The 10 Best Books About Franchising (Written by Franchisors)

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The prospect of running a franchise unit can induce feelings of confusion, uncertainty and even inadequacy, but there are lots of books about franchising to help you through the process. Often, those who have made it right to the top of the franchise industry can offer insight and reassurance. 

The franchising books we’ve listed below cover a wide variety of different topics, from working out whether the franchise system is right for you to mastering effective business growth strategies. 

The best books about franchising (written by franchisors)

1. 60 Minute Guide to Franchising by Nigel Toplis (Managing Director of Recognition Express, ComputerXplorers, Techclean and Kall Kwik and former BFA chairman) and Geoff Marsh - This 92-page handbook gives a brief overview of the franchise system, answers key questions and highlights areas for further research.

2. Making Sense of the 'F' word: A Guide to Buying Your Own Franchise by Nigel Toplis and Geoff Marsh - Here, Nigel and Geoff provide a more thorough insight into the franchising world than the book above, focusing on the steps involved in assessing franchisors and their business opportunities. 

3. Build Your Business in 90 Minutes a Day by Nigel Botterill (Founder and CEO of Entrepreneurs Circle) and Martin Gladdish - With the belief you can make real progress in a short space of time, the authors provide real-life stories from entrepreneurs who have used the 90-minute method. They also include recounts of historic events in which key changes were made in under an hour and a half.

4. Botty's Rules: 29 Success Secrets From the UK Entrepreneur Who's Been There and Done It… by Nigel Botterill - In this entertaining help book, the multi-franchise CEO explains how he got to the top with real-life examples, tips and ideas. He includes the 29 useful rules he’s developed over time. 

5. The Botty Rules: Success Secrets for Business in the 21st Century by Nigel Botterill - This franchising book gives direct advice on making it as a successful business owner in the current climate. It revolves around the ‘Botty Rules’ every ambitious entrepreneur should know. 

6. Franchising for Dummies by Dave Thomas (Founder and CEO of Wendy's) and Michael Seid - Part of the ‘for Dummies’ book series, this guide provides helpful advice and resources, including example forms. It covers a wide range of franchising topics, from finding the ideal opportunity and location, to raising capital, understanding legal issues and planning for growth.

7. Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul by Howard Schultz (former Chairman and CEO of Starbucks) - This New York Times bestseller reveals how Starbucks became the leading brand it is today, including how it survived setbacks to reach international recognition. 

8. Grinding It Out by Ray Kroc (key player in the growth of McDonald's) - The man responsible for much of the success of the McDonald’s brand tells the story of the franchise’s global expansion in this interesting book. Although it was written in 1977, it provides timeless business management tips, which can be applied to businesses of all kinds. 

9. Around the Corner to Around the World: A Dozen Lessons I Learned Running Dunkin' Donuts by Robert M. Rosenberg (former CEO of Dunkin' Donuts and son of its founder, William) - This franchising book is based around 12 central business lessons and provides a unique insight into the Dunkin’ Donuts story and how the people behind the brand helped it succeed. 

10. Successful Franchising by Brad Sugars (Founder of ActionCOACH) - Brad and his ActionCOACH team created the ‘Instant Success’ book series, and this guide uses real-life examples to provide helpful pointers when it comes to creating or joining a franchise. It also compares the pros and cons of franchising and licensing and offers hints for selling a business.

The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it.
—Ray Kroc, McDonald’s 

Other excellent books about franchising (written by key franchise leaders) 

  • Brick and Mortar Franchise Success by Carolyn Miller (founder of The National Franchise Institute and Director of Corporate Development for PetDine) - A key resource for anyone with business premises, this book highlights ways to avoid wasting time and money when developing ‘brick-and-mortar’ locations.

  • The Educated Franchisee by Rick Bisio (FranChoice franchise coach, co-host of Rick Bisio's Franchise Focus and the creator of the FDD Exchange and the Franchise Glossary) - If you’re not sure whether to become a franchisee, read this book to learn more about the business model, as well as managing the research process and identifying suitable opportunities. 

  • The Franchising Handbookby Carl Reader (Co-Owner of d&t) - This book pulls together franchise insights from a number of pros to give a detailed guide to the application process. It covers how to impress franchisors and approach contract negotiations.

  • The Essential Women’s Guide to Buying a Franchise by Clive Sawyer (Managing Director of Business Options and Chief Executive of Encouraging Women into Franchising) - Designed to help female entrepreneurs succeed in the franchise world, this book provides real-life stories, as well as advice on how to identify the right opportunity and avoid common mistakes. 

Why start a franchise business? 

Joining a franchise gives you the chance to set up a business with proven strategies and the backing of a team of experts. You’ll get support whenever you need it, as well as the opportunity to take part in networking events and professional development schemes. 

Point Franchise has a huge selection of high-quality investment opportunities available across a wide range of different industries. Whether you’re interested in starting a business with the potential for rapid growth or a part-time unit you can run from home, there are options for you. 

To get started, use the main menu to refine your search according to geographical location, investment cost or industry. 

You can also learn more about the franchise industry with our daily business guides.

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