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Cafe2U franchise

The UK’s Premier Mobile Coffee Franchise

The Cafe2U business model is based on weekday success, with our franchise partners able to increase this regular revenue through event and function work, so you can balance your lifestyle and business goals. Whether your aspirations are to operate a single van or to build a multi-van business, Cafe2U have the proven formula to help you achieve your goals.

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About Cafe2U

For many it could be argued that last year was a complete write off. And whilst we all saw our plans drastically change and nobody will have experienced a year in business like it, we can now begin to tentatively turn our attention to the year ahead.

Unfortunately for some the pandemic would have spelled the end of trading. Others will have battened down the hatches and focused all their efforts on surviving. And for us at Cafe2U, I am pleased to say that not only have we survived; we have thrived.

By no means has it been easy but through a combination of the resilience of our franchise model, combined with determination across the network and a proven track record to attract new franchisees, we will look back at 2020 and say that we not only got through it but we got through it, stronger.

Martyn Ward CEO, Cafe2U UK

Why choose Cafe2U?

  • Quality - Quality coffee, Quality service, Quality of training
  • Care and support - We really care about the wellbeing of our franchise network, as people and their business
  • Training & development - we don’t just teach you how to make premium espresso coffee, we help develop your business. We share knowledge, coach and mentor you to become successful business owners who can drive their business forward, learning how to adapt and succeed.
  • People - this business is about people and will help you get what you want and need; whether it’s for specific work-life balance and flexibility of hours or just the freedom from a corporate lifestyle - our people enjoy their work!
  • Flexible - we will work with you and your specific circumstances to ensure that not only are you the right fit for us but we are the right fit for you. As such, we can help you realize your business ownership dreams with just £12,000 of your own money, thanks to a third party finance offer.

The UK’s Number One Mobile Coffee Franchise

Cafe2U is the UK’s leading mobile coffee franchise system delivering fresh espresso based coffee and great food to businesses, events and functions. Cafe2U is a member of the British Franchise Association and has over 90 franchisees in the UK.

Since launching in 2004, Cafe2U continues to lead the mobile coffee sector, our focus is helping our franchise network grow their businesses with innovative solutions.

Despite being the UK’s first mobile coffee franchise, Cafe2U continues to lead the mobile coffee sector as ranked by Allegra World Coffee Portal and the EF100 Top Franchises in the UK.

It’s a people business

Our business is about people. Helping people to become the best version of themselves, help run their own business without any previous experience and, irrespective of background, become their own boss.

You can balance your lifestyle and business goals. Whether your aspirations are to operate a single van or to build a multi-van business, Cafe2U has the proven formula to help you achieve your goals

What is involved, what is the business model?

The Cafe2U business model is based on weekday success, with our franchise partners able to increase this regular revenue through event and function work and home delivery.

Cafe2U is committed to bringing freshly brewed coffee, and a wide-array of food and snacks directly to our customers daily! We are the better alternative to the conventional snack bars, and coffee shops where customers have to fall in line and spend travel time.

Each Cafe2U franchise owner is equipped with a state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Vito van fully compliant with all Food Safety and Local Government requirements. We have added new innovative solutions to help improve the operations of the business such as an award winning mobile app and fuel-efficient modern technology in the vans.

Cafe2U's exclusive coffee blend is roasted to a unique recipe that uses only the finest beans. All Cafe2U branded products are made with only top quality ingredients to ensure that the food and beverages served are of the highest standard.

Training and support provided

We are committed to teaching you all about our proven and successful business model that has gained us numerous customers daily. Prior to starting your business, you will receive a week's worth of comprehensive training, comprising all the necessities a café owner needs. This is followed by the territory launch program where you'll have a Franchise Development Manager to coach and assist you during the pilot stage. We'll also be providing you with an exclusive territory, marketing packs, and sales/advertising assistance.

The ideal Cafe2U franchisee

Training & Support Provided

Whilst we don't require candidates to have prior business experience, we do require them to assess how committed they are to running a mobile café and to have a strong desire to succeed in the industry. Our franchise fee is just £20,950, whilst our fully-converted Mercedes Vito vans can be financed for up to five years. Overall, we are looking for goal-oriented individuals to join us in our mission to continue being the best in the industry.

Take the next step – discover more about running your own Cafe2U Mobile Coffee Business

If you want to take control of your work-life balance and realize your business ownership aspirations with the nation’s fastest growing mobile coffee franchise, join us for a discovery session by clicking on the link below. We will discuss training and support, launching your business and the less exciting practical aspects of running your mobile coffee business. We will also discuss the investment needed from yourself and the funding options available through third parties, as well as disclosing the turnover you can generate from running your own Cafe2U Franchise!

Cafe2U's history

Cafe2U UK founder Tom Acland started operating in 2004 in Leeds. Tom first experienced Cafe2U during his stay in Australia; he immediately fell in love with idea and wanted to share it with UK. The first prototype mobile café van was launched in 2000 in Sydney, Australia.

Case studies

Maulik Patel - Cafe2U Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield

It has been a little short of 2 years that Maulik has been a Cafe2U franchisee, although he had been in the coffee industry as a Costa Coffee Manager of a series of stores. One thing we remember about Maulik when he first started the process of joining is that he didn’t have a driver’s licence, but this wasn’t going to be a ‘sticking point’ he just needed to get on and learn and pass … which thankfully he did. Driving away on the last day of training in a brand new Cafe2U van with only a few hours driving experience from passing his test was a little nervous for us all …. But let’s fast forward to now …..

Maulik’s working day starts approx. 7:45 and finishes 3:30 and post lockdown his round is performing better than ever before. His overriding philosophy with his business is not to give his customers excuses to go elsewhere, so he ensures his coffee is always excellent, with lots of products on board, and he likes to have something new to tempt his customers and try. Also key to Maulik, is providing that perfect excuse for his customers to leave their ‘work’ for 5 mins, to be appreciated and have some fun and laughter with a barista at the back of a cafe2U van!

He acknowledges that post lockdown his blue-collar stops are performing better, so he is concentrating on looking for more opportunities in these kinds of businesses. He feels in office environments if workers are not working from home they may be more restricted on leaving the office or may be more cautious. In some offices, cafes have closed, so looking for opportunities he has managed to pick up a stop where this has happened which provides 10-15 cups a day.

Maulik believes people are now more supportive of local businesses, rather than going to chains and his existing customers come out and support him more than ever. He was certainly appreciated especially as he out serving key workers when it was safe to do so during the lockdown. For the future, if Maulik's franchise continues to perform at his current level, next year he is hoping to get married and find a place suitable to live for him and his wife