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mobile coffee business

Traditionally, us Brits are known for our love of tea, but coffee is now the beverage of choice for that all-important caffeine hit in the mornings. And there are plenty of places to meet our growing need for a cup of coffee. Research by Allegra Strategies found that in 2017 there were 24,061 coffee shops in the UK and this number is expected to grow to 31,400 by 2022.

But what is the most popular drink consumed by Brits? Well, according to market researcher Kantar Worldpanel, a whopping 930 million lattes were sold in the UK last year. Cappuccinos came in at second place with 800 million sold. These sales contributed to the £6.3 billion spent on coffee in 2017, making this a great time to invest in a coffee shop franchise.

Starting a mobile coffee business

If its your dream to open a coffee shop, but you dont want or cant afford the set-up costs, then a good alternative could be to start a mobile coffee business. In effect, your company would require the same equipment, products and work ethic as a traditional caf, but you wouldnt have to pay for expensive premises.

As with any new venture, there are pros and cons of starting a mobile coffee business, and you should weigh these up before you make any investment.


Low start-up costs
Compared to a bricks and mortar caf, you can start a mobile coffee business for very little. This is particularly true if you choose to invest in a franchise rather than starting your own business from scratch. With a franchise, you pay an initial fee to the franchisor, and they generally provide all the equipment, stock and training so that you can get your business up and running quickly and easily.

Britain is a coffee loving nation
The coffee business is growing, and rapidly. Consumers are now demanding high-quality products and are no longer satisfied with a cup of their previously well-loved instant coffee. The British Coffee Association BCA has revealed that the UKs coffee consumption increased to 95 million cups a day in 2018, up from 70 million in 2008.

Demand all year around
With the introduction of iced coffees and frappuccinos, coffee can now be enjoyed as much during the summer as it is in the winter. And with many consumers using coffee as an early morning fix to provide energy, the change in seasons is unlikely to affect sales.

It offers flexibility
The advantage of running a mobile coffee business rather than a caf with a fixed location is that you're more in control of your work schedule. You can decide to operate on a part-time basis to fit around other commitments, or you can choose to work certain events while holding down a full-time employed job. The point is that it provides flexibility and youre in the driving seat.


Crowded marketplace
While its true that more people are spending money on coffee, there is also a lot more competition for that business. To stand apart from your competitors, you'll need to establish a unique selling point. Having a mobile business will be a differentiator, but you also need to ensure you provide a first-class service if you want customers to return.

Being in the right place at the right time
Most coffee sales take place in the morning as people look for their first caffeine hit of the day. To maximise your sales, you'll need to start early as many of your customers will want a cup of coffee on their way into work. You also need to make sure that your mobile coffee business is positioned perfectly to make the most of commuter sales. Be mindful though that you may need to secure a street trading licence to avoid hefty fines.

Brand loyalty
When it comes to coffee, people definitely have their favourite brand. Unsurprisingly, two of the most prominent franchises are responsible for the largest number of outlets in both the UK and America. Starbucks is number one in the US with over 13,500 outlets while Costa Coffee is the largest brand in Europe, with 2,755 coffee shops, followed closely by Starbucks with 2,406. This can make it hard to break into the industry initially, but if you deliver high-quality coffee with excellent service, then you can generate a lot of repeat business from customers who are loyal to your brand.

Mobile coffee business for sale

If youre interested in starting your own mobile coffee business but want to benefit from the support and reputation of a well-established franchise, then Cafe2U could be the perfect investment for you.

Cafe2U is a mobile coffee franchise that provides the flexibility that a fixed location business cant give. Having the freedom to move to where the most custom is, whether thats an event or catching the morning rush near a busy train station, can result in big profits. You can also pick and choose your working hours to fit in with other commitments.

As a Cafe2U franchisee, youd attend a four-week training and support programme known as the Acceleration Package. The package will provide you with classroom and on the job training as well as valuable one to one coaching with a franchise development manager. And to give you peace of mind, Cafe2U offers an income guarantee for the first two weeks of business, so you know exactly how much youll make in those worrying first couple of weeks.

The franchise fee is just £26,650 plus VAT, but you will need to buy your all-important van too. The van, which can be purchased on finance, will be fully equipped with an espresso machine, refrigerator, pie warmer, cash drawer, sink washing facility, and much more. Your Mercedes-Benz Vito van will be fully branded and compliant with all Food Safety and Local Government Environmental Health Regulations.

Everything is taken care of for you so that you can get your Cafe2U franchise on the road and ready for success.


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