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BT is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and is based in the UK in the bustling capital. It provides services in an astounding 180 countries and currently holds the title of the largest provider of broadband, landline and mobile services in the UK. BT (formerly known as British Telecom) was set up as we know it in 1969, meaning the British giant celebrated its 50th birthday this year. However, the name was given to the company once it became a public limited company, as telecoms up until this point had been a state-run service.

The company diversified into TV in 2006 with BT TV. In 2013 it launched its BT Sport TV channels, which has exclusive rights to an incredible 46 premier league matches per season, many huge football leagues including the Champions League and a wide range of other sports including MotoGP, rugby and hockey. It is now the second largest provider of pay-to-view sports in the UK and continues to grow in size and scope.

BT recently welcomed Philip Jansen as its new CEO. Jansen is an experienced leader of companies, having headed up the UK’s leading payments provider Worldpay since 2013 and was appointed as CEO on the 1st of February 2019.

His predecessor, Gavin Patterson, stepped down in late 2018 after recognising that a change of leadership was what BT needed after a challenging few years. Patterson had led BT since 2013 and the group achieved many things under his guidance, but increasing competition and a need to improve the company’s broadband roll-out plans led him to believe that new leadership would reinvigorate BT.

It’s hoped that Jansen will be able to provide new direction to the telecoms group and ensure that 2019 marks the start of a successful period full of progress for BT.

BT Openreach CEO

Openreach is a wholesaler that provides digital solutions like fibre broadband to more than 620 providers around the world. Although the company is a subsidiary of BT, which is completely owned by the telecoms giant, it is legally considered a separate business.

Openreach Limited was legally separated from BT in 2017, as communications regulator Ofcom voiced concerns that the wholesaler wasn’t fairly providing its services to BT’s competitors despite claiming to do so. A new board was appointed to the company, including CEO Clive Selley and although the company is still owned by BT, it now has its own team to oversee daily and long-term strategy.

BT CEO Salary

Jansen is reported to have signed a contract for a £1.1million salary, putting his annual wage in the highest 1 percent of all global incomes. He’ll also receive an annual bonus of up to 240 percent of his wage, meaning he could net an extra £2.6 million if BT enjoys a particularly profitable, successful year under his guidance.

If you’re interested in joining the global telecoms giant, you’re in luck. BT Local Business offers those interested in entering the world of franchising a chance to operate under one of the most widely known brand names in the world. The profitable franchise opportunity isn’t the only telecoms franchise on our site, though. Take a look at two of the most exciting B2B and telecoms franchises in Point Franchise's franchise directory right now.

BT Local Business

Starting your own franchise can be difficult for many reasons, but one of the hardest things to do is build a positive reputation when nobody knows your brand’s name. If you become a franchisee with BT Local Business, you’ll benefit from the household name’s internationally renowned reputation and status as a trusted provider of telecoms products.

Each BT Local Business franchisee will work with the businesses in their territory, which will generally be around 25,000 SMEs, to find the right technology for their needs. With everything from business calls packages, commercial mobile plans and super-fast fibre broadband that can keep up no matter how hectic your day gets, each franchisee will be able to offer BT’s full range of products to their clients.

The BT Local Business model was set up in 2002 and now has more than 35 offices spanning the UK. Each franchisee is able to run their business the way that they want and some employ teams of more than 20 employees to help their customer base find the right BT products for their needs. Many have gone on to achieve an incredible turnover of £1million within just two years of trading, showing that the franchise opportunity has the potential to produce impressive returns.

Pink Connect

If you want to help local SMEs in your area find the right business communication solutions for their operations, Pink Connect offers an exciting opportunity that could be right for you.

Founded in 2002, Pink Connect helps businesses to find the right telephone, commercial broadband and cybersecurity solutions for them so that they can get the best deal and best service available. The franchise emerged as an underdog challenger to BT, as its founders recognised the company’s near complete domination of the business market and decided to offer a different, more personalised service.

It has helped more than 2000 businesses across the UK to find the right business call and internet solutions for them, as well as acting as a broker to help them find the best commercial utilities provider for them.

Each territory will have at least 20,000 SMEs in it, meaning you’ll have plenty of potential clients to sell Pink Connect’s services to. The franchise estimates that even if you convert just 2.5 percent of these businesses into clients, you could be generating an incredible £1million a year turnover. After the initial period of raising your business’ profile in the local area and finding your first clients, you’ll find that recommendations and word of mouth will boost your profits very quickly.

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