Pink Connect franchise

Min investment
£30,000 +VAT


Pink Connect franchise

The most profitable call you’ll make today

Pink Connect are a “One-Stop-Shop” for SME Business Voice & Data… Pink Connect supply an innovative set of Business Cybersecurity Voice, IT, and Business Power services, vital to every UK Business. Every Hotel School, Estate Agent, Retail Shop, Accountant, Solicitor, … Every Business, needs Electricity, Gas, Internet, Security, Voice, Data and IT.

Minimum investment
£30,000 +VAT

Funding support

Total investment
£30,000 +VAT

Franchise fees
£30,000 +VAT

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment
£30,000 +VAT

  • Operating fee:
    15% of monthly retail turnover.
  • Advertising fee:
    By agreement after Franchise bills £10kpm
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:

About Pink Connect

Pink Connect have 16 years’ experience in the UK SME Telecoms and IT market and 10 years of that training and supporting Franchisees. We have literally “done it all before”!

Our existing Franchisees have all been through our training and business planning process and have all just resigned for their third five-year renewable Franchise Agreement. A pretty good indication of how happy they are with the way we work together. You can read their testimonials to get their view and speak to them once you are clear you would like to join us.

Once you have the detail services and product knowledge, you will need to put a business strategy and plan together, from which will come your business week diary. Knowing exactly what works in this incredible business will set the pattern for your own business growth. At all times, you will have the resource of the Head Office Team, Our Industry experienced sales staff, established Franchisees, plus James and Gisela Pink, who started the whole thing.

Pink Connect have always looked for the cutting-edge innovations that have been the “obvious sellers”. With the world coming to terms with Cyber Security, there has never been a better time to approach businesses with the comprehensive SME product set Pink Connect offer. Once a customer, businesses tend to stay for the long run. Many of Pink Connects first customers have resigned for their third five-year contract. They love us!

Training and support provided

Detailed product training is given in our training and Demo Suite at Connect House, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire. Industry experts are on hand to educate our Franchisees on not only the “how it works” of Internet Access, Cybersecurity, Voice over IP Telephony, and IT networks but how and why it’s relevant to pretty much every business in the UK.

Knowing all the above will still not make for a spectacular start without a clear business strategy and plan. Here, James has a wealth of experience in exactly “what it takes” to give a business a flying start. Pink Connect began from scratch with just James selling and over a 15-month period was billing over £30,000 a month. Remember, that was when he only had a single product - voice calls.

Typically, Franchisees will attend:

  • A three days intensive Service and Product training covering:
    • Pink IP pro – Pink Connects Industry Leading Voice over IP Solution
    • Mobile Telephony – The Networks and how to sell Business Tariffs
    • Mobile Data – The huge market potential of Business on the move
    • Internet Connectivity – Ground breaking Business Grade Solutions
    • Cybersecurity – Pink Connects purpose-built Sentinel SME Solution
    • Commercial Wi-Fi – Pink Connects secure, public, business fit solution
    • Business Networks – Design, Installation, Implementation and Support
    • Commercial Power – How the Power and Water Markets work
    • GDPR – The threat to all UK Business and how to resolve it for them
  • A one-day Business Strategy and Planning session, identifying market segments of interest to the Franchisee, generating an initial prospect list
  • A one-day Telephone Masterclass – Essential for success!
  • Monthly In-house Sales Workshops - Showcasing new products, Sales initiatives, Supplier and Industry training
  • Supplier training days – At individual supplier locations

Pink Connect – Franchise Stack

  • 5 Day Training - £5,000
  • Blueprint to Success - £20,000
  • Manufacturer or Pink Connect Accreditation - £1,500 (5 x ½ days)
  • Targeted Lead Generation - £?
  • Telephone Sales Training - £250
  • Social Media - £10,000 per annum
  • Exclusive Territory – Priceless!
  • Monthly 1 Day Growth Workshop - £6,000
  • Weekly Phone Mentoring Support (30 minutes) - £6,000
  • Free Cisco IP Phone - £500
  • Business Cards - £100
  • Marketing Collateral - £1,000
  • 2 x 2m Exhibition Stand - £3,000
  • Credit Control +
  • Back Office Support +
  • Customer Retention Team - £20,000
  • Laptop – £1,500
  • Guaranteed Residual Income - £7,200
  • 24 Hour Customer Support - £2,500
  • Inhouse Legal Team - £600
  • On-site Technical Support - £35,000
  • CRM System - £1,200

TOTAL VALUE - £121,350.00


The ideal Pink Connect franchisee

We are looking for people who want to build a solid business. People who are willing to put the effort in at an early stage to reap the long-term benefits, who have a proven work ethic, that want to work in partnership. Perhaps from a sales or sales management background. Those committed to personal growth, prepared to fully participate in growing a business partnership in which they retain a large share, willing, once established, to take on staff to double and double again their business.

This is not a part time business. Given each Franchise postcode area has a minimum 20,000 SME business, gaining just 2.5% of that total as customers would result in over £1 Million a year turnover, of which 30% is retained profit, so its serios people we want to work with.

Yes, you will need some detail product and industry knowledge, but we can show you that. More important is the desire and commitment to grow a large customer base that provides secure long-term residual income. Let us know…

Pink Connect's history

James & Gisela's own story:

“I entered the UK Business Telecoms marketplace in 2000 when I joined WorldCom, selling cheaper calls to BT Business customers. I saw BT’s almost complete domination of the UK Business telephone market and, as a result of the lack of competition, how much they were charging for calls. Once the business model was proven, Gisela and I started Pink Connect in 2002. Utilising the previous two years’ experience and now working for ourselves, the business took off, hitting £350,000 per annum turnover in its 15th month from a standing start. It’s amazing what you can achieve when its for you and your family and you can see the long-term benefit”. 

“After 10 years trading, we thought it would be nice to send our first quarters customers some “thank you” Champagne and Truffles. It was shocking to see how many bottles we sent, so many of our early customers were still with us. Many of whom said, “Phones had been the least trouble and most reliable part of their business in ten years, we look forward to the next ten”! Many of those are still with us, we have become an integral part of their business, buying from us, in many cases, every product we sell. That’s sticky, long term business, producing long term residual income”.

Case studies

“If you are an entrepreneurial spirit with the desire to work hard and don’t want to be restricted by any boundaries then the Pink Connect Franchise is an exceptional opportunity, as a Pink Connect Franchisee for over 10 Years I have been delighted with my Investment. The beauty of this business is the ongoing residual income and the opportunity every day to continue to build your company with a wide variety of products and services. If you are looking to change your working life, I would seriously suggest you consider Pink Connect”.
Tony O’Connell - Pink Connect Twickenham Franchisee


“I started my Pink Connect Franchise in 2009 and have never looked back. Two words really sum up the best thing about the business model – Residual Income. It may take a lot of effort to build up a decent income, what business doesn’t – but once you’ve achieved this, the customers are so satisfied with their service, they keep on recommending you to others and the monthly income just keeps growing. The support offered by the team at head office allow you to focus on growing the business without getting heavily involved on the billing and support side of things. Doing it alone just wouldn’t work”.
Danny Snelling - Pink Connect Norwich Franchisee


“Having invested in a Pink Connect Franchise in 2010, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made - for three reasons:

Job Satisfaction: I worked in banking for 10 years. Life was commute–office–commute. Great experience but draining and boring. I enjoy my work now; no two days are the same. There are so many different business out there and I meet them every day. I love being able to improve their telecoms and IT setup while also reducing costs.

Financially: My success is down to me and the effort I put into my Franchise. Every new customer is a new piece in my long-term business success, money in my pocket. Traditional phone margins have dived, but our IP & IT products and service mean that my customers are delighted and bill for years. Pink Connects Franchise model is a percentage of customer turnover, so Pink Connect only make money when I do, affording me time to build a customer base.

Support: Pink Connect is exactly the right size. I know everyone at Connect House, and they know me, a good working relationship. I trust them to look after my customers in a professional manner.

For the right person, a successful and profitable business awaits. I am happy to discuss my experience with potential franchisees.
David Cameron – Pink Connect Watford Franchisee.


“Becoming a part owner of a Pink Connect franchise has been an excellent business decision for me. I run the business with my husband, and we complement each other's skills in sales, marketing, technical knowledge and business management. When we began our franchise 10 years ago, we had a young family and the business fitted well around our family life, giving us both flexibility we required with our children.

James and the team at head office are always available to assist with specific support questions and on-going training at regular Sales Workshops, so this ensures we are kept fully up to speed with Industry innovation and new services. I highly recommend a Pink Connect franchise as a serious business opportunity”.
Claire O’Connell – Pink Connect Twickenham Franchisee

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