ActionCOACH Founder and Chairman Brad Sugars’ Tips for Success

03/08/2018 17:00

Brad Sugars of ActionCOACH

Brad Sugars has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age. From just 15 years old, Brad had a newspaper delivery round. But unlike many schoolboys, Brad wasn’t delivering the papers himself; he had employees to do that.

Fast forward a couple of years and Sugars graduated with a Bachelor of Business degree in Accounting from Queensland University of Technology in 1993. But Brad quickly learnt that as an accountant he spent the day counting other people’s money rather than making his own money.

Brad also realised that many of the businesses he was dealing with as an accountant would go bankrupt and have to shut up shop. This was when he had the idea for ActionCOACH. He was passionate about changing the way businesses operate so that they could grow and thrive rather than having to close their doors.

ActionCOACH was born

Brad started the ActionCOACH brand (formerly known as Action International) not long after leaving university. Today it’s recognised around the world as the leading business coaching franchise. He achieved his position as the founder of one of the most successful franchises through hard work, dedication and a systemised approach that was able to lead businesses to profits.

The ActionCOACH franchise concept started out as Brad Sugars sharing his tips and advice on marketing, sales, systemisation and team building to business owners and executives. Audiences had heard similar seminars before, but it was the honesty and openness that Brad spoke with that made him stand out from other speakers at the time.

As the popularity of Brad’s seminars increased, business owners started to approach him to consult about their businesses. In response to the demand for his services, Action International (now known as the ActionCOACH franchise) was started. A few years on and with demand continuing to grow, Brad realised that the only way to maximise his time and help as many businesses as possible, would be to franchise his concept.

The ActionCOACH franchise now operates in over 70 countries and has more than 1,000 coaches around the world, helping 15,000 business every week. Brad’s official title is Founder and Chairman and President of ActionCOACH, and he and his team are re-educating businesses more innovatively and excitingly than ever before.

Tips for success and business growth

What is a business? Brad’s definition is a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without the business owner. Brad explains that if a company only works because the business owner works, then this is no different from being in a paid job. ActionCOACH teaches businesses how to work, so the owner doesn’t have to.

Brad has developed a six-step system which he encourages businesses to employ to prosper. Perhaps you could follow these steps to make you one of the successful franchises:

Step one – Mastery

This is the stage where you get the basics right and eliminate the chaos from your business. By following these four rules, you can stabilise your business and become more proactive, rather than reactive.

  1. Destination mastery – you need to set goals to know where you’re going.
  2. Money mastery – you need to understand the financials of your business.
  3. Time mastery – you need to lead your team to become more productive.
  4. Delivery mastery – you need to deliver your products and/or service well so that customers return.

Step two - Niche

This is where you can create a predictable cash flow by developing a marketing plan. The marketing plan should detail your niche and what stands you apart from your competitors. Without a unique selling point, your only option is to sell on price. When you start discounting, you can say goodbye to becoming one of the successful franchises.

Step three – Leverage

With systems come improved efficiency. Brad uses an acronym for SYSTEM which stands for: Saving Your Self Time Energy & Money. The systems that you develop for your business don't need to be elaborate or expensive. In fact, just writing down instructions about how something should be done is an effective system and is very close to the operations manual within the world of franchising.

The nine elements to systemising your business are to develop the following:

  1. Vision statement
  2. Mission statement
  3. Culture statement
  4. SMART goals
  5. Organisation chart
  6. Positional contracts
  7. Key performance indicators
  8. How to systems
  9. Management systems

Step four – Team

For a business to work without you, you must hire the right people. This means that you need to create a robust recruitment process. You want better-trained people on board with the skills to grow your business, not just keep it running. By leading and managing your team, you start to do the job of a business owner rather than that of an employee working within your business.

Step five – Synergy

This is where you can use the time that you’re saved by employing the first four steps to focus on duplicating your business. The well-oiled machine that you’ve built can now be handed over to the quality team that you have in place allowing you to focus on growth.

Step six – Results

Now you’ve created one successful business, you have the freedom to start other ventures, therefore, increasing your personal growth and your profitability.

Could you start a business coaching franchise?

If Brad Sugars' success story has inspired you and you'd like to become an ActionCOACH franchisee, then you can choose to invest in one of three entry levels:

Cost: £27,000
You get access to all the ActionCOACH business coaching and training products and award-winning support.

Cost: £39,000
You pay a lower monthly royalty with the option to add bolt-on business opportunities as you grow.

Cost: £59,000
You benefit from an even lower monthly royalty and get to employ two additional coaches.

Depending on your budget and ambition, you can opt for the business coaching franchise package that suits your needs, with the ability to upgrade as and when you’re ready.

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