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Diamond logistics franchise information

Kate Lester was working for a courier company back in 1992 when she had a lightbulb moment. She thought “I can do better than this”, and so she decided to start her very own 24/7 courier service. Ten years later she had grown such a successful business that she decided to make Diamond available for franchising.

Diamond Logistics now has a national family of depots led by its franchises, providing a quality of client care that is first class. Not only this, but Diamond Logistics is the only franchise to offer three service provisions: express delivery, overnight and international consignments and fulfilment. Having access to three services means you’ve got three income streams resulting in a more stable and profitable business.

So, whether you’re looking to become your own boss or want to add services to your existing courier business, a Diamond Logistics franchise could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Here is some more information about this exciting franchise opportunity.

What’s required?

Successful franchises are owned and operated by ambitious and self-motivated entrepreneurs, and; these are the traits that Diamond Logistics look for in their franchisees. You’ll also need to:

  • Enjoy being part of a team
  • Be willing to take on board expert advice and guidance
  • Want to be recognised and rewarded for working hard
  • Retain a sense of individuality while working as part of a network
  • Be committed to excellent client service
  • Have a friendly and personable attitude
  • Be organised
  • Adapt to Diamond Logistics’ innovative methodology.

To succeed with this courier franchise, you also need to agree with the Diamond ethics and what the brand stands for. The values that Diamond franchisees need to reflect is shared success, under promising and over delivering and contributing positively to society.

So, if you’re motivated, enthusiastic and determined, this could be the franchise opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Case study

Hon Leung started his Diamond Logistics franchise in Bournemouth in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since. But what was the driving force for Hon to buy a courier franchise? The answer is frustration.

Hon had worked as a master subcontractor for courier businesses since 2006 for companies such as Yodel, Interlink and UK Mail. Life was busy with 35 vans and more than 45 drivers to manage each day. But the pressure of the job came without the financial benefits and Hon became frustrated with the fact that he was a crucial part of a courier company yet someone else was reaping the rewards.

So, Hon looked into a franchise opportunity with Diamond Logistics and is very glad that he did. Hon was impressed with the whole franchise system including the IT, finance, marketing and training support that he received.

And it’s as a result of this support that has enabled Hon to grow his business 100% month on month during the first quarter of trading. And Hon is finally getting rewarded for his hard work. In fact, the harder he works, the more he earns. He’s able to set his own margins, and there is no upper limit on how much he can expand his business.

The Diamond team are supportive and ambitious and have helped Hon to become one of the most successful franchises in a very short space of time.

Franchise package information

There are two types of franchise opportunities for you become part of this courier franchise. Both options are relatively low cost, making this one of the most affordable franchises in the industry.

Option 1: Full franchise

It will cost approximately £20,000 to create your own end-to-end delivery and fulfilment business with all three service provisions. As part of the full franchise package you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive territory based on full postcode allocation
  • Five days of extensive training
  • Two days of launch support
  • Regular onsite support visits (more during launch phase)
  • Complete stationary package
  • Access to and integration with Diamond Logistics’ platform
  • Access to all the carrier accounts – UK Mail, DHL, Yodel, TNT and more
  • UK based support available
  • Ongoing training for you and your team to upskill
  • Invites to three national events a year for coaching, networking and social opportunities.

Option 2: Modular franchise

If you’re already running a courier business, you can choose to add a modular new service to your offering at a fraction of the cost of a full franchise. Prices start at £12,000 per module. When you invest in a modular franchise you’ll receive:

  • Your preferred service – you can choose from express, overnight / international or fulfilment
  • Three days of comprehensive training
  • One day of launch support
  • Service-specific stationary material
  • Access to and integration Diamond Logistics’ platform
  • Access to all the carrier accounts – UK Mail, DHL, Yodel, TNT and more
  • UK based support available
  • Ongoing training for you and your team to upskill
  • Invites to three national events a year for coaching, networking and social opportunities
  • The chance to upgrade your modular franchise into a full franchise whenever you’re ready.

Earning potential

Diamond Logistics may be one of the most affordable franchises, but it has enormous earning potential. As overheads are kept low, and you’ll be taught how to operate with efficiency, you can expect your franchise to turn over at least £1 million or more within the first three years.

And if you’re already running a courier business, this profit is in addition to any existing turnover that your business is generating.

Successful franchises don't happen overnight, but when you join Diamond Logistics, you're benefiting from a recognisable brand and an established business model. This enables you to develop and grow your business without facing many of the challenges that independent courier business owners may encounter.

So, if you’re looking for affordable franchises that give you the opportunity to make a significant return on investment, a Diamond Logistics franchise could be yours - signed sealed and delivered!

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