restaurant in November 2021 in the midst of the Covid epidemic. The restaurant is excelling and growing steadily week on week.

We are not a new startup venture, Taka Taka has been in the business for over 25 years and is still making and selling the Highest Quality of healthy Greek/Mediterranean food. we have served our apprenticeship over these 25 years running our own restaurants for many years in the U.K and before that in Corfu. Made the mistakes as we have matured, through broken nails and gritty determination and are now a very profitable business looking forward to moving to the next step of our expansion – Franchising.

Greek Street Food is currently the second or third most popular street food (depending on survey) and is part of an industry worth around £19 Billion which means our potential is vast.

It is our aim to make Taka Taka the Name of choice for Greek Street Food across both the High Streets of the UK and eventually Worldwide, using the Highest Quality Products and Standards of Service to deliver the ‘Very Best Greek Street Food Experience.”


Taka Taka Franchise Greek Food Restaurant Franchising

We believe that you must be part of a community and understand it, if you are to offer excellent products and services. We have thus chosen to expand through franchising, so that dynamic professionals like you, who have the passion to uphold our high standards and the local knowledge to drive more business will better represent our brand across the UK. It is difficult to find and motivate employed managers who are as energetic and committed as self-motivated franchisees running their own businesses.

The Taka Taka franchise is in many ways a partnership where we all want to maximise the returns on the business. The way we achieve this is to work together and the organisation has been designed accordingly. Franchising is mutually beneficial – we show you how to run a successful and profitable business and you help make our business more successful in turn.

We have designed our organization structure to provide you, our franchisee, with all the support and back up you need. Our Team have over 110 years experience, with specialists in every area relevant to our business and yours - in site selection and purchase, marketing, training, personnel, buying, accounts and design.

We are looking for people who are looking for the challenge of being their own boss with the umbrella security of a very successful business as support. F & B experience is useful but not essential, likewise business experience. What is most important is commitment and drive to succeed together with plenty of energy to work in the outlet. Simply giving your business the 100% it deserves.

We welcome enquiries from prospective franchisees within all sectors of the market - Major Corporates, Middle Sized Companies, Fuel Station Conglomerates, Multiple Brand Franchisees to Individual Professional Entrepreneurs

We offer a sincere and honest Greek Hand – come and visit us - Initially the most important thing is to See, Smell, Touch and Taste both the food and ambiance of Taka Taka. – we are sure you will be impressed.

We invite all of our prospective franchisees to come and join us in one of our restaurants, where you can sense the true magic of Taka Taka, meet us and see if you like us enough to want to join the Taka Taka franchise. This is a long term commitment for us both!