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Trevor Brocklebank home instead CEO

If youíre looking for the next big franchise business opportunity, itís often reassuring to hear tales of success. Franchising is not always the easiest of business models to excel in, so when someone exceeds all expectations, it deserves recognition. Trevor Brocklebank, the CEO and co-founder of Home Instead Senior Care in the UK, has had a career worth shouting about. Here, we take a look at Trevorís journey, examine his franchise success with Home Instead, and see where it has taken him after.

Professional background

With a long and varied career that spans multiple industries, it's no wonder that Trevor Brocklebank has developed the diverse range of skills required to operate at business' highest levels. Starting out with a stint in the Armed Forces, Trevor went on to study for a degree in Computing, Accounting, and Physics at what is now De Montfort University. This lead to a job offer with Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK. Trevor, a confirmed car-lover, jumped at the opportunity and ended up working for the organisation for seven years.

Trevor then moved on to work at Mercury Communications, where he was responsible for purchasing and supply. Much of his time at the company was dedicated to modernising the working processes and procedures within the organisation in order to minimise inefficiencies. His work there saw him move into a business development role, from which he was headhunted by BT.

Trevorís time at BT did not pass as he had hoped. He found the business was badly organised and unable to deliver on its promises, so he decided to leave after 18 months. This marked a new start for Trevor, who used the opportunity to go it alone and embrace his entrepreneurial impulses.

Though this period began with consultancy work, Trevor soon set up his own business, Mezenet, with his wife, Sam. Running their own business was somewhat of a departure for the Brocklebanks, and the experience forced them to learn quickly. Previously, both Trevor and Sam had benefitted from the corporate infrastructure associated with big businesses, but when they went it alone everything changed. They were responsible for every aspect of the organisation and couldn't always outsource problems to specialists. There was no longer an HR department to deal with HR issues or a Payroll department to tackle pay-cheque p roblems. However, Mezenet was incredibly successful and in 2004, the business was sold.

Having succeeded in both the corporate environment and as head of their own business, the Brocklebanks looked to direct their energies towards something new, something engaging, and most importantly, something professionally satisfying. Franchising seemed to show the way forward.

Home Instead Senior Care UK

Being in a financially stable position allowed the Brocklebanks to consider the idea that they wanted to pursue something that they were passionate about and that truly made a difference. At the same time, the UK master franchise for Home Instead Senior Care was made available. The opportunity struck a personal chord with Trevor, who had seen his grandfather receive sub-standard levels of care and was surprised that no better means of delivering care to the elderly was available .

By 2007, their UK Home Instead franchise was up and running, with a proven business model and a sparkling future ahead of it. Except it wasn't that simple. Establishing a franchise can take an incredibly long time and the Brocklebanks were fortunate that they had sufficient savings and assets to keep the business afloat while they ironed out the creases and grew to a profitable size.

Trevor Brocklebankís role in Home Instead

Alongside Sam, Trevor acted as CEO of Home Instead and grew the senior care franchise to encompass 160 units. The franchise employs 7,000 caregivers and has become the largest home care franchise in the country in the process. It has been repeatedly recognised as the number one home care provider by LaingBuisson and won numerous awards from care industry regulators and watchdogs. It boasts five-star franchisee satisfaction ratings and is considered one of the most appealing investment opportunities in the UK.

As the network grew and exceeded the 100-franchisee mark, Trevor and Sam began putting greater emphasis on the need for peer-to-peer learning and franchisee information exchange. Recognising that most of their franchisees now had much more experience of day to day operations than the central management team, they made the decision to move away from centralised control. Instead, they became a facilitator, putting franchisees in contact and allowing them to exchange ideas and lessons gleaned from the front lines.

Work as chair of UKHCA and BFA

In 2016, Trevor and Sam sold the UK arm of Home Instead back to its US founders. Having been elected to act as chair of both the UK Homecare Association (UKHCA) and British Franchise Association (BFA) in 2012, Trevor wanted to dedicate more of his time to supporting ethical franchising and promoting high-quality care services in the UK.

The issue of care for the elderly is obviously close to Trevorís heart and the fact that he turned Home Instead into one of the most successful home care franchise in the UK is a testament to what a combination of business acumen and passion can achieve. In his roles with the UKHCA and BFA, he has the opportunity to further the causes of both franchising itself and senior care. Itís no longer about one business, but the entire industry.

As you can see, Trevor Brocklebank has had a varied career thatís taken him from working in global corporations, through business ownership, to the position of master franchisee. This diversity of experience appears to be one of the key features of his success. His history of working in various settings, with different people, and under diverse strains and pressures seems to have endowed him with the necessary business skills to become one of the UKís leading franchise experts. As Trevorís journey continues, we look forward to following his work and looking to him for advice and guidance in the future.

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