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Buffin Leadership International Ltd franchise

Leadership Development Coaching

Coaching Leadership skills and energising individuals, equipping them to develop their key competencies and to fully engage in businesses teams, bringing about lasting change and outstanding results.

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About Buffin Leadership International Ltd

Buffin Leadership International Franchise Franchisees

This franchise is a licensee arrangement with a written, agreed contract which does not limit the franchisee to any particular location. As a licensee coach, you will be trained and resourced to enable you to deliver coaching programmes into businesses and organisations The leadership development programmes are designed to develop individuals and teams, change cultures and enable business to make rapid, effective and lasting changes, delivering real results. Each programme contains 3-5 modules in length which are delivered over a period or 4-6 months. This allows time in between module delivery to enable delegates to apply their learning and make change happen.

We deliver tailored solutions into small, medium or large organisations and businesses, helping their people at all levels achieve better results. The 5 modules previously mentioned are delivered at 3 levels, Foundation level for supervisors / team leaders , Intermediate level for middle managers or delegates from the foundation programme, then Advanced level for senior managers and directors.

The business model which we utilise is the grouping of associate coach companies with Buffin Leadership International, each delivering the tailored BLI leadership development programmes. This is all done in accordance with our Operations Manual.

Our Leadership development programmes are registered with, approved by and hold ‘Recognised’ status with City & Guilds ILM. This means that ILM embossed certificates can be issued to delegates by BLI on successful completion of a full programme.

BLI is owned and run by its Managing Director Paul Freeman who continues to develop the available resources, including the leadership programmes. He also delivers programmes himself into a number of companies and organisations. Associated businesses include a number of Licensee Coach businesses, a Design and Marketing Company and a Business Development organisation.

Training and support provided

Buffin Leadership International CoverIncluded within the Licensee fee is a programme of training which will prepare you to be able to start delivering the foundation level leadership development programmes. We aim to deliver an intensive 4 day training session within a month of you signing up with us. For this you will be provided with a full set of manuals and you will be accommodated for the 3 nights required for the event. This will be followed by a shadowing session with a senior coach at a current programme. 3 months later you will have a follow on 2-day training session to consolidate your learning to equip you to start your own programmes.

Although marketing support is given to secure coaching contracts for licensee coaches, it is expected of you to market yourself and gain contracts from your own network and marketing activities through social media and local business communities.

There are a number of support services provided as part of your licensee package:

  1. £1M of business indemnity insurance cover
  2. Business cards
  3. Business email account
  4. An Office 365 account
  5. Music and training video use license cover
  6. Your first Facilitation materials pack
  7. Foundation level programme materials
  8. Access to the latest version of all programme materials
  9. Operations Manual
  10. Access to GiraffePad, the online platform which all programmes are formulated in
  11. Full listing on the BLI website www.buffin.com


The ideal Buffin Leadership International Ltd franchisee

Buffin Leadership International Franchise Speed ChangeIn order to be an effective leadership coach, candidates must have successfully held a leadership position for a number of years, have a significant business acumen and have a technical/higher education qualification.

Whilst past experience is an essential factor, vision, energy and drive for a successful future running their own business is critical; they will have to work hard to not only learn our programmes, but then to run their own successful company where their own motivation will provide the necessary drive and resilience. Candidates need to have a plan to have an alternative income for the early days whilst they build up their new business for the first 6 months or so.


Buffin Leadership International Ltd's history

Buffin Leadership international was founded over 25 years ago by David Buffin who saw the need for leadership development in companies, to enable them to effectively improve and bring about successful results for the business. Since the foundation, many large organisations have been impacted across the globe, bringing about cultural changes which have had lasting effect. Since 1995 programmes have been delivered into food manufacturers, airports, restaurants, supermarkets, marine industry, manufacturing industry, Communications industry, Paper Industry, Engineering businesses, Higher education and schools.

David’s story of his inspiration and creation of Buffin Leadership International can be found in his book entitled ‘Training is for dogs, learning is for explorers’ available from Amazon.

Whilst Paul Freeman joined David as a licensee coach in 2018, in 2020 he took over the company as owner and Managing Director. From that point on he has developed the ability to deliver programmes virtually as well as investing in new marketing activities and a new modern look for the Leadership development manuals.