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dpd franchise opportunity

DPD is an international parcel delivery service and the UK’s favourite. It delivers on behalf of the biggest high street brands and is always coming up with technological innovations so it can remain the market leader. DPD’s award-winning Predict service provides customers with a one-hour delivery timeslot and a real time map where they can trace the whereabouts of the driver. Some of DPD’s major customers are Apple, M&S, Boots, Lush, Nike, ASOS, Next and John Lewis.

DPD Courier Franchise

If you have dreamed of being your own boss and want to be part of a brand that is at the forefront of the industry, you can become an Owner Driver Franchisee (ODF). This is a full-time owner operator business opportunity with low start-up costs where you will provide collection and delivery services to DPD. Franchisees typically work five days a week. However, there is flexibility to fit this around your personal life. Therefore, you can choose which days work best for you, and if you’re eager to maximise your earnings, there is even room to work a seven-day week.

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Five Reasons to Become a DPD Franchisee

1. You will have access to a comprehensive training programme. When you become a franchisee, you won’t be left in the dark. DPD ensures that its ODFs are fully confident with the technology and operational processes by providing full training and day-to-day support. Therefore, less time will be spent worrying about procedures and more time can be spent on maximising your earnings.

2. There are two revenue streams. You will earn an income from both deliveries and collections.

3. You will receive financial support when you are training. Even at the beginning when you’re still learning, DPD will support you financially so you can reach your potential from the get-go. Franchisees are responsible for their tax and national insurance contributions so DPD provides a little helping hand from the start.

4. You will receive payment as you go. DPD pays its ODFs promptly every four weeks.

5. There is the latest technology. DPD has invested handsomely in the latest technology to support franchisees in planning their route. The handheld technology will guide drivers to each stop. The Predict service provides customers with a one-hour time slot in which their parcel will arrive. This is an incredibly useful service and means customers can reschedule or change the location of their delivery slot.

Potential for Growth

In just three years there is scope for your business to grow to reach a £140,000 - £170,000 turnover. It is an achievable goal, but dependent on your dedication to the role. In the second and third year there is room to add an additional route, which, of course, will increase your income.

Typical Day for an ODF driver

The day will start with your fully livered, insured van which has both side and rear doors for easy loading. Next you will load the van and organise your day. The state-of-the-art route planning systems guide you through your journey. You then meet your customers, who are happy that their parcel arrived in the specified time slot. Once all the parcels are delivered, you will return to the depot and have a quick debrief.

Benefits of Becoming a DPD Driver

  • Vehicle support package.You can use your own vehicle, but a vehicle support package is also provided. This includes van servicing and a fuel card.
  • Full uniform included. The DPD uniform is provided. It is modern and caters to all weather conditions, from shorts to fleeces.
  • Room for growth. After three months there is the opportunity to expand your business and take on more routes.
  • Part of the DPD team. The depot support team will be on hand to support you and you can meet other ODFs at social events.
  • Long-term contract. The contract lasts up to five years so DPD can attract and retain the most talented ODFs.
  • Loyalty programme. Hard work pays off with DPD; there is a loyalty programme that provides cash rewards and recognition to reaching key milestones.


A long-serving ODF praises the company and states: “the business is going from strength to strength and I love it.” Another long server supports this with: “I’m my own boss, I love the freedom of being on the road. The company is great and the rewards are good.” And finally, an ODF who’s been in the business for one and a half years acclaims that: “After working in retail management for years, DPD provided me with the opportunity to take on a new challenge which I thoroughly enjoy and also find financially rewarding.”

DPD Franchise Cost

There are a variety of deposit plans to suit potential franchisees, so there is flexibility over the amount you pay and when. Option One involves a full payment of £1300, with £1,000 being the deposit and £300 being the fee. Or there is a total payment of £2300, with £2,000 being the deposit and £300 being the fee. The deposit amount depends on the franchisee’s suitability score. Or, if you want to split the payments up a little more, in Option Two it is a total payment of £1,300, with £300 being paid upfront, and there’s the option of five £200 payments or eight £125 payments taken monthly from earnings.

Other Options

There are three different options to choose from when it comes to drivers providing a service to DPD. As well as becoming an ODF, you can also become an ‘employed driver’, which is being an employee with a full package of employment benefits or a self-employed owner driver worker (ODW), which is being a self-employed contractor that receives paid holiday, sick pay and pension entitlement. That being said, becoming an ODF is the best way to maximise your earning potential with the company.

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