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Papa Johnís hosted its largest franchise conference to date and celebrated the standout stars within its network.

Papa Johnís brought all of its franchise partners together at the Metropole Hotel in Birmingham, where it hosted its largest UK franchise conference so far. The conference saw around 600 franchisees attend, alongside their dedicated store managers and hard-working head office staff, to celebrate those within the network who have achieved incredible things in the last 12 months.

The pizza franchiseís conference also allowed everyone to look to the future, seeing whatís to come for each store owner in 2019. Phil Gaffer, who is in charge of franchise sales and business development at Papa Johnís, explained what made this yearís conference unique.

ďOur theme: ĎBetter Togetherí, was firmly cemented by ensuring franchise store managers were invited to the event, as well as franchisees, for the first time this year. Store managers are integral to the success of our franchised outlets across the UK and so it is important to involve them in learning about our strategy and goals for the future.Ē

There were presentations from key staff throughout the event including Liz Williams, MD of Papa Johnís UK, to inspire and educate franchisees about how they can continue to make their branches successful and to remind them that the whole head office team is committed to helping franchisees improve future profitability and satisfaction.

There was some light entertainment afterwards, which included videos of franchisees and staff taking part in Ďbush-tucker trialí style challenges and then it was time for the evening gala dinner, and the awards ceremony.

Among those who took home an award included Mal Singh, franchisee at the Selly Oak store, who was celebrated for having the best local store marketing of 2018 and Tofur Ali of the Prince of Wales Road store in Sheffield, who recorded the highest sale growth throughout the year.

Gaffer finished by saying:

ďOur biggest ever UK conference was a fun, informative event designed to focus everyoneís attention on the future. Our commitment to our franchisees, teams and customers will be our driver for the next year and we look forward to delivering on our promise of being ĎBetter Togetherí as the best pizza delivery company in the UK.Ē

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