Coffee Van franchise opportunities

Coffee has become a staple of many Western diets. The British Coffee Association states that around 55 million cups of the stuff are imbibed each day in the UK. In addition, 80% of those who go to coffee shops do so once a week at least, and coffee drinkers – particularly millennials – are becoming increasingly discerning, with many shunning instant coffee for ground coffee and coffee pods. This means that the demand for coffee is certainly not a passing trend, and presents a big opportunity for those who would like to get involved in the sector.

Why coffee vans?

Coffee vans represent a great opportunity for those wanting to pursue a career in the coffee industry, due to the fact that they can provide caffeine fans with novel ways of buying and consuming their coffee. While large coffee chains such as Starbucks and Cafe Nero offer bog standard coffee suitable for the morning run to work, coffee vans have a more rustic and artisanal feel, perfect for the coffee drinker who fancies themselves as somewhat of a connoisseur. The other great thing is that coffee vans can pop up easily at any major event due to their portability. Festivals, for example, offer fantastic opportunities for profit due to the increasing number of teetotal revellers gracing these events. Coffee vans offer a delicious and warming alternative to pints of beer.

Why a franchise could work for you

Getting involved with a coffee van franchise is a fantastic way of combining a love for coffee with a lucrative money-making career. One of the great things about coffee is that so few ingredients are needed to make a delicious cup – once you have the adequate equipment and skilled baristas, the product will sell itself. The benefits of coffee franchising includes the fact that you will be given advice on marketing the product and on the coffee beans you are using – something any discerning coffee fan knows is vital to the perfect cup. Really Awesome Coffee is one example of a coffee van franchise currently recruiting. It offers fully kitted-out coffee vans and promises to help those bored with their usual 9-5.

If you are interested in taking your love for coffee one step further and breaking out of old work routines, get in touch today!

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